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July 31, 2013

Upcoming Events

Run for Rwanda - This Saturday!

Online registration is extended to Thursday @ 5pm!
Go to http://www.runforrwanda.org/register

IAC Family Fall Retreat 2013!
You could potentially receive a 10-20% discount off your individual
Retreat costs by volunteering as a helper on Saturday at the All Church Retreat at Quaker Ridge in September! Volunteer Helpers are needed for children's ministry and Sports activities. If interested, contact Mark & Regina Hopewell at:  rhopewell@us.ci.org or  Matt Braham at:  mbraham@gmail.com


Ministry News

Bike to Breakfast Day
Fill up your tires--fill up your stomachs! Meet us at Criterium Bicycles with your bike, and we'll ride to The Olive Branch for breakfast. Not interested in the sweat? Find an alternate mode of transport and meet us at the restaurant.
Meet: 6150 Corporate Dr
Time: 8:00am
Destination: 23 S Tejon
Planned arrival time: 8:45am
Women only
Please RSVP at women@iac-cs.org or call/text Alecia Mercier at 719.216.2505

Children's Church
Children 2 years old through 5th Grade are invited to join us for Children¯s Church.  We are now using Tru Curriculum from David C. Cook.  Come check it out!  Would you and your family join us in memorizing these verses this month? Galatians 5:13 & Philippians 4:13

IAC Online Directory
To improve secrutiy, we have changed how to access the IAC online directory. The link is www.iac-cs.org/directory/IACDirectory.doc. The directory is a Microsoft Word document, which you may save on your computer.  To access the directory, you will need:

username: member
password: iacgrace2

Remember that you'll need to download the directory periodically and re-save the file in order to keep your copy up to date.  If IAC is your home, we would greatly appreciate having your information in our directory.  If you are not currenly in the Directory, please send your information to info@iac-cs.org.  We're sill in the process of adding a photo for each entry.
Please send your photos to media@iac-cs.org.  Thank you.

"Reflections" is a space where you can share - to encourage one another on the journey. Please send submissions to communications@iac-cs.org.


News From Afar

This section is for news from our connections or work in other places¯and for reports from those we pray for who go out. Please send submissions to communications@iac-cs.org.

Update from Rwanda Team
We arrived in Byumba Town just as the sun was setting on Friday.

We settled in for a busy work day on Saturday. We drove to Kibali,  the small village that we love so well. It is the home of our sister church . It was Umuganda day (a national work day) and we waited to be assigned the task. The task was to gather large rocks for building. There was only one way to do it.  Imagine walking down the side of a very steep hill with roots that act as steps in the dirt.  Now imagine that it takes about 30-40 minutes getting  down to a rock quarry that will provide the rocks for the foundation of the new church building. Keep in mind these rocks need to be carried back up. Most Rwandese put a rock or two on their head and carry them straight up with no hands ...and most are barefoot. Many children carried the small rocks.

Shari arrived at the quarry first and gathered a significant stone and headed back.  She had placed the stone on top of her head and followed a villager up. Jeremiah chose a rock just a little bigger but it turned out too much of a challenge to get that rock up the side of the hill without help. A young Kibali  parishioner came to his rescue by carrying two rocks on his head until we reached the pinnacle.  Shari also had a volunteer help her with her stone part way. His name was Emabel. We managed to carry the stones the rest of the way to the building site. What followed the rest of Umuganda day was a public meeting to discuss the days work and some public officials talked about the possibility of the area getting electricity in the future.

To be involved  in this work day was a blessing. What a honor to be able to help out in the process of building a church building. Someday they may not need to worship outside unprotected.

We are in awe at how hard this community of people work and how relationship is so important to them.  We were honored guests and they were so happy to see us carrying rocks with them. They kept saying Murakoze (thank you) . 

No long hot shower followed any of this. The absence of rain has put a stop to  any flowing water. (But we get jerry cans full and a bucket of hot water each morning)

The very next day  we worshipped with them, sang and danced with them, complete with more hugs and joy filled greetings.  God is alive and moving in  Rwanda. There are vast differences here. And at the same time. it  easy to see we are part of the same Kingdom.

Incredible Blessings,

Shari & Jeremiah



Prayers for Churches
This week pray for:

Holy Trinity Anglican Church ¯ Colorado Springs, CO
                The Rev. Matt & Lauren Burnett
                The Rev. Dcn Debra Tenney
                The Rev. George & Connie Blake
The Rev. Andy & Dee McIntyre
The Ministries of the Body
This section is for you to share updates and prayer requests for your ministries outside of the church. Please send submissions tocommunications@iac-cs.org.


Have you met . . . 



Redemptive Reflections Art Show 2013
Hosted by Souls Church
Featuring: Painting, Photography, Spoken Word and Music 
August 9-10, 7:00 - 9:30 pm
Marika's Coffee House (Manitou Springs)

Bible Reading Program








July 24
Psalm 94
1 Kings 12

July 25
Eph 2:11-22
Prov 19:16-19
1 Kings 13

July 26
Ephesians 3
Psalm 95
1 Kings 14

July 27
Eph 4:1-16
Prov 19:20-23
1 King 15:1-32

July 28
Eph 4:17-32
Psalm 96
1 Kg 15:33-16:34

July 29
Eph 5:1-21
Prov 19:24-29
1 Kings 17

July 30
Eph 5:22-6:9
Psalm 97
1 Kings 18

July 31
Eph 6:10-24
Prov 20:1-5
1 Kings 19

August 1
James 1:1-18
Psalm 98
1 Kings 20

August 2
James 1:19-27
Prov 20:6-11
1 Kings 21

August 3
James 2:1-13
Psalm 99
1 Kings 22

August 4
James 2:14-26
Prov 20:12-16
2 Kings 1 

August 5
James 3
Psalm 100
2 Kings 2

August 6
James 4
Prov 20:17-20
2 Kings 3

If you have something you'd like to add to the IAC Notes, please send it to communications@iac-cs.org no later than the Tuesday evening before you would like it to appear. IAC Notes typically go out on Wednesdays.

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