Dear friends: I hope you have been able to listen to one or more of my weekly radio programs, "In the Word," on WTVO Internet radio, where I explore some of the deeper truths of the Bible. It is live every Tuesday at 3 pm. ET, at If you cannot listen at that day and time, I have an archive page set up where you can listen to previous programs. The archive is at . Thanks to friend Mike Vest for this feature. The program yesterday, on Tuesday, July 30, is especially important. It is entitled, "The Eternal Blood Covenant," This is probably the most important subject in the whole universe and Bible. Sadly, most Christians do not know about its ramifications and profundity. As you understand it better, you will praise and glorify God all the more for His wisdom and love towards you. I hope you are able to listen. God bless you, Jim _________________ You are currently subscribed to as: %%emailaddr%% To ensure delivery add %%merge inmail_.hdrfromspc_%% to your email address book Forward to a friend: %%merge sites_.guihost_%%/subscribe/forwardtoafriend.tml?m=%%memberidchar%%&o=%%outmail.messageid%% Manage Subscription: %%merge sites_.guihost_%%/subscribe/managesubscription.tml?m=%%memberidchar%% Subscribe: %%merge sites_.guihost_%%/read/all_forums/subscribe? Unsubscribe: %%url.unsub%%