- Some have given up on revival and the prophetic promise given to William Symour, Charles Parham and Frank Bartleman. Press in as the prophet Habakkuk has written, "the vision is for a time appointed and though it tarry be persistent to wait until it comes."

More than 50 years ago, some like William Branham, Paul Cain, Gordan Lindsay and others began to sense the Holy Spirit was speaking to them that Jesus and the Father desired to meet His people through large Stadium Holy Spirit encounters. In the very first Voice of Healing Publication, William Branham  at a meeting in Grant's Pass, Oregon spoke concerning a coming glory outpouring revival and a great judgment coming to Los Angeles should the revival not come.
OUR God Prefers Mercy,
In William Branham's meeting available through U-Tube he spoke that this open heaven glory encounter would come as a response to corporate repentance, praise, worship and obedience to fulfil the Father's heart desire to reach the lost.  From these visions, the ROSE BOWL 11.11.11 in Pasadena was born.  In that gathering, Jesus and the Father poured out their pleasure upon all present as many received personal salvation, the gift of the Holy Spirit and healing as all gathered for one only, To worship and declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
In that encounter, as all worshiped from the gathering of the nations, Jesus intervened in the life of a well-known pastor Gary Hornsby to bring him back alive to us again.  Thousand enjoyed dry weather inside the open air Rose bowl as just outside it poured rain the entire day except during the 3 minutes that pastor Brad Alford led us in worship. "Let It Rain." Over 400 healings were reported by David Hauser and the healing room team as they prayed for and received the testimonies from those that attended that day.
What Is The Holy Spirit Saying.
Since that day, many of these visionaries have sought the Lord concerning these gatherings, and should they continue.
-Recently, I meet Gary Beaton (Bob Jones assistant for the past 7 years) who suddenly upon my approach began prophesying over me and laid hands on me and commissioned me to the stadium encounters on the streets of Hollywood.  Many prophets believe that we have entered into both a session of outpouring of glory and at the same time a global crisis time in history that will affect the entire earth. And that our God is speaking to us with a displays of the 4 blood moons and sackcloth moon according to Genesis 1:14-16 that last occurred during the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the 1st Pentecost at the birth of the church, all occurring on Jewish feast high days from 2014 through 2015.
Our God desires to pour out His Mercy.
- If we are willing to seek him according to his 2 Chronicles 7: 14 promise, this can be the greatest moment in history for the church of our Lord Jesus, Christ. HIS desire has always been that we turn our hearts to him and His compassion for all that are lost. His desire is to empower His church to stand together in demonstration of power of His love. 
Many visualize that in these meetings our God will OPEN heaven and pour out His GLORY in the midst of great crowds of believers gathered from every nation, hungry for all of Him from every tribe, nation and people, raising praise and worship to Jesus and intercession for the lost, as the church stands together in an uncompromising walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.  
From this vision and in response to the great miracles and visitation at the Rose Bowl, 11.11.11, Angel Stadium has emerged. Many outstanding prophets without any collaboration among one another, continue to declare that 11.11.14 at Angel Stadium is his meeting and that He plans to meet His people in these meetings.
We  invite you to gather with the nations to this God encounter.
This is an invite to all that are hungry, and thirsty for all of Him.
We invite you to bring anyone needing a miracle or healing but especially those in need of Jesus.
The date is Tuesday, Veterans Day, November 11, 2014 from 9 am to 9pm. The address is 2000 Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806
For information call 626-710-2072  
This is a free event.
A freewill offering will be taken during the encounter to cover costs.
