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Current Prayer Needs
Please pray for Brad, Dolores and all those that need a physical healing or miracle!

Pray for the vote to be taken on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation August 14th. some want to allow alcohol within the reservation.

Eagle Rock to be debt free in 2013!


Upcoming Events
August 17th. Joel Cisneros at the ER

Sept. 14th. The ER team in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin with Bob and Julie Ambler


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Apostle Lisa Nelson

Apostle Robin Rose
Vice President-Missions Director

Joanne Buczkowski
Evangelist-Prayer Director

Marty Leix

The ER team and I have just returned from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The trip was truly amazing. I have been going to Pine Ridge for over 8 years now and have experienced many, many things. This trip was a bit different in the fact that we had many, many firsts. Some of the first include 8 baptisms, 1 wedding vow renewal, quarter size hail, rain and storms for 7 of the 8 days, I installed Julie Jealous HollowHorn as an Intern Pastor in training of Wounded Knee and last but not least, I ran over a 4ft. rattlesnake. It was truly an awesome 8 days.

                Faith was rising as we gave out backpacks and school supplies, food, clothes and hygiene supplies. Jim and Dianne Paul joined us and the prophetic ministry was of the charts. We witnessed hearts melting before the Lord. Some highlights include us praying for a restoration of the treaty of 1812 that stated that alcohol should be several miles from Reservation land. The Tribal President Brewer has taken a strong stand again White Clay Nebraska who continues to sell millions of cans of alcohol to the Indian people 2 miles from Reservation land. On August 14th. the tribe will vote to either allow alcohol within the Reservation or continue to ban it.I personally am opposed to the alcohol on the Reservation. I have witnessed the results for many years. Please pray for the vote, the President and the people to rise up and do what is best for the entire Reservation
This weekend I will be sharing what I learned while on the Reservation. It is a word for all of us. God showed us how to turn things around, to go backward to go forward. We will be praying and breaking off roots that have hung on far to long and asking God to propel us into destiny. This is the hour of real deliverance and breakthrough. It is time for the mantle of Moses to rise up and cry out "let my people go"! God is about to show His mighty right hand to the Pharoahs of the earth and wipe them out totally! If you feel like you have been stuck in a rut and can't move forward, or Egypt is chasing you, the ER is the place to be this weekend to get totally free!.
Thank you again to all who sowed so generously into this trip. You are such a blessing to me, the ER and the people of Pine Ridge. Thank you for helping us to help them.

                I am praying and seeking the Lord about literally being on the land and interceding for this historic vote. Please pray that the Lord gives me wisdom. We are praying for you this week

Dances with Fire,
Apostle Lisa

Missions and Outreaches
Continuing Missions-Haiti comes to the US

Even though we do not have a missions trip currently planned, three young men from Haiti will be on there way to the US and the ER very soon. They will be attending our new Kingdom Coalition Academy where they will be trained and equipped naturally, culturally and spiritually. They, with others, will be in our first ever 6 months class. Please pray for them as they go the the Embassy beginning Sept. 5th.


  Current Needs
We are continuing to collect for upcoming events. If you would like to help us in collecting food, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, household items, furniture and similar items, we will continue to get them into the hands of those that need them most. Thank you for helping us to help them.

We gave away to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

-Backpacks loaded with school supplies
-Family food boxes
-Hygiene products
-Household supplies

and several hundred lunches and dinners! Your seed is growing!!!


  Volunteers and Partners
Many have asked us how can we help? Here are the most important ways to help us to help them,.

-Volunteer a few hours helping us to organize and prepare missions supplies
-Sow financially monthly or for special trips
-Donate items
-Go with us on one of our trips

For more information, contact Apostle Robin Rose


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