Greetings from Joel and Kathy Davisson
"The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!"

Testimonies from the July 30 - Augut 3rd Intensive, 2014,

We highly recommend Joel and Kathy's marriage intensive.  We were both impressed
with the amount of research-based evidence that "supports"  what God intended
for a Marriage.  We were blown away with how fast our Marriage improved when we
applied the biblical principles taught in the books and in the intensives. 
Chris and Laci C.


The Intensive has opened my eyes to how to have an "Outrageously Happy Marriage"
and break the Marriage frustration.  It's possible.  Joel and Kathy gave us the
tools to move forward in our marriage.  After each session, I was amazed at how
Chris's eyes were opening as I sat outside of him watching how attentive he was
to this different teaching.  This 5 day weekend was much needed in our Marriage. 
Our private session really targeted our personal needs one on one and drove it
all home.  Thank God for the Ministry and sacrifices that were made for us and
others.  I love how God's word was incorporated in all the teaching.  Joel and
Kathy were real and met us on our level! 
Sharon and Chris (wife of Chris)

It meant a new beginning for our Marriage.  I learned a lot of the science of
why my wife says different things.  I now understand the man's role in creating
a Happy Marriage Forever.   I have always wanted to be a good husband but wasn't
grown up and now I feel I have the correct information to help produce the
results of a healthy, happy Marriage.  I was impressed with your mothers prayers
and then the one on one time because after the meeting we were able for the first
time to talk about the infidelity and discuss it without getting mad.  With all
that I have learned through the weekend, I must apply it in our Marriage.  
There will be mistakes along the way on small things. I will have to apologize
and we will now be able to move on.  I will have to stop trying to pull my trigger when she says
something I don't like or agree with.  I could go on and on but bottom line I'm
committed and will just do what she needs. 
Chris and Sharon.  (husband of Sharon)

This intensive was so awesome!  I loved the opportunity to be with my wife and
learn the most helpful and life-changing information on how to love her and
have so much fun in the process!  There was always joy and peace in all of the
teaching and the realness and transparency from everyone especially Joel and
Kathy, was so refreshing and inspiring.  God was so present here.  I am so
excited about what I've learned and so glad I'm married to Danielle because she
is so amazing at teaching me how to become a great husband.  I'm learning here. 
I'm ready to learn, give and love. 
This intensive blew my expectations out of the water! 
Ben (husband of Danielle)

I'm a naturally private person and have become even more since having issues in
our marriage.  I was nervous about coming with other couples and having to share
anything more with anyone - especially since no one we had gone to before had
any knowledge or were even equipped to help us.   I have been so surprised with
how not only comfortable but amazing it has been with Joel and Kathy and all of
the others in the Intensive.  This has been so FUN!!!  I know the moderators
have said that, but it's totally True!!!   I was on the calls first before I
came to the Intensive and figured the calls were "as good as it gets."  The
calls are GREAT, but the intensive was even better and was the most important
thing in getting the right information we needed.  I don't want to leave!! 
Danielle (wife of Ben)


I am thankful to God for sending us here. In that I mean, "the door ws opened to be able to come here."
We received the "miracle" we needed and the tools needed for continuation. 
ABSOLUTELY "VITAL" for every couple, married or getting married, or somebody
thinking of being married.

Thank you so much!!!
Drue E. (husband of Michelle) 

Dear Joel and Kathy,
     This weekend has given me hope again.  I was ready to give up and go on
welfare, have no sex and buy a poodle.  Now, I not only see hope for the future,
but I look forward to the future and seeing what God does with us as a new

Thank you, thank you!!! 
Michelle E. Wife to Drue

The Marriage Intensive with Joel and Kathy was nothing less than amazing,
freeing, comforting and eye-opening.  It was a great deal of fun too!!!

The best thing about the information is that it is scientifically backed and
most importantly straight from the bible (the word of God).  It's not religion
or mans weird doctrine. 

Joel and Kathy are real, transparent, compassionate and doctrinally sound and
Husbands were made to needs wives; wives to need husbands. 

There is hope and joy when we know and live in the truth of the word of a God,

It takes effort and humility to re-learn and apply new stuff and it's

It IS possible to live an Outrageously Happy Marriage.  We are excited and
equipped with excellent info!  After many years of failed and wrong counsel.
This, the bible way for marriage, works.  

