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August 20, 2014

Dear Global Fire Family and Friends,

A few Sundays ago God moved in our service with a heart for unity and an outpouring in every stream of the Body of Christ.  I want to share some of that service with you.

Many of you may read the article about Kenneth Copeland, James and Betty Robison and others meeting with Pope Francis.  One of our leaders, Wayne Boosahda, shared what took place behind the scenes of that meeting which was arranged by Tony Palmer.

“Tony Palmer became representative for Kenneth Copeland ministries in South Africa.  He became a spiritual son of the Copelands.  After serving for several years in South Africa, Tony felt led to go back to Italy.  Tony always had a love for the whole church, each stream.  He had a prophetic boldness when he felt led by God.  He honored leaders from every stream.  Tony became a good friends with John and Carol Arnott. 

One of his spiritual fathers was Mario Bergoglio the Cardinal Archbishop of Argentina, spirit filled Roman Catholic cardinal.  He met him about 7 years ago.  Tony was always going into nations to work with unity among believers and renewal of Holy Spirit among all believers.  When he ministered, Tony always asking for the blessing of the authority there, to honor the authority.   When he met this Cardinal Archbishop he shared his vision for unity among all Christians, the fulfillment of John 17, our Lord’s prayer that we might all be one, even as He and the Father are one so the world can believe. 

As he shared this vision with the Cardinal, the Cardinal began to weep and asked to pray with Tony for healing and unity of the Body and the outpouring of the Spirit on the whole church.  Every time Tony went back to visit with him, they would seek the Lord together.  At one time the Cardinal led a stadium of 70,000 Spirit filled Roman Catholics in praise, worship.  Tony was there.  As the Cardinal started celebrating the Holy Communion, in the middle of the prayer he stopped and began to sing in the Spirit.  All 70,000 joined in singing in the Spirit. 

Tony became a spiritual son to this Cardinal.  Last March Tony got a call from Father Mario.  He said, “Tony, I’m in Rome.  I’ve just been elected Pope.”  The man who we know as Pope Francis, the new Pope, is that Cardinal.  Pope Francis asked him, “Can you come and visit me soon?  Can you come be with me at the Vatican?”  Tony went and they spent an entire afternoon praying for the Body of Christ, unity and outpouring of the Spirit.

Tony was used in might ways.  He was a bridge builder.  He loved leaders.  Just this past June he brought Kenneth Copeland, James and Betty Robison, John and Carol Arnott and four or five other leaders that represent about 800,000,000 Spirit filled believers around the world that are non-Roman Catholic.  He brought these leaders together to meet with Pope Francis for a whole day at the Vatican so they could all fellowship together, pray together for the Church and intercede for the unity of the Spirit.  Not unity of institutions or organizations but unity of the Spirit in the love of God and in prayer for the mission of Kingdom to the world together in power.

Tony brought to a Kenneth Copeland meeting a video message from the Pope to greet the Copelands and 3,000 ministers that had gathered. He shared this amazing prophetic word and the heart of it is,

“Diversity is divine.  Division is diabolical.  Streams that have different expressions and gifts, that is divine.  It is Joseph’s coat of many colors that Jesus wears.  But division is diabolical.  It is against our Lord.  There is only one body.”  The one thing the Pope said again at the end as he closed was that

Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt with money to buy food.  They couldn’t eat their money and they needed food.  But what the found when they got to Egypt was not food, but a brother.  We need to find one another across all streams, as brother and sisters.  We need to connect with one another and give each other spiritual hugs as brothers and sisters.

On Sunday, July 20, at 6:20 am Tony was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident.  Here is an excerpt from the letter Kenneth Copeland wrote, “While Tony was on earth he became a bridge between Catholics and Protestants in the Body of Christ.  John 17 is beginning to come to pass.  The unity of the faith, not doctrines, is in Jesus, the Son of God.  We know the devil is responsible for the attack on Tony’s life.  He tried to stop this worldwide coming together in Jesus as one.  Too late devil, the bridge has already been built and it is a love bridge.  A bridge that will never fail.  Gloria and I and all of this ministry are thrilled to stand strong on the bridge that grace built through Tony Palmer.”’

