2014 has been a tough year for many of us in the body of Christ. We have faced some of the greatest times of persecution and yet have come through victorious. As we get ready to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ we can learn some great lessons from Mary and Joseph. Both of them gave a yes in spite of impossible events they would face. They were willing to be shunned, persecuted and rejected all for the will of God. In the end, the had the honor of stewarding the birth of Jesus our Lord on the earth.

You and I face similar hardships and persecutions. We face rejections and even face shunning because we believe in Jesus. Those in other parts of the world, men, women and children are dying because of their Christianity. It was the same in the days of Jesus as the young babies were killed to prevent the Messiah from being born. Wow we are so close to His return and there is so much to do! Let your yes be yes today and during this Christmas season, come alive to the promise of God in your life. Don't give up on your dreams or visions. He is about to stir things up for you and all of us. It may have been hard but it is worth it to carry His presence on the earth. How amazing!!!

My prayer for you during this season is that you will have the courage to face what you need to face and walk through what  you need to walk through to release His love on the earth. I pray that you will be more alive than ever before and that you will get closer to Him than ever before. 

Mark your calendars to join us for New Years Eve at 8:30, New Years Fire January 2-3 or Justice Fire-FIre # 4 on January 30-31 with Karen Dunham. Join us for any or all of these life altering weekends. 

From all of us at the ER, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! We love you and thank you all for your support. 

Carrying the Fire, 

Apostle Lisa



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