Greetings Saints,

We just returned from an intensive one week trip to Arkansas and Georgia.  We broke up a month-long southern trip we had planned into two parts, so we could spend more time at home and get our house ready to sell. 


Our time in Paragould, Arkansas, was a unique blend of fellowship and ministry with a number of strategic leaders as well as some very needy folk.  Some had severe physical needs and I believe we saw at least one miracle in that department.  Many were encouraged, including us, and we also saw and felt the pain on some who were not open to receiving that encouragement. 

The leaders we met with in Arkansas are also believing numerous prophetic words that speak of great revival breaking out in their part of the state - the Northeast.  As usual, we were very well taken care of by our friends, Ed and Teresa Stormes. 


We journeyed down to Portal, Georgia, for a Wholeness Retreat.  It was a unique experience, and we learned a little more about ourselves and how to maintain victory and harmony in our walk and relationships.  It was a very gratifying experience and we met some wonderful folk from the South.  I gave away a lot of books and we ministered privately to a few, just because it's too hard to just sit and receive when you are so used to giving to others, especially for Brenda.


Through it all, we affirm again that God is reaching down and putting His hand on His kids and touching them with healing and a fresh anointing.  Spiritual gifts are coming alive and employed like never before.  Brenda and I don't have to be the ones to do it now in so many places and settings.  Teams have been raised up and now they prophesy to us.  It's so encouraging to see.  Get ready as the Body of Christ is about to explode into it's purpose and destiny - to literally become His obedient and united body, so He can "DO THE STUFF" that He wants to do through HIS body.  Let His hand touch YOU afresh today and let HIS power be activated to touch and bless others.


The forces of good and evil are in heavy conflict in America today.  There are many who also appear to be on the side of good who are actually wolves in sheep's clothing.  At the same time, there are those who have been on the wrong side of many issues, who have honest hearts, and will take a stand for truth when they see the deception they have been in.

Please pray earnestly in these days of uncertainty, that corruption and lies will be exposed quickly, and that the truth will win the battle.  There will be more chaos and birthing pains before we see the new baby born, but we will be happy with the final results.  Pray that violence and bloodshed will be minimized or reduced to nothing when the truth becomes more obvious.

Once again, I speak HOPE to the people of God.  We will never give up this hope, which will always abide with us, along with faith and love.  Many of God's prophetic voices have been speaking the same thing:  He has heard the cries of His people, His intercessors, who have cried out to him day and night for His presence and power to be shown to the world and to this nation.  America has been called by His name in the past, and I believe it will once again become one nation under God with liberty and justice for all, as God brings us another Great Awakening and another great Reformation.

Please remember that we have books that address in greater detail what God plans for us if we cooperate with Him.  That includes my latest book, A MANDATE TO LAUGH, and THE ULTIMATE CONVERGENCE.  All our books are available for e-readers and all can be accessed on our website.  We are not trying to make a profit, (we are excited when our expenses are covered) but we do feel the urgency for people to get the message and get encouraged.  There is too much doom and gloom in the Kingdom of God and only His revelation light will dispel the darkness.

God bless and keep you all!

Ben and Brenda Peters



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