We are on a 2 month countdown to Angel Stadium
Blessings to the coordinating team
We need all hands on deck
Our next meeting is Thursday Sept 4 2014 7pm
@ Applebees 502 Huntington Dr
Monrovia, Ca
Please plan to attend as we are on a 2 month countdown for 11.11.14
The Finances are coming in.
We will receive any offering big or small
Donate at www.alineinthesandAngelStadium2014.com
The next payment is due on Sept 15, the day has been extended.
the amount needed $100,000.

Don't forget to register also for A Line in the Sand Israel 2015
@ www.alineinthesandIsrael2015.com

As we continue to contend for a Glory visitation for Ca,
Also please continue to pray for the team and the encounter.     
That all debts are paid on time.
protection from contention among individuals
and from spiritual warfare
and that the favor of God and his presence will reside on the team.
Needs volunteers in the office
1. Come in for at least 3 hrs.
there are always things needing to be done.
2. We need 2 good running no problem vans
we can pay something for them
3. Please help us schedule a prepare gathering
and get the word out
  Please tab this URL for current page. Information is updated daily.

Coming soon.

The location is the River's Edge Church
Host Pastor Gary Hornsby
9271 Arrow Route (Route 66)
Rancho Cucamonga. Ca 91730

The 2014 Call to Gather the Apostles and Prophets -  Senior and Young Prophets -
Throughout the Nations of the World.

The Prophets have spoken concerning the session that we are enetering.
Prepare, Buy Oil, the For we have entered into a new session.

Papa A.L. Gill
Michael Petro
Timothy Snodgrass
Alan Parker
Silvia Sanford
Gershom Sikaala
Rick Wright
Steve Dittmar
Gary Honrsby
Joe Rivera
Joesph Nassarala
Gary Hornsby
Chaccko from India
Mary Dorian
Thomas Cherian.
Bob Watts
Andre Gasiorowski
Gary Beaton
Henry and Grace Falany
Ken Peters
Peggy Cole
Lilian Ong
Meri Crouley
Wolfgang Kovecek
David Andrade
Steve Dittmar
Dr Bruno Capprimmo
Carolyn Suty
Maryal Bouman
Bill Fowler
Wolfgang Kovecek
Dennis Mckirahan
Steve & Rosemary Davis
Apostle Barnett
David Chun
Samuel Padilla
Evening Sessions are free. Daytime $85, for the 5 days
A freewill offering will be taken
Sessions are at



Lunch @ 1pm



this schedule is subject to change

Zechariah 10:1 Ask Yah for Rain in the season of Rain both the former and Latter and He will fill the horizon with bright Rain clouds, so that all might hve fields filled with grass and fruit.
 - Some have given up on contending for revival and the prophetic promise given to William Seymour, Charles Parham and Frank Bartleman.
Press in as the prophet Habakkuk has written, "the vision is for a time appointed and though it tarry be persistent to wait until it comes."  
More than 50 years ago, some like William Branham, Paul Cain, Gordon Lindsay and others began to sense the Holy Spirit was speaking to them
that Jesus and the Father desired to meet His people through large Stadium Holy Spirit Encounters. In the very first Voice of Healing Publication,
William Branham  at a meeting in Grant's Pass, Oregon spoke concerning a coming glory outpouring revival and a great catastrophic event coming
to Los Angeles miss the season of it's visitation.
OUR God Prefers Mercy,
In William Branham's meeting available through U-Tube declared that this open heaven glory encounter would come as a response to corporate repentance,
praise, worship and obedience to fulfil the Father's heart desire to reach the lost and contending for an outpouring of glory that would fill the entire earth.
From these prophetioc visions, the ROSE BOWL 11.11.11 in Pasadena was born.  In that gathering, Jesus and the Father poured out their pleasure upon all
present as many received personal salvation, the gift of the Holy Spirit and healing as all gathered for one only, To worship and declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
In that encounter, as all worshiped from the gathering of the nations, Jesus intervened in the life of a well-known pastor Gary Hornsby to bring him back alive to us again. 
Thousand enjoyed dry weather inside the open air Rose bowl as just outside it poured rain the entire day except during the 3 minutes that pastor Brad Alford led us in worship.
"Let It Rain." Over 400 healings were reported by David Hauser and the healing room team as they prayed for and received the testimonies from those that attended that day.
What Is The Holy Spirit Saying through the prophets.
Since that day, many of these prophetic visionaries have sought the Lord concerning these gatherings, what is His pleasure for California and the world?.
 Many visualize that JESUS AND THE FATHER desire to speak to the church in these large open air meetings.
 Our God will OPEN heaven and pour out His GLORY in liquid Agape love in the midst of great crowds of believers gathered from every nation, hungry for all of Him
from every tribe, nation and people, raising praise and worship to Jesus and intercession for the lost, as the church stands together in an uncompromising walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.  
This Glory will change the Church from the inside out so that the church can model the real Jesus.