Thánk you, Joel and Kathy.
Christiana and Simon Schreifels


This is More and an update from Christianna and Simon, writing from California! 
This is our testimony of our visit to Palm Coast, Florida for our Five-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive!
Here is what an intensive has done for us after 6 years of being on calls and reading Joel and Kathy's material. (Note from Joel and Kathy: It took six years for C and S to decide to come to an Intensive! We had been after them for six years.. telling them that they "had" to get to an Intensive!)
We just got back from our Intensive with Joel and Kathy Davisson in Palm Coast, Florida and WOW!!! What a difference a Marriage Intensive with Joel and Kathy Davisson makes.
 Our marriage and our home life just went through the roof. WE GOT OUR MIRACLE!!! All we can say is, "THANK YOU JESUS AND THANK YOU DAVISSON'S- your intensive put us over the top. It was just what we needed. 
For 6 years we took calls, read their books, listened to their videos over and over again. Simon kept taking calls and re-reading books and re-watching the videos.
Finally after all these years of me asking Simon to take me to an intensive I decided after much prayer that it was time for me to move on- YUP, sadly, file for a divorce. 
Simon was irritated but he actually "knew" that an intensive was really where we needed to be.
 I  "knew" that God was going to teach us things we had not yet learned. We just had to go.
Somehow, no matter what, 
Simon just wasn't seeing the critical need there was to take me to the intensive. I even blame myself now as I look back. When we were doing really well for a long season and felt like going to an intensive became an option to me.  I gave my husband Simon the impression that we were somehow doing good enough and maybe an intensive was not as badly needed as we had once thought.
 I was mistaken and I have said that to Simon- he agrees that we both got laxed and were settling for less than the BEST God wanted for us.
Simon even went as far as saying one time, "Well, how much different can the information be going there?  I read the books and believe wholeheartedly what Joel and Kathy say and I take the calls?"
Oh- let me tell you- anyone should just "GO"!!
The information, how it all ties together, the being with other couples and the men seeing other men there is what  did it for us.
It was the best thing we have ever done for our marriage, ourselves and our children.
Simon wants me to write this- "A man needs to go to see and feel and be there. Somehow, seeing other men hearing the information alongside me and how Joel and Kathy explain things really pushed me over the top." 
Please men take your wives. You owe it to yourself and to your wife to go to an intensive."
Since we have been home, Simon and I are so focused on doing the homework and our unity is bar none, Our children see the difference. They mentioned it yesterday and are so happy to see Daddy loving Mommy.
There is a peace now that is greater then we have ever known in our home. Simon is our source of strength and Jesus is his as he puts my needs above his own.
Both of our parents see the difference and we haven't been home a whole week yet.  Simon said he feels God growing him up as he continually takes initiative and sees me respond to his loving me even via the phone. 
Please, please if you doubt that going to an intensive would not make a difference in your marriage- I tell you it makes all the difference in the world. 
For those who doubt. You won't regret it. You will be blessed and grow to where you really will be all God made the two of you to be.
Just go!! Go to the marriage intensive and find out for yourself what we are saying. It's the most precious time we have ever had together discovering the plan God has for our marriage that we always wanted. Just go.
Christianna and Simon
More From Danielle (and Ben)
I'm writing this on the way home from the intensive. All I can say is wow! I
NEEDED that. We have been on just about every call for the last two months and
been on the phone with Joel and Kathy (and even their son once!) ministering to
my husband and I.
 Since we had been on every phone call minus a few and read the books I didn't know how the intensive would be any different.  I kept hearing Kathy saying people get their miracles there and to expect that. I kept hearing that and thinking I didn't know how that could be true since we hadn't gotten our full miracle yet being on all the calls and reading the books. We were still really, really struggling. 
I kept wondering how the calls and books could be any different than the intensive. I was also not that excited about going in general. I knew we needed to and I was dead set on going (only God for that!!) but I still was nervous in a sense because since our marriage I have become much more private.I'm naturally such a people person and will tell any stranger anything about my life, but since we have had issues in our marriage I've been
such a private person and a recluse in some ways. 
I wasn't even conscious of
this change in myself until the intensive really. I've just been so weary from
the marriage issues that I haven't had energy for socializing and I felt that being
with six other couples who would know we had marriage issues (just from the
sheer fact that we were there!) would be awkward and nerve-racking.
 I thought it would be a heavy experience and just awkward. How wrong was I!!!! It was literally the best thing we have ever done in our entire marriage!! We not only "survived" spending class time with the other couples but we even went out with another couple one night for dinner and had so much fun. It was so comforting and just fun!! And this is coming from a person who was nervous to even sit in the class with other coupes because I'm used to being so private. The next night we went out to dinner with the whole group and had the best time!! We laughed so much and after we left Ben and I said that we haven't laughed that much or had that much fun in so so long! We had such a good time with the other people in the ministry we even decided to get together with two of the moderators after the night intensive for dinner! And this is all coming from the person who was probably least excited about being around all of these people since I've become so private
. I don't know how to explain it but the laughter alone during the week was so healing for me. The time with the other couples and even Joel and Kathy (which was what I was least anticipating being great, and even anticipating being not so great) was so so good, I can't even describe it. Joel's mom, mostly known as Kathy's mother in law, sweet Elisabeth came and prayed over all of us as well. She just pours out the Holy Spirits love. She knew nothing about any of us. She just comes in one morning and prays and prophecies over the couples and really listens to the Holy Spirit. I remember her praying over us and I just remember her arm being around me and feeling Gods love so much, I didn't even want to let go of her arm! The time she ministered to us and prayed over us and let God speak through her is not something that can be planned. It's just totally God speaking and healing so much of our hearts and places we don't even know need healing. 
And then there's Joel and Kathy! They're truly amazing people who just give their entire hearts for others and each other primarily. Ben and I both said there are no other people that we would have ever wanted to lead a marriage intensive for us. They're called to what they do and if you listen to them they will truly truly help you. They know what to do even when it's tempting to think your situation is just different than everyone else's that they've helped. 
They will help you, no matter who you are and what
darkness you've walked through. They're so passionate because they truly love
all of the couples in such a big way and want to see them get their miracles. 

