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  Greetings from Joel and Kathy in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida!  

Marriage Miracles continue every day, every week, every month! We want to help YOU experience an

This special Intensive will be limited
to a maximum of THREE couples!
If you would like to be part of this special Intensive, December 19-22, 2013, call us today! Cost per couple is $990.

Five-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive!

January 22-26, 2014
Maximum of 6 couples
Cost is $790 per couple


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three couple intensive or the January Intensive with a
maximum of 6 couples!

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 Shekinah Glory

We just came past the fifth anniversary of Shekinah going to Heaven. 

This week, a wonderful woman, Katrina Kaiser, went to be with the Lord. We share part of her and John's story in "Livin' it and Lovin' it!" Someone shared a video on the Kaiser's facebook page. You really want to hear this song. The young lady who sings reminds us SO MUCH of what Shekinah would be singing. Please listen to it and take a moment and think about a loved one! This song might just change your life!
 Shekinah would have turned 19 on October 8th. She went to heaven on September 17, 2008.  If you would like, you can meet her on Youtube by clicking on the following link. Be sure to watch the short ones about ice cream and brain freeze! Watch the one that says ¯Shekinah is the noisy one¯. Then you will know which one is Shekinah in the other video. Click Here:




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Marriages are affected by unexpected events. Be prepared to get Legal advice and help whenever YOU decide. 
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9 pm every night except Friday
(The first hour on Tuesday night is not marriage specific. It is "Positive Living" with Beth Jameison, affectionately known as "Kathy's Mother-in-Law!")

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Rejoice Highly Favored!

Kathy and I like to say to each other,
¯Rejoice Highly Favored!¯ 
We reply, ¯Hallelujah!¯ or ¯Praise the Lord!¯ 

Here is how you might meditate on Luke 1
in your daily devotions:

Rejoice Highly Favored!

Luke 1:28, 30-32, 35, 37-38, 45, 49, 52-53, 68, 78-79

If you are with your spouse, you might start out like we do, saying to each other, ¯Rejoice Highly Favored!¯ and your spouse replies with a rejoicing ¯Hallelujah!¯ or ¯Praise the Lord!¯ Then continue on, starting at the beginning again:

I/we are Highly Favored, The Lord is with me/us. I/we REJOICE because I/we are HIGHLY Favored!

I/We are blessed! I/we have found Favor with God! (Why? Because I am/we are His child!  I/we have found FAVOR with GOD because I am/We are HIS CHILD. Not because I/we have ¯earned¯ it ¯ but simply because I am/we are His child!)

I/we will conceive in the womb of my/our spirit and I/we shall bring forth the vision, the seed of greatness the God planted in me/us; I/we shall bring forth the vision, that seed of an Outrageously Happy Marriage. - I/we shall bring forth the vision of a happy family, a successful business, a wonderfully healed life!

The fruition, the realization of my/our dream/happy marriage/happy family shall be GREAT!

The Holy Spirit will come upon me/us and the POWER of the Highest will OVERSHADOW me/us and will bring this to pass! For with God, nothing shall be impossible! (or as the original language says, ¯For with God, nothing that is SPOKEN shall be impossible.¯ Or ¯Nothing spoken by God shall be impossible.¯) 

God wants to overshadow or ¯envelope¯ me/us in his POWER! And God¯s power is AWESOME and MIGHTY!

 ¯Let it be to me/us according to your word, because I am/we are your child!¯

Blessed am I/are we who believe, for there will be a fulfillment of those things the Lord has said! He who is mighty has done great things for me/us! He has exalted the lowly and filled the hungry with GOOD THINGS. Why? Because I am/we are His child!

Blessed is the Lord! He has visited and redeemed me/us. The Dayspring has visited me/us to give light, to guide my/our feet into the way of peace.


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God wants to ERASE and REPLACE your Dis-Appointments by Giving you a NEW APPOINTMENT!

God wants to give you an appointment to replace the dis-appointments you have had in your life - and He wants to change your circumstances!

That is what God told me (Kathy) some months ago now. I was really dis-appointed over a few things (not in our marriage), just circumstances in life.

"Life Happens"
to us all.

The Word of God says that it rains on the just and the unjust. So, it was raining, but not a good rain. (Although, as Kathy's Mother in-law (as we affectionately call her) likes to say "Life doesn't happen "to" you, it happens 'for" you.¯) So, even though it might "rain" negatively on you at times, you can keep a great attitude!

For me? Ok, moments of growth. Me can do. :)

At one point,
I was telling The Lord about these
dis-appointments, as if he didn't already know :), and this is what I saw:

I saw the word, "dis-appointment, " with a line through the word "dis," and The Lord said, "I'm going to give you an appointment to erase (or replace) your
dis-appointments and change your circumstances.

That¯s what God does. He makes things brand new. Wow! That was awesome.

