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Join us for the Gathering of the Prophets in Preparation for A Line In the Sand 11/11/2014 Angel Stadium
   Sunday December 1 2013. Service time: from 10 am - 9 p.m.
Location: Oasis - 10255 Old Placerville Rd #1
Sacramento, Ca. 

Gershom Sikalaa,
David Andrade - Worship
Timothy Snodgrass,
Liz Voll,
Jeanie Richardson
and Others.

END TIME MIRACLE happening in me David Andrade.
This picture at the page below was recently taken of our Line in the Sand team in Israel in preparation for the 2015 March 20 Joel 2 Solemn Assembly that will take place on the day of the Solar Eclipse and the Blood moon when the Sun will be darkened and the moon turn blood red.. You would need to understand what I am looking at too clearly see the miracle. I am the old 64 yr old man in the black overcoat. 2 years ago I could not drive or even stand up. When the Rosebowl 11/11/11 miracle began I was dying. When the prophets spoke March 11 2011 of California going into the ocean, I was at my last. Then the prophets began to prophesy that the Lord was adding 20 yrs to my life for the task ahead.. I had heard of Paul Cain's prophecy about stadiums. I was even Paul's assistant for the 4 yrs of restoration. Then the prophets said that the Lord had given me just that. The end time harvest of nations. I know the Lord has given it to many but I am a unknown nobody. I thought it would be 20 yrs of the same holding onto the next breathe. Their was Peggy Cole. Mary Dorian, Timothy Snodgrass, John Kilpatrick, Gershom Sikalla, Liz Voll, James Goll, Michelle Corral, David E. Taylor, AL Gill and many others that began to affirm that my life was not over but only beginning.. In this picture I am clearly balding and there is only a hint that the gray disappearing. Today, my hair is almost completely black. My hair is rapidly growing back. My strength is outrageous and inside I feel 27 yrs or younger. The prophets continually tell me I am in age reversal, and the Lord God owns me for the next 20 plus yrs. At the KEYS CONFERENCE, the prophets told me I was about to go through supernatural detoxes and some needed deliverance. Well you need to understand that I was born with black moles all over my body. Now they are popping bleeding a little and disappearing. My leathery skin is turning soft, and many are telling me I already appear 5 yrs or better younger than just 2 weeks ago.. Recently, I prayed for a graying haired man of God who told me that their hair is now turning completely black and that they have noticed an increase in physical strength. Is it possible to have age reversal even when you are old if we will set our hearts on God's purposes. Chuck Pierce who has not written me in 4 yrs sent me an email just before leaving for Israel, that it all started in Oct. That is when we left for Israel.


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