They are so loving to each other and it really affects the whole atmosphere of
the intensive. They are experiencing such a sweet relationship and they want
others to be able to have that as well. 
Being in their presence and with them
during the whole experience of the intensive is healing in another kind of way.
Being with them in person is so different than talking to them over the phone.
Not that talking to them over the phone isn't great!! That saved us long enough
to get to the intensive! The information at the intensive was so much more than
we had even gained from reading the books and being on the phone calls. My
husband was really affected by some of the information they gave. 
Like I said,
we had already read the books and been on all the phone calls and overtime calls
with Joel and Kathy but still there was information that we had to glean and
really actually learn that we hadn't yet. That was huge for both of us and
especially my husband. That was a big moment for him. The whole experience is
hard to put into words. I just know without a doubt that I think of the whole
experience as a complete miracle in and of itself.
For my husband and I as well-
just to give a tiny glimpse: we went to Disney world the day before the
intensive and ended up being up all night arguing! We were struggling so much
and in such a bad place that we ended up not even going to any Disney parks and
just wasting the money we had spent on going there. It was bad! We went to the
intensive and decided to go back to Disney AFTER the intensive to actually get
to spend some time there that was pleasant. We had an amazing, amazing time at
Disney after the intensive!! 
No one would even have recognized us being the same couple. We had so much healing at the intensive without even realizing we were
getting the healing really, because the experience was so good. I would go back
to another intensive tomorrow- it was that good!! It was worth every single
penny and more!
Thank you!!
Love y'all!!

Danielle B (and Benjamin)


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And Now, For Our Feature Article!
Yes, This is a re-print from our last Newsletter!

Be on FIRE for your Wife!

As a young believer, I fell head over heels in love with JESUS! I was "On-Fire" for Him!

I witnessed to anything that moved. I read my bible voraciously.

When we were pastors of our first church, we had prayer five days a week at 8 am. We had church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night.

We did street ministry on Tuesday nights. We conducted various ministry outreaches.

We as a couple were ON FIRE for JESUS. I, as a young man, was ON FIRE for JESUS!

The problem though was that I was not ON FIRE for MY WIFE! Someone should have asked me, "Joel, how can you say that you love Jesus so much if you are not loving Kathy in a way that makes her feel loved, valued and cared for?"

The problem was that my being "on-fire" for Jesus somehow fed my self-focus and narcissism. A title of a future book that we are going to write will be "Narcissism On Fire for Jesus!"

It was EASY for me, in my narcissism, to "love Jesus" and be "on fire for Jesus. The works that I did all pointed to "wonderful me!" Look at how many people I am winning to the Lord. Look at how much time I spend in prayer and in the Word.

It is EASY for a narcissist to be UPWARD focused. Why? Because no one is feeding back to him how he/she makes them feel. No one is a "mirror."

If I am "on fire" for Jesus by also being "on fire" for my wife, then I am on a mission in a real way, on planet earth, to exhibit the Love of God. "The will know we are Christians by our Love."

My being "on fire" for Jesus had a problem. God is love. My "love" was demonstrated in a hunger to "win souls" - a hunger to lead others to Jesus. But that Love was not being demonstrated properly in my relationship with Kathy and later, to our children.

