Greetings from Joel and Kathy Davisson 

"The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!"

This could be YOUR Testimony in September!
Another Testimony from the July 30 - August 3rd Intensive, 2014,


Hello, My name is LC. My husband CC and I attended Joel and Kathy's August intensive. 
I think you need to know a little bit about me in order to understand why it is so IMPORTANT that you at least make a final attempt at your marriage through the intensive. 
CC and I were in a very similar position just a few months ago. We both turned into people we never wanted to be. I was angry, bitter, and volatile (verbally and physically) because CC wasn't meeting my needs. Instead, he chose his job, family members, friends, and eventually another woman (who I knew) over me. 
After almost 4 years of marriage I found myself weeks away from a finalized divorce at the hands of my husband. The months leading up to the divorce were utter hell, and I contemplated suicide multiple times. 
No words could ever explain the inner turmoil I went through. CC... the man who my father walked me down the aisle too... the man who I dreamt about marrying since I was a little girl... the man who vowed to love me and keep me safe... the man who promised to never leave me... was the man who destroyed my heart and ultimately betrayed me in the worst of ways. 
I felt worthless and disposable... and carried much of the burden of the problems in our marriage on my shoulders. 
And God gave us one when he lead CC to Joel and Kathy's books. The intensive was the avenue that SOLIDIFIED what we had learned in the books and provided CRUCIAL support that our marriage needed. 
One thing CC and I have realized after this intensive, is that we just didn't have the right tools...the right education...the right knowledge to have a successful marriage because we were taught wrong. Now, after only 5 months, (since first reading the books) I can truly say I have the husband of my dreams. 
We consider ourselves very blessed to have experienced such as fast turnaround in our marriage due to God's works through Joel and Kathy. 
From a woman who has been through it all... don't give up on the marriage God INTENDED for you to have. 
If you are FED UP, OVER IT, DONE, and SICK AND TIRED, use the intensive as a final leap of faith before ending it. You and your husband are among the select few that have been provided with a rare opportunity to uncover WHY your marriage isn't working and HOW to restore it. 
If after the intensive your husband chooses not to become the man God wants him to be by not being the husband for you that he NEEDS to be... then game over. 
IT WOULD BE TRAGIC FOR YOU TO GIVE UP NOW. Give it one last chance at the intensive in September. We are so grateful we did.
We will be in constant prayer for you and your husband. Know that you are NOT alone. Take advantage of the intensive... your marriage is WORTH THE FIGHT. 
From Kathy - Encouragement for your day, your night, your life! 

Surely, goodness, mercy and unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my 
life, and through the length of my days, the house of The Lord (and his presence) 
shall be my dwelling place.  

In our bad days, The Lord would wake me up at 3 am, almost every night to pray.  
It was like clockwork.  Those were some special times.  I would  commit to pray 
for 1 hour and I did.  Then I would go back to bed.  

On one particular night, after I prayed for an hour, I was headed back upstairs 
to bed, when I felt like someone was behind me.  I had felt that many times 
before, but this time was different.  Stronger.  I looked  over my shoulder to 
see if there someone behind me, but I didn't see anyone.  

I said to The Lord, "it seems like someone is behind me, but when I look no one 
is there.  

The Lord said to me " surely, goodness and mercy are following you."  

But I heard it as "Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy were following me."  
I thought, "Shirley?"  I don't recall an angel named Shirley.  Lol. 

I thought, 3 angels, one named Shirley, following me.  Cool.  I have 3 angels 
following me.  They have my rear guard.  Cool.  

I later realized that The Lord said, "Surely, Goodness, and Mercy are following me 
all the days of my life" ( Psalms 23:6 ).  

So, "Shirley" goodness and Mercy are following us, all the days of our lives.  

The word "goodness" is the word, "tobe". 
It means:  good, pleasant, agreeable.  Excellent, appropriate, glad, HAPPY, 
Prosperous, welfare and good things.  

"Mercy"  is the word "kheh-sed" meaning:  goodness, faithfulness, favour, 
kindness, merciful.  

The word "follow" is the word "raw-daf".  It means to pursue, chase, attend 
closely, to run after, to harass.  Lol. Harass???  Lol 

Goodness and mercy are chasing us down. His favor, kindness, mercy, welfare and   
prosperity are chasing us down.  They are attending closely to us.  They are 
harassing us.  Harass away Goodness and Mercy.  You can Harass me all you want.  Lol 

Whenever I feel that feeling, of someone following me, I think, "surely 
(Shirley), Goodness and Mercy are following me." They are sent by my  Heavenly Father to follow me! They are working to make my life Happy, 
good, excellent, prosperous and full of favour.  

God wants you to have an Outrageously HAPPY, HAPPY Marriage AND Life!


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