I wanted to take a few minutes today and share some ER updates. This past few months have been trying to say the least. Several good friends went to be with Jesus including the best man at my wedding. I will miss them and the world will be a little darker without their light. I honor Estelle, Cheryl, John and Bonnie and their heart of Christ and may their sound continue through their family and friends here on the earth.

Many of you have been aware of our fight to maintain possession of our property. I wanted to give you an update. We are still here and are alive and well!! God has sent a team of people that are helping us to restructure our very foundations to facilitate our vision. This vision began in my heart about ten years ago. A team of people were to be formed to help facilitate new businesses, missions, disaster relief, apartments and houses and everything necessary to advance the Kingdom of God. Unfortunately the enemy is very good at causing issues and distractions and the team disbanded. We still continued doing the work of the Kingdom with a smaller team and accomplished amazing things but now it's time to revisit the vision and move forward to become more stable and secure. We are planning, even as I type this letter, and preparing to gather the harvest in this season. I appreciate your prayers as we restructure and secure our foundation so that it can withhold the next steps of Advancing the Kingdom. Currently we could use special prayer as we are seeking a new bank that will facilitate not only a mortgage for our current property but for the vision of the days to come. These are very exciting days! Thank you for your prayers.

In other news Fire # 3 is just around the corner. For a few more days you can register at www.eaglerockcc.info. We had some domain issues and they should be resolved in a few days. You will once again be able to visit us at www.eaglerockcc.org as well as .info. Randy DeMain is our guest speaker and if the Lord wills, I will be sharing in the Saturday afternoon session. Randy is a great man of passion and fire and I am so excited to welcome him into our region. He has a great message that we need to hear right now.

Yesterday as I was in the Tabernacle just thanking God for all He has done and for who He is, I noticed someone kneeling and praying at the Mercy Seat with a Talit on their head. I thought, who is in here praying because it was early in the morning. Before I could even get that thought out, the person rose to one knee and pulled the Talit off of their head, turning towards me I heard these words in my Spirit "Where did you think I would be, I am interceding for you"! Wow. I froze in my tracks and realized that I had both a natural and spiritual encounter with Jesus. I clearly saw someone there with my natural eyes and then it switched to a spiritual vision. I was so encouraged that I wanted to shout but it took me some time to move. Then I realized the Fire has come to the Tabernacle. The Pillar of Fire came down on the Tabernacle in the days of Moses and that was when he knew God was there and wanted to be with him. Jesus has come to the Tabernacle because He wants to be with us! How awesome is that??? He was not just speaking to me, He was calling all of us to Himself. He is hungry to be with you and I.

So if you haven't decided to come to this Fire # 3 weekend, you may want to consider my words. Jesus is telling us He is in the Tabernacle interceding for us. Wow! I want to join Him, how about you? Registration is free but please register so that we can know how much food to serve. We are going to bless you with all three meals on Saturday so you can just enjoy the presence of the Lord. Pat's house is full, the rooms at the ER are full but you can call LaQuinta Inn in Peru and get a discounted rate. Please ask for Melissa and the ER rate.

Thank you again for your prayers, gifts and love. We couldn't have done it without you! We love you all and hope to see many of you for Fire # 3.

Still dances with Fire,

Apostle Lisa



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