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October 31, 2014

Dear Friends of KSC,

As I looked in the Word for some guidance for the decisions we need to make shortly, as well as to ask the Lord about the coming elections next Tuesday, November 4, my eyes focused on Psalm 126, a favorite chapter of mine.  This Psalm talks about the emotions of a those who have been in bondage, away from their homes and posessions, and then have been set free from captivity.  The final verse begins with, "They who sow in tears shall reap in joy."

My heart has been weeping for America and so many others with me have been crying out to God for mercy and justice.  I believe we will be rewarded with tears of joy.  I trust there have been enough lovers of righteousness who have sown in tears to cause the Father to have mercy on this nation which made a holy covenant with Him many years ago.  However, even if the elections go the way we want them to, we need to continue to sow in tears for the process of restoration and revival, renewal and reformation and another Great Awakening. 

This passage will always remind me of one of our trips in South Korea, where we were speaking in a very large church, doing a conference on Prophetic Ministry.  It was my last night and I couldn't get the mind of God as to which message to preach with only one opportunity left.  During worship, I kept struggling to hear the voice of God.  The last song was a familiar song.  The lyrics had been translated into Korean.  The song was a happy song with a snappy rhythm.  When it finished, the young lady violinist began to repeat the melody, but slowed it down to a fraction the speed.  Instantly, the song took on a mournful feeling and I was taken in a vision to the "Western Wall," or "Wailing Wall." in Jerusalem.  I asked the Lord if He was giving me a different message?  I opened my Bible to Psalm 126.  It was both joy and sorrow in the same verses.  I knew God had a plan.

Speaking from this passage for the first time, I shared my personal testimony how God had put me in the place of weeping morning after morning as a freshman in Bible College, and how that weeping turned into joy every day.  But the greatest joy was when I saw the answer to my intercessory prayers in revivals in our home town and then later in Argentina, as an assistant to an older evangelist.  The multitude of miracles that I saw, especially the salvation of at least 1000 souls, along with such miracles as the healing of three young men born deaf and dumb, was such a great reward for my taking the time to shed some tears for revival in the church.

So - Is it time to mourn or time to laugh?  Probably both!  We've got to mourn over our loss of moral character and direction in America, but if we so in tears, we will reap in joy and laughter.


Since the birth of Seattle Harper Peters, we've both been pretty sick with severe colds and have mostly stayed at home in the motor home.  It has given us some time to pray, study, read and rest.  Our main ministry now is to our family.  We have four kids and three spouses, along with 8 grandchildren to pour into, and we've got a lot of lost time to make up.  We've had a couple of good chances now to care for tiny Seattle Harper and Brenda has enjoyed every single moment.  She is a beautiful baby and Timothy and Kimberley are doing a fabulous job with this life-changing experience.

We are scheduled to attend a wedding in El Paso, Texas, next weekend, but are waiting on God for confirmation.  We also need to drive up to Seattle to visit Brenda's mom and brother and his family. 

We have no major meetings scheduled for the next few months and we thank God He is providing for us.  We do need wisdom for some personal affairs and invite your prayers for us.


As many of you know, our article called, OUR PREEMPTIVE GOD, was published on Tuesday, Oct. 29, over the Elijah List.  This list has over 130,000 subscribers.  I've always had good responses to my articles, but this one seems to have produced a bigger impact.  Book sales on Kindle and website orders took a big jump.  A pastor inquired about our Ministry Foundations 101 course, as well.  People are checking out the ministry and our materials and for that I greatly rejoice.  How I pray that the sowing into these materials will be rewarded with the fruit that pleases the Father's heart.  Would you pray with me that God would be glorified and the revelatory nuggets He has given me to steward would change the way the church thinks and acts, until God brings all His people together into an unprecedented spirit of unity, love and power.

God bless and keep you all, and PLEASE - DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!!!

Ben and Brenda People



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