Please visit the website to register or give a freewill offering is
Also plan to join us March 20, 2015
PROPHETIC  History Prophetic Destiny:
A Jeremiah 33:8  Shaking at the Rose Bowl
On December 5th 1988, Paul Cain arrived in Anaheim to meet with John Wimber. Jack Deere had set up this appointment and told John, "By the way, so that you will know that God has a strategic purpose in this for Paul and the Vineyard movement, Paul says there will be an earthquake that day." Later Deere confirmed that this word was given before Paul arrived. The earthquake occurred under the Rose Bowl at 3:38 am and Paul chose the text out of Jeremiah 33:8 "I will cleanse them from all the sin they have committed against me and will forgive all their sins of rebellion against me." Paul reassured John in the privacy of the Wimber's own living room with a three-word prophesy saying, "God has told me to tell you in the Vineyard, "Grace, Grace, Grace." Paul went on to explain that John had come close to committing the sin of Eli by letting his spiritual sons get away with abuse i.e. regarding the lack of discipline of immoral leaders. They were on the verge of being judged as a movement. Paul told John to discipline his leaders and not offer them "unsanctified mercy." If John complied with the Lord's direction, then He would change the movement by the next Pastor's conference in August, nine months. In addition Paul said that God would also deliver their son Sean from years of rebellion and drug addiction. The evening of Paul leaving (Anaheim) on Dec 7th there was a major earthquake in Armenia at 10:51 pm PST.... Bickle would later write...."The prophetic symbolism seemed clear - God was speaking to the Vineyard churches through these events that He was going to shake the Anaheim Vineyard over the next season by prophetic ministry like the local earthquake shook Pasadena. The prophetic shaking would not merely be local, but would eventually cause a shaking internationally. This was pictured by the internationally known earthquake in Soviet Armenia." These events sobered John and propelled him out of his depression into action.
Southern California has a history of revival
  •  Just a few moments of God visitations in Southern California in the last 100 years:
  •  North Carolina and Topeka, Kansas 1896-1901
In 1896, a small group of people gathered in North Carolina and God opened "Heaven's door." An outpouring of the Spirit shook them as the little bunch began to prophesy and speak in new tongues. Later in 1901, God moved again among another handful of believers in Topeka, Kansas and Charles Parham. These events staged the beginning of a great out-pouring of the Holy Spirit that would change the look of Christianity over the face of the whole earth. A few years later, the fires of God continued to smolder in small gatherings until an appointed moment on God's time clock.
  • Welsh Revival 1904-1905
In the early nineteen hundreds the church rose up to fast, pray and seek God for a restoration visitation. In 1904, the Welsh Revival broke forth in a small coal miners town. This restoration revival of the Spirit moved over the face of the entire earth after which smoldering pockets of revival emerged in small churches and cells throughout America. For years, there remained expectancy in the hearts of people that "God was about to move again."
  •  Azusa Street Revival 1906
In the early years of the 1900s in Los Angeles, California, a great Holy Spirit encounter began in a small living room on Bonnie Brae Street. So great was the stir of the Holy Spirit power that the street soon filled with thousands waiting to hear and see what God was doing. The word moved quickly as thousands slept on the streets to get a glimpse of William Seymour and receive the power of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that continually left visitors drunk in the Spirit on the streets for hours.
Seymour and the small band of Holy Spirit filled followers soon needed room to accommodate the hundreds, sometime thousands of visitors that waited day and night to get close enough to the little house. They soon occupied a facility on Azusa Street, giving rise to the name, The Azusa Street Revival. The word of this God visitation spread rapidly across the United States of America.
As the gold rush summoned many to the expectation of riches in San Francisco, God did not disappoint those that came from around the globe to receive a touch from Him. They had come for a trickle of water and instead received a river gushing from their bellies. Endowed with the power and the fullness of the Holy Ghost, they returned to their hamlets, gathering believers, to share with them concerning what had happened. They were pleasantly surprised to find that as they gave testimony to the events, others received this Holy Spirit experience.
As a result, Holy Spirit filled believers began to gather in homes all across America, making great, anointed preachers out of no-name-bodies. Other prior revivals had stirred the intellect of man. This revival was an internal and external display of Holy Ghost power and His work in them.
Men and women were shaken, speaking in "unknown tongues" and prophesying, seeing visions, angels face to face encounters with the living Lord and receiving deep God experiences that moved them to greater hunger and desperation for God, moving in the gifts and revelation of the Spirit and imparting the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to others.
Many seeking the deeper things of God were excommunicated from denominational Churches that had enjoyed previous restoration revival movements. The central doctrine of this new Pentecostal movement was the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" with the evidence of speaking in an "unknown tongue." Many new Pentecostal denominations began to rise as a result. The new movement emphasized the Pentecost experience at the birth of the early Church and the completion of the great commission to go to the world and tell every creature.
Our God is a God of Mercy and Jesus is making intercession for us right at this moment. Together we can change to course of America and the world. As we pursue and hunger for the One whom nothing is impossible.
God our Father, give us souls. %%detect_both%%


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