From this vision and in response to the great miracles and visitation at the Rose Bowl, 11.11.11, Angel Stadium has emerged. Many outstanding prophets without any collaboration
among one another, continue to declare that 11.11.14 at Angel Stadium is his meeting and that He plans to meet His people in these meetings.
We  invite you to gather with the nations to this God encounter.
This is an invite you to gather with the Global Prophets Oct 7tth through the 11th at the River's Edge in Rancho Cucamonga

The Time is Now. Zechariah 10:1
From: Michael Petro   Assistant Director                                                                                                                
A Line in the Sand Angel Stadium
I want to thank the CA and Global listening team, Senior Apostolic and Prophetic fathers and mothers that provide covering, direction and
wisdom to the Line in the Sand Angel Stadium, the Israel Solemn Assembly and the Global Call School of the Prophets..
I look forward to further meeting and creating a greater bond of friendship with you. 
Insight concerning where we stand as believers on the prophetic calendar
I sense the Lord has redirected the vision to include a greater understanding of the mysteries of the kingdom and how they relate to the coming Glory visitation
and what our God is about to empower His Church. The Line in the Sand encounters, and uncovering his mysteries to the Church  signified by Genesis 1:14-16
Holy feast of the LORD so that the church can emerge to it’s present call. I very much appreciate the opportunity to provide insight into the terrestrial, physical and sign
scriptural Torah parallels.
Several years ago, the Lord began to speak to me concerning the coming biblical High Holy Days and the signs that speak to us from the heaven and unveil God’s focus
on these soon to be fulfilled events. Many of the Coming encounters fall on both Jewish Feast days Sabbaths  and  the Blood and Sackcloth Moons also known as solar eclipse.
We are in a prophetic season where the depth of the revelation of YAH's word in the New and Old Testament is being unveiled to us, that we might realize Yah's  plan for the ages.
As I write this monologue,   I want to stress that I’m not predicting the end of the world nor the coming of our Lord Yeshua, but convictions concerning soon coming events
that are signified by Genesis 1:14 occurrences and the meaning of those occurances as described in the Jewish Solemn feasts pertaining to both the church and the nation of Israel.
in the coming months and further conviction that the global Body of Christ must rally and pray to beseech our Lord to reveal His plan that we might act not as the foolish virgins,
but wise as a clear voice of direction that awakens the sleeping church, an Elijah company preparing the way of the LORD.
Gen_1:14  Then God said, "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to di-vide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years;

We have stepped into a season with a series of eclipses that definitely draw our interest. What is on our horizon is what is called a tetrad of blood red moon. And that this tetrad is a
series of 4 blood red moons that all fall on YAH's feast days; by itself this is a major event that has only happened 7 times in the last 2,000 years. Most of the time, when these blood
moons arise, they mark major events in fulfillment of bible prophecy. The first set of 4 blood moons and sacloth moon happened in 32-33 AD focusing on the death, burial and resurrection
of our Lord Yeshua Jesus Christ. So the now series is even more rare because its only happened once in the last 2,000 years. Other blood moon indicators fall in 1948-1949 when Israel
becomes a nation after the close of the Second World War. Again in 1967 when Israel takes back Jerusalem. All falling on YAH's feast calendar. The odds themselves are astronomical!
The next set of 4 blood and 1 sacloth moons began in the year 2014 and continue through 2015. The Lord is marking these signs on His feast days according to Genesis 1:14-16.
As the chart reveals, this is an incredible season of events and I want to say that it goes much deeper.                                                                                         
Joe 2:30  "And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth: Blood and fire and  pillars of smoke.       
Joe 2:31  The sun shall be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD.

 I truly feel that the Global Call School of the Prophets as well as Angel Stadium and the 2015 Solemn Assembly in Israel are very key.
I am amazed at the number of eetings I have been in where well grounded prophets that knew nothing about these meetings have declared.
These are the Lord's meetings. Take care to let the Holy Spirit have His way. THE HOLY SPIRIT PLANS TO POUR OUT HIS gLORY IN THESE MEETINGS.
 So we have as a prophetic mandate to this generation,
General Info



The Schedule begins
Oct 7 2014 with intercession

Schedule ends
SATURDAY Oct. 11 2014
after the evening session.

All evening and breakout sessions are free
A free-will offering will be taken in the evening sessions.


1ST Session: 9am
2ND Session: 11am
Lunch @ 1pm
3RD Sesson:4pm
4TH Sesson:7pm beginning with worship

with intercession beginning NIGHTLY at 6pm

The healing room and prophetic teams will be open to minister one on one ministry during the day.
Volunteers are needed in all areas .


River's Edge Church
9271 Arrow Route (Route 66)
Rancho Cucamonga. CA 91730


Live Coverage by The Way TV & The Cross TV

THE COST for the Conference Oct. 7-11th 2014


by clicking here and filling out the Online Registration (select Individual, Couples or Single Day) .
Register now online.
No charge for 7 pm evening services, a free will offering will be taken.
You may also register by Mail:
Global Call School Of the Prophets
5666 Sorrel Hills
Chino Hills, Ca 91709

Please include your
  • Name,
  • Mailing Address,
  • Contact Phone Number and
  • Email.
All Checks should be addressed to "RTV Ministries".

We recommend Ontario International Airport in California. Book early for the best rate. Ontario International Airport in Ontario California is the best airport to fly into and is only 15 minutes from the conference site.


4370 Mills Circle, Ontario, CA 91764
The price is $79 plus tax
1 king or 2 queens per room


Please address all questions concerning the Conference or registration.
OR Email to
More questions?
Call 626-710-2072 or Email us by
clicking here
Watch Rose Bowl - A Line in the Sand 11.11.11. You Tube Video - Click Here
Prophetic Counsel Words for 2011 &2012 from the 2011 Global School of the Prophets - Click Here

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