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If you read the news for even one day you can see how the forces of
Hell appear to be gaining an upper hand. Death and destruction raise
its ugly head everyday. What we hear and see can seem depressing and
hopeless but there is also a sound of justice rising from the earth.
When evil rises so does the glory of God. When Darkness falls, the
light is stronger still. We should not fear what we are witnessing yet
rather take courage because the end is near and Jesus will cause His
Kingdom to rise to power never to be overthrown. Though you may be
struggling and suffering, though it seems like it has been this way
all your life, though as a race or people, you have suffered
unspeakable things, God is about to balance the scales. Even though He
has already conquered death, hell and the grave, the enemy has
prearranged days in which to operate. When the end of those days is
near, God will release His mighty right hand of vengeance upon the
enemy. We are also to be His hands and voice for justice. It is time
to speak for those who can't and release the captives. Isaiah 61
reminds us that His presence is upon us and with His help, we are to
do what He did, proclaim the good news, bind up the broken hearted and
proclaim freedom. 

On January 30 and 31 we are going to do just that. We are going to
honor those that have suffered much and bring His healing to those
that are broken and wounded. We are hosting Fire # 4-Justice Fire. The
weekend will be jammed pack with many speakers sharing testimonies of
how they have survived some amazing things. You will meet relatives of
those that survived massacres and unthinkable injustices. You will
meet those that were forced to do unfathomable things just because
they were a different race or creed. God heart is weeping and so is
mine. Each service will lead into the next one as we allow Holy Spirit
to break years of injustice with a heart of forgiveness and a cry of
justice. When you hear the stories of these amazing people, you will
see a little of yourself in each one. It has been my prayer that
everyone that attends Justice Fire will come away feeling like years
of abuse, pain and injustice were just washed away. That everyone of
us will feel as if we have been dipped in the Blood of the Lamb and we
are literally spotless. Karen Dunham will be our special guest
speaker. She has just been through many trials and tribulations in
Israel including being pushed down to the ground and receiving a
broken arm. Within a few days, the Lord healed her! She and her team
and the children she helps were gassed with an intent to murder. But
God saved her and all those with her. Praise His name. You won't
want to miss what she has to say. 

Isn't it time to let go of the pain that has defined you?
Isn't it time to let go of the shame, guilt and anger. Isn't
it time to forgive and isn't it time to be healed? The answer of
course is yes to all of these and more. Holy Spirit is bringing the
nations to the ER. If everyone attends that has spoken that they will
attend we will have representatives of Sudan, Israel, India, Rwanda
and the Lakota, Cherokee, Aztec and Hopi Nations. Others might be
joining us as well. He is sending out the invitation that has been
signed with His Blood to all those that have an ear to hear. Will you
respond? The King Requests the honor of your presence, at a feast
that's given for Him! Please join us and be forever free! 

Registration is free and your Saturday meals are free but we need to
get a head count so we know how to prepare, so please register. You
can do so on our website at www.eaglerockcc.info. Visit our Fire in
the Tabernacle page for more information and a video showing the heart
of God for His people. A week ago, the Lord gave me a new song. As a
matter of fact after I was done singing to Him, He sang to me. Here
are a few of the lyrics from a song entitled "Live Again". "Do you
see what I see, how I long for you to be with me in eternity? Do you
feel what I feel, my heart weeps for the broken ones who long to be
healed. Do you know what I know? That the enemy of your soul, has been
defeated with one blow. So release the lies and be made whole." Wow
How awesome He is to us. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a cycle that you feel you
will never get out of, that is a lie of the enemy. Release it and be
made whole. This is your time of freedom! 

Hope to see you at Fire # 4-Justice Fire, 

Apostle Lisa



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