God has gathered an amazing group of people for Fire # 4. The team in my opinion is the best team yet and the honored guests will be coming from around the world. They will come dancing from Israel, Rwanda, Belize, Sudan, Europe, Africa, Mexico, Phillipines and Native Americans from Aztec, Lakota, Shoshone, Cherokee and Arapaho nations. They will dance on injustice and dance on tyranny. They will share their stories of defeat and triumph and God and man will honor them. Then you will get the same chance to come and dance on injustice and tyranny. You can dance on the head of those things that have held you back. If you are free, you can come and dance for those who cannot yet dance and dance for freedom for those who are still bound. We all have suffered at the hand of tyranny and it is now time to break it's stronghold once and for all. 

Every service will build to the next one so if at all possible, don't miss one of them. A weekend like this could potentially shift things in our lives so much that we would never be the same. I hear the Lord calling us to come. Come and let us go to the mountian of the Lord and let Him teach us His ways. We are in such a new season and we have never been this way before. Just a few years ago, it might not have been possible to gather our honored guests in the same room at the same time yet noe because of the grace of God we can all join together no matter what our skin color, gender, age, financial status, religion or creed and honor God, Creator, Yahweh, Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka and the I Am that I Am. I truly believe that if we come ready both to give and receive, we will never be the same. There will be lots of worship, intercession, rejoicing, dancing, prophetic ministry and times for prayer and healing rooms. 

Karen Dunham will be our special guest speaker. She has a ministry in Jerusalem not only to Israel but to the Palestinians. She has be stolen from, pushed down, had her arm broken, receive healing the next day, been threatened and gased by extremists yet her praise to Yahewh continues. 

Every meal on Saturday will be provided for you so that there will be no distractions.  It is our desire that you can fully receive all the God has for you and be transformed by His love and grace. We have been praying for you for weeks and I know that God has something special for you.

The first session begins Friday Night at 7:00 pm, where I will be preaching about the Bride's Price. Saturday morning at 9:30 am, we will hear stories from those that have suffered much and have forgiven much. Their stories will give you a new prospective on the heart of God. In the afternoon session at 1:00 pm, we will experience the King's Request honoring ceremony. You better bring your Kleenex because healing waters will be flowing everywhere! That night at 6:30 Karen Dunham will close the weekend out with her amazing story straight from the city of the Great King!

I cannot stress and encourage you how important this is to the Kingdom of God in this hour and to your freedom. Only heavens know what will be released but it will be life altering. 

All of our rooms at the Father's House and the ER are full but Super 8 has won a few awards this past year and is giving a great rate. There is also the Hampton Inn, Quality Inn, Holiday Inn Express, LaQuinta Inn and Fairfield Inn all in Peru. If you cannot afford a hotel you are welcome to bring a sleeping bag and sleep in the church. 

I look forward to seeing in and watching God bring everlasting change to you and your family. 

Stoking the Fire on the Altar,

Apostle Lisa



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