Religious Junk Food?  David Walters

 People wonder why I don¯t attend any local church in my home town on Sunday morning.  They say things like, ¯Don¯t you need to get fed?¯ Shouldn¯t you fellowship with other believers?  After all, the Bible says, ¯Not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together as the manner of some.¯ They don¯t realize that many of them have been overfed for years and are severely over weight with religious junk food.

 Yet I live in the Bible belt and my town is known as the ¯buckle on the Bible belt.¯But you see New Testament Christianity is more than going to church on Sunday, watching the worship team perform, (it used to be a choir) and listening to the weekly sermon from the pastor.

 I cannot sit in a pew for an hour and a half and just be spoon fed with the weekly dose of religion.

 I recently attended a new church because I was led to believe that the pastor wanted the Holy Spirit to move and control the meeting. It was going to be an open meeting with spontaneous participation. When I arrived there was prayer going on asking God to control the meeting, and much praying in tongues. About three people were involved in prayer and the pastor was praying the loudest through his clip-on microphone.  At one point the Lord gave me a song or chorus to sing that was relevant to the prayers being prayed. I started singing out loud about three lines, but the pastor was still praying in English and tongues and doing his thing, so I ceased.

 After about ten more minutes he got a chalk board up and began to teach. No one was welcomed or acknowledged. He told everyone that he was not there for them, but was there to connect with God and bring his church building as a revival center 24/7 where people would come into the sanctuary and meet with God.

 He then ranted on for about an hour telling us how God had blessed him even though he was a nobody.  God had brought him here to our town in Georgia, from South Africa to bring revival. Apart from a couple of his followers who were enamored and called him, ¯the man of God,¯ he finished his message and then had an altar call and prayed for some people. After the altar call was over, he asked if anyone had anything to share. I did, but now it was too late; what the Holy Spirit wanted to do, had already passed. 

 When I attend a Sunday service the Lord gives me a lot, especially during the worship, but there is no opportunity for me to contribute.  After all, who am I?  If you want to be used, after vetting you, they may find a place for you; perhaps being an usher, or helping in the parking lot, you many even get to assist in children¯s church, or clean the building or help in the kitchen (if they have one) All very noble, but what about being an asset spiritually? That¯s very unlikely to happen, because of the way the system works.   

You have to be qualified according to their standards to be able to share or bring the word of the Lord.  The system doesn¯t lend itself from any deviation from the planned program. If the Holy Spirit does show up in their services, invariable the leadership doesn¯t recognize that He is present, so they quickly follow on with their agenda. If it grieves me to suffer with this, I¯m sure it grieves the Spirit of God even more. The New Testament church is nothing like we see in most churches today. ¯When you gather together, each of you has . . .¯  (1. Cor. 14:26) which means we don¯t come to a church meeting to be overfed; getting fat on a pew, but we come to give. The more we give the more we will receive.

 The church by and large is constipated with fat overstuffed pew warmers. It¯s not their fault, as they don¯t know any better, because they haven¯t been taught the New Testament revelation and no opportunity is given to activate it. They are functioning in cultural man-made traditions. Obviously there are many that are happy to go along with this ordeal and enjoy it because their vision and expectations are not very high, but there are others who are getting tired and bored with the same ol, same ol¯ . That¯s because deep down in their spirit, they feel there must be something more than this! 

 Are you frustrated with the status quo of organized church?   If so, your eyes need to be opened more and we can help. Three books we have especially written that will show you ¯how churchwas meant to be!¯  

  ¯Living In Revival.¯

¯The Anointing & You/Understanding Revival.¯Ebook


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