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Skin Care is the Top Moving Business today!

YES  we DO stand apart from the rest Because our Glory Oil ( NOT GREASY) is in the product 

Our Lab is in Atlanta and we are developing now products regularly by Pharmaceutical techs. 

Our Goal is allow you to be the BEST you can be  Testimonies are amazing about these products HERE

We have now gone International Of which we are Honored to do so 


 Why Organic Skin Care

 As many people turn to organic alternatives for their food and household cleaning items, they are discovering that there are more things that they can do to enhance green living. It's no wonder that organic skin care products and organic make-up are increasing in popularity as well.


The rule is that the ingredients should be listed in descending order according to the amount that they make up the formula. For example, if you have a product that is 88% aloe and 90% water, the water would be listed first, the numbers show there's more water than aloe. Alphabetic listing does not override this.

What to Look for on Organic Skin Care & Make-up Products Labels

Some of the ingredients that you will find present in many type of skin care products, including organic skin care products & organic make-up:

What you need to know about these essential ingredients for all organic skin care products and organic make-up is that there are both synthetic and natural versions of each. Synthetic emollients, humectants, emulsifiers, surfactants, and preservatives are all harmful for our bodies. At one time, such a task might have proven to be an enormous undertaking, but with the wealth of information that is available to us on the Internet, researching almost any product is a task that is relatively simple, and well worth the effort.

OUR SPA KIT is TOTALLY Organic Carries No Synthetic Emollients 

it contains enough to do 20 facials which is worth 2000.00 for most facils of this grade are 100.00 a facial 




Organic means safe, and that’s the bottom line.

You can nourish your skin, fight the signs of aging, and glow by doing the same. If you're on the fence, try it for yourself. I know you’ll become a believer too.

Treat yourself to the best skincare out there. You're worth every penny. 

You have a choice. Are you going to treat yourself to the most natural, organic skin care out there and do your body right? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments in the box below.










I love our Products you will too

When you become a distributor you get The Package 


400.00 for $200.00

Package includes 

The Fab 5  Day & Night Creams Hand and Body CREAMS  Men and Women Samples of  the hand And Body 




Our Biblical Verse for Redeem and Renew

He exclaimed O my love, how beautiful you are! There is no flaw in you! SOS 4:7

Become a Distributor HERE In The Special Section 

Distributors receive personal 1 on 1 training  helps and specials 

Contests and tips for selling and making your investments in the company

YOU start out at 50% discount

YOU don't earn up to 50 % 

As we shared already it disappears October 1 2014 

Happy Business 

Theresa Phillips 



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