My "on fire" for Jesus was a works mentality that I could be one of God's "men after His own heart" if I performed wonderfully for him.

So, I was consumed with a PASSION.. but that passion was UPWARD focused. In our background, things were commonly emphasized in a vertical fashion, such as "seek His face", "spending time in His presence" and the like.

These are all nice things - but they did not do ANYTHING to TRULY TRANSFORM.

Why? Because even though I was "ON FIRE" for Jesus (The Zeal of God Has Consumed Me was one of my favorite motto songs.) I was not loving Kathy and our children properly on a horizontal level.

I needed to be On Fire for my Wife! I needed to Express that I was in love with Jesus by radically pursuing RELATIONSHIP with Kathy!

But I did not do that. Instead, I RADICALLY pursued "ministry."

We see this every day. Ministers who are "on fire" for Jesus while being in adultery, or treating their wife poorly, or in some cases going from wife to wife to wife.. preaching all the way. Hal Lindsey, for example, is on wife number 4. Yet he is "on fire" for Jesus.

If I am going to PROVE that I am a Christian, then it must start with LOVE FOR MY WIFE. How can I say that I love Jesus if I cannot love my wife who I can see and relate with on a daily basis?

They will know we are Christians.. how? By our love. Not by how much time we spend reading the Bible (thought that is a good thing to do!). Not by how much time we spend in private, secluded prayer. (Paul taught that we can pray at all times, even when we are interacting with our spouse and children.) Not by how many people we win to Jesus. (that often is a performance mentality to cover up our insecurities.. look at hou good I am performing!) They will know we are Christians BY OUR LOVE.

Let me repeat that. They will know we are Christians BY OUR LOVE.

That is love toward one another.. FIRST, STARTING in our HOME! Loving my wife. My wife loving me in return. Each of us loving our children.

We are known as Christians if we LOVE our spouse and love our children. This is the first place to start!

In light of this, let me URGE you husbands, BE ON FIRE FOR YOUR WIFE! (and yes, let that FIRE for your wife be an outgrowth of being on Fire For the Lord!) - but DON'T separate them! Your wife is not a "distraction" from the Lord.

Before Benny Hinn had his wake-up call, he would get TWO hotel rooms when he was preparing for a crusade. One for him and one for his wife when she would be with him. Why? According to Benny in those days, it was because he could not have any distractions and needed to focus fully on the Lord in preparation for the crusade.

Hogwash. Thank God that Benny woke up after Suzanne divorced him. They are back together now and from what we have seen (just bits and pieces here and there) Benny has truly changed at a core level. He is on fire for his wife WITH his being on fire for the Lord. No longer is he AVOIDING his wife so he can nurture a meaningless "relationship" with the Lord.

If we are not loving our wife, then our "love" for the Lord is as good as dung. At the same time, for the women reading this... IF your husband is "on fire" in love for you, then your part of the plan is to RESPOND by being on fire in love with him in return too! That is how you get to "Outrageously Happy!"

So men, be "on fire" for your wife.

Think about her. Focus on her.

Take her on dates.

Talk to her. Let her talk to you.

Buy her flowers.

Touch her. Hug her. Kiss her. Spend time with her.

Bless her. Help her. Lift her.

Be on FIRE for your Wife! Be on Fire for the Lord - and let that Fire for the Lord be shown in your FIRE for your Wife!

It is hard on a narcissist to focus on his wife. It is death to "Self-Focus". It is death to self. But it brings LIFE.

Wives, when your husband is FOCUSING on you, blessing you, touching you, dating you, making love with you, holding you, helping you, listening to you.. then give yourself back to him wholeheartedly. Unreservedly.

This is how we are supposed to be with the Lord as his bride. We realize that he made it all about us. He gave His all for us. He laid His life down for us. When we realize this, then we give ourselves to him with abandon. At least that is how it is supposed to work.

That is the pattern for marriage with a husband doing the Christ part and a wife doing the bride part. A husband gives his all for his wife. She recognizes that he is laying his life down for her and she gives herself to him with abandon.

That is the picture of an outrageously happy marriage.

Be on FIRE for your wife, men. Focus. Focus. Focus. She is a woman. She is in your home. You get to see her naked. You get to care for her, love her, nurture her. BE WITH HER. Be on FIRE for her. FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS.

BE ON FIRE FOR YOUR WIFE! and then you can say that you are truly on Fire for the Lord. You will KNOW you are a Christian because of your LOVE.. a REAL love. A love that is expressed all day, every day.



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