It still took me about 3 days to really wrap my mind around what he just told me, because the "rain" looked really negative. The negative circumstance did not take God by surprise! It's not like he just woke up that morning, called a meeting with his "angels" and said "Angels, I'm really upset right now. I didn't get a phone call, an email or text letting me know that Kathy is really disappointed about a few things - and that really bothers me. I need my daily texts and emails when there are issues. Either step it up, or ship out." lol

NO, no! That didn't happen. He already knew what I was going through AND he had my answers.

I began to say, every day, throughout the day, "Father, I thank you for appointments to erase/replace my/ our dis-appointments.¯  I even began to speak that over our children. God is giving Josiah, Chris and Jen, appointments to erase their dis-appointments and change their circumstances. And do you know? Things started to turnaround. Not all of it yet, but it has started.

One situation, immediately after I began praying in this way, turned around within a week. I was really quite surprised how quickly that situation came to an end. Bam! The circumstance was gone.

God wants to give "YOU" appointments to erase/replace your dis-appointments and change your circumstances. God loves you. He thinks you are amazing and over-the-top fabulous.

Kathy, what if the ¯dis-appointments are because of my mistakes, my wrong thinking, my wrong attitude?¯ He is the master at fixing our messes. He is the master at fixing our wrongs. Either the wrongs we have done or others have done to us.

So Kathy, where do we see this ¯erasing/replacing" dis-appointments in the Bible?
We see in John 18:15-27 where Peter messes up!  (Yes, Peter! Are you surprised? Lol)  Peter was the guy who "in the moment" messesd up instead of hitting the mark. It was Peter who denied Jesus three times. I am quite sure Peter was very disappointed in himself. Here was a moment for him to take a stand and do the right thing - and yet in the moment? He blew it.

We see in John 21 where Peter and some of the other disciples were going fishing. After a long night of NOT catching any fish, Jesus showed up on the shore and told them where to throw their net. This is where we see Jesus erasing/replacing Peters dis-appointments. He asked Peter, three times "do you love me?" Peter, three times, replied, "yes¯ and Jesus said "feed my sheep."

Jesus cared so much about Peter, that not only did he show himself to the disciples three times but he also intentionally  took the time to restore Peter. It was after that, that he used Peter greatly. He "multiplied" the restoration.

Jesus had faith in Peter and he has faith in you and I.

We also see this in Joel 2:25-32, (amplified bible) verse 25 says:
"And I will restore or ¯replace¯ for you the years that the locust has eaten......¯

verse 28, "And afterward, I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions......¯

Just like with Peter, he wants to "restore and replace" the disappointments in our life and use us greatly. He wants to make our latter years greater than our former years.

I bet God is trusting we will be "wiser" (make better decisions ) in our latter years thus, making our latter years greater than our former years. lol

Whether it be in marriage or just life in general, God is the master of restoration, thus sending his son Jesus to the cross for you and I.

To restore, erase and replace the old with the new; to replace the former with the latter, to give us the "appointments to erase/ replace the dis-appointments and change our circumstances.  

He wants to replace and erase the disappointments in ALL of our lives today!


Great Workshop!  

We have learned more about ourselves in the last four days than we have in years and yeas of counseling sessions.
That would have saved thousands of dollars if we would have done this sooner.

Thank you,
Donna (and Duane)

Donna and I have been looking for inspirational help for 2 years.
Going through the Intensive has opened my eye's and heart so deeply.
I would recommend this program to people of all circumstances.
I am looking forward to becoming the man God desires me to be and to have that Happy Marriage Donna and I so desire.
Duane (and Donna)


Dear Joel and Kathy

Thank you so much for the eye opening experience.  I am so amazed at how simple the process is, how it just make so much sense, how if just feels right to the heart and soul in so many ways.  And yet how hard it is for some.

I pray that every person sees this as a chance to fulfill their place in the perfect design that God has called us to be in the Family.

Now that I understand what I am called to be there is no other way for me because my family is so important.  My place in my marriage is to important, ¯God has called me to be something GREAT, A Husband and a Father. ¯God is counting on me to be the living example of love.¯  What does that mean, ¯God is Love¯ and God is asking me to be the living love that my family needs so that they not only feel him in there hearts but can see and feel him in my arms. He is counting on me!!!

Kathy and Joel you have empowered me, you have given me the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the hands to reach, the heart to love my wife and my family that without you I could not have been able.  Thank you for saving my marriage.  Thank you for saving my children¯s pain.  Thank you for helping me to understand what Gods purpose is for me.

 Thank you, Joel and Kathy for teaching my husband how to Love Me.