When Wayne shared this with me, my heart went out.  My sentiments are changing.  I lost Bob Jones earlier this year.  The word has been the fathers are going home and there must be another generation that rises.  I’ve been thinking a lot about transition.  From the stream that we come from a lot of times we feel like we are the revivalists.  We are going to bring revival in the nations.  Even though we may do some of that, it is not about us bringing revival into the nations or our stream making a mark on human history.  We have to stop that kind of thinking.  That is arrogant.  There is something much, much greater.  Something so much greater than making a name or revival.

Jesus did pray in John 17:21, “Father that they would all become one that the world would know that You have sent the Son.   In John 13:35 He said, “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, by your love for one another.”

I believe what we are going to see revival come into the nations of the earth through the many streams.

Psalms 46:6 says, “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God.”  There is a revival coming to the Catholic Church.  I got saved in the Catholic Church. There is something rumbling in the Catholic Church.

I was just in Korea with 1500 Methodists.  They are hungry for God.  God is touching the streams.

God is going to touch the denominations.   God is going to touch the Lutherans, the Baptists, and the Methodists.  Even the Reformed latter day saints, watch what God does.  God is going to touch the streams.  He is going to pour out His glory.  How arrogant to think that God is going to pour out His glory on a single stream.  I repent for that.  I want God, the unity of the faith, to pour out.   God is going to pour Himself out on the hungry. 

Ephesians 3:14, 15, “For this reason I bow my knees before the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for whom every family in Heaven and on earth is named, that Father from whom all fatherhood is derived and takes its title deed from.”  He prayed for unity. 

Ephesians 1:10, 11 says that at the climax of the ages, God unified all things in Heaven and all things on the earth through one head that is Christ.  There is a family in the Heavens, a family on the Heaven and all headed up under one head, which is Christ. 

Paul goes on to say in verse 16, “May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man by the Holy Spirit.” That is outpouring.  God wants to pour out His glory, pour out His riches, pour out of His revelation, outpouring upon the family.  It is not just one stream, it is a unified body.  What qualifies that body to receive that outpouring?  It is hunger.

Rev. 21:3 John said, “See the abode of God is with men and He will live and encamp among them.  They shall be His people and God shall personally be with them and be their God.”  No mention of the nations, no separation.  He is talking about one body, one people, one God.  At the end he says, “God will wipe away all tears.  There will be no more death.” 

In the following verses God says, “I make all things new.  Record this.  It is done.  I am the Alpha, the Omega.  I am the Beginnings, the End.”  It is done.  I am the God in the beginning.  I am the God in the end.  It is finished.  Then He qualifies it by saying, “To the thirsty I, Myself, will give water without price from the fountain of the waters of Life.  He who is victorious shall inherit all these things, I will be God to him and he shall be my son.”  He is talking about the Church.

What qualifies us for outpouring is not denomination, it is hunger.  It is recognizing the finished work.  It is over, finished, He accomplished it.  “To the thirsty I will show Myself.”  Revival is coming to a corporate body on the earth.  God is pouring out a river, a Psalm 46:6 river.  “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of our God.”  There will be multiple revivals, multiple streams touching many different nations.  I am believing for an outpouring that will touch every stream.

Richest Blessings,

Jeff Jansen

Senior Leader

Global Fire Church & Global Connect

Global Fire Ministries International

Kingdom Life Institute & Global Fire School of Supernatural Ministry



God is opening amazing doors for ministry in the nations.  Please pray with us for these upcoming meetings.

Aug. 29 - 31

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA Field of Dreams: Jeff Jansen & David Hogan

Sept. 1 - 4

WEST TIMOR INDONESIA CRUSADE: Jeff Jansen, David Hogan, Todd Weatherly, Adam Thompson

Sept. 5 - 8

BALI INDONESIA CRUSADE: Jeff Jansen, Todd Weatherly & Adam Thompson






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