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Just a thought by Van Tanner


The Mystery Revealed 

Christ in Us

When we are "saved" then we are given a measure of Faith and the Holy Spirit takes up residence. Yet the next part is very important: we must choose to seek to know Him. Having the Spirit means the voice of God is in our life to guide and direct us, but if we ignore Him then all maturing stops. So I asked the Lord how does the maturing process work? This is what the Lord shared with me.

Having received of the Spirit we are now able to seek more of the Spirit. And having more we will then be able to hear the voice of the Spirit and thus have Spiritual ears. Having Spiritual ears to hear then enables us to grow in faith.

Therefore, increased faith will give us the strength to stand in the fires of tribulation without running or fainting. Standing in the fire produces fellowship with God, and this fellowship with God will bring forth humility. This type of humility causes us to be poured out (die to self), and God will not allow a void in our life, which means we are increased or transformed in Godliness. It is in this transforming process that we grow into all the fullness of God. Take a look at Ephesians 3:16 to the end of chapter to hear this process in the words of Paul. Also look at Philippians 3:10-11 and the pieces will fall into place for what God is saying. 

This is not meant to be a formula, as I believe formulas are just a recipe for failure, but it is a wonderful way to encourage others who want to go all the way with God.


Teachings from the The Seven Thunders of God. The mystery of God revealed.  


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Growing in Christ is by design, it only happens if we pursue it. The way to grow is an open path that we can choose to walk in or not. Tonight we discuss staying on the path by defining the path Christ laid before us.  

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