  Christina and Donald Dilworth  


My partner and I were separated. I said that the only way is therapy and intensive! I am glad we did this because I thought I was the problem. I now realize why I respond the way I do.
This will also help me with my relationship with my boys and hopefully help them to be great husbands. I recommend this to every couple whether in good or bad marriages/relationships and as a "must-do" prior to marriage. Hopefully, soon, I will be married on the beach by Joel and Kathy living a happy life until the day I die.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. All though we are only on one income and living on savings, I knew that in order to try again in our relationship, that we simply could not afford to NOT do this.
Thank you.
of Kristy and "Ford Man"

Coming to Joel and Kathy has changed my life before I made it back home. The reason I say this is because I now see what the problem is in our relationship. The saying is "you can't fix the problem till you realize a problem." I have realized the problem, thanks to Joel and Kathy's knowledge and now I can fix it. I will make a happy wife as I live life by the teachings they have taught me in the retreat.

Ford Man
of Kristy and Ford Man

This has definitely been an eye opener for me.
I knew I was in trouble when I read the books!
There is so much unexpected new information; information that I was completely and totally oblivious to.
While the "old" me is screaming "NO! Wrong! Nonsense!" - God is opening my eyes to see the truth contained in ALL the teaching.
While I initially felt I wanted to run, and run fast, I am beginning to realize how wrong I have been about so many things for so many years.

I have so much to learn and look forward to the growing process.
I am ready to climb out of the embryo!

Bob (Bob's your uncle)
and Diamondlady.

This weekend was the last hope for me to have our marriage turned around.
I wasn't sure he'd come and if he did, I thought he would walk out but he didn't.
We both want and Outrageously Happy Marriage.
Now I have hope
we can do it!

(and "Bobs your uncle")


As you may already know, we do not charge much for anything that we do. We count on love offerings from people just like you!

To make a donation on a regular basis, please call Marsha at 386-547-5729 or send via paypal. You will send via paypal to recipient:
(Yes, you will receive a tax-Deductable Contribution Statement at the end of the year. Thank you very much for helping us to help marriages all over the world! We count on your regular support!)

 We love you!
Joel and Kathy



Coming to Joel and Kathy's Intensive has helped me tremendously to not only understand many conflicts in our marriage, but also to understand our personalities and our children's personalities.

We learned about oxytocin and cortisol. I now understand that my oxytocin deficiency was contributing to my mood swings and my lack of personal physical need to interact with other people.
This was the kick we needed to point our marriage in the correct direction.
Also, God really uses "Kathys-Mother-in-law" to speak and pray for the couples.

I Highly recommend it to EVERY couple.

Weecha (and Chickie)

Coming to this meeting was a true blessing. It was difficult to build the courage to come and make the trip but it was the best decision I made. I feel that my marriage has been saved.
Feeling very blessed.
Thank you Joel
and Kathy!
Chickie (and Weecha)

I came to this intensive expecting a miracle.

When I signed up I was separated for two weeks from my wife and I was hoping she would come with me by the time the Intensive came around. My wife joined me.
I was able to learn reasons why I do things I do. I also had to learn to die to myself to help my wife heal.
I am so thankful for Joel and Kathy and their ministry. What an eye opening experience I have made the choice to change and to meet my wife's needs. I look forward to this challenge and with "God's" help I know it will be done!

We can have an Outrageously Happy Marriage!
One highlight was Saturday when "Kathy's-Mother-in-law" came and prayed over us. What an awesome time. The Lord has blessed her beyond measure.
She was able to know how to pray for us and for me in particular.
I feel like I was delivered from deep down garbage that has affected my marriage for years.

Ken, husband of Amy

I am very thankful for this ministry and teaching. My husband was able to hear and receive this information.
I had been trying to explain these things to him but was not able to articulate it the way Joel and Kathy did.

I did not even want to come this weekend originally. I felt like there was nothing left for me to do. I had tried everything!
However, because he was on the calls and reading the books pre-intensive, I could at least go.
It was scary but I knew I needed to grow as a person too.
I wanted to see what God was going to do with Ken, as he was changing.

With Sincere Thanks,
Amy of Ken and Amy


Great Workshop!

 We have learned more about ourselves in the last four days than we have in years and yeas of counseling sessions.
That would have saved thousands of dollars if we would have done this sooner.

Thank you,
Donna (and Duane)

Donna and I have been looking for inspirational help for 2 years.
Going through the Intensive has opened my eye's and heart so deeply.
I would recommend this program to people of all circumstances.
I am looking forward to becoming the man God desires me to be and to have that Happy Marriage Donna and I so desire.
Duane (and Donna)


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We love you!
Joel and Kathy


are posted NOW at our
Shopping Cart!

Help Spread the Word that Marriages can be HEALED, RESTORED and OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY!


Take Care of
Your Family Now!

Click Here to Watch the 2-minute video
Life often brings unexpected events.


Joel and Kathy Davisson   Husband and Wife, Parents, Friends, Authors, Marriage Ministers, Pastors
244 Pine Grove Drive - Palm Coast, Florida 32164  386-206-3128 -


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