Hi Saints,I pray you're all well and good. I'm posting this today because for the past few days I was starting to wonder if the Lord literally meant that 2013 is Gods 13th Floor.I was just watching the Jim Bakker show with "Petrus Romanus" co-author,Tom Horn, as Jims guest.He had some fascinating things to say about ancient prophecies,religious and secular,that predicted some amazing things about this year.Plus the fact that the new pope,possibly the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation,just appeared last month, centerstage.

       There are several people who believe that the born again believers will go through the Tribulation.I think Jim Bakker and Irvin Baxter from the "End of The Age" tv program on TBN (airs tonight on Charter Cable at 6:30 p.m. Pacific time) both believe this.I was listening to someone the other night quoting from the Book of Daniel,when suddenly it hit me.I have always believed in a pre-trib rapture anyway,but when I heard this there can be no doubt in anyones mind that this is true.Here's the verse in Daniel 9:24,Seventy weeks are determined upon THY PEOPLE and upon THY HOLY CITY.....Also in Daniel 10:14 Now I am cone to make thee understand what shall befall THY PEOPLE in the latter days.

       Who are Daniels "people"? The Jews,of course.What is the "Holy City:? Jerusalem,of course.Plus God calls the Tribulation,"the time of JACOBS trouble",not the Churches.Who is "Jacob"? Israel,of course.Plus the Lord told the church to pray that you would be ready and counted worthy to escape the the things coming upon the earth,referring to the Tribulation.Do we need any more proof?

       So,if 2013 IS the year of Gods 13th Floor,then we are already on it.Look for destiny doors to open,divine connections and appointments.A significant thing did happen 13 years ago in the year 2000.A new millenium,the millenium the Lord will return in,began.What could be more significant than that?

       In my last post,I mentioned the Jewish holiday,Shavuot.It occurs on May 15th and 16th (we call it Pentecost). Lime St.Park and Shavuot in the same year since I had the "Shavuot" dream years ago may mean something.Hmmmmm...."a hidden agenda from a foreign government....".What could it mean......?

       Just wonderin'......

       Please keep praying for my husband Jim and my total healing.Thank you so much.God bless all of you.I love you!

Donna Bernick




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