Greetings from Joel and Kathy Davisson
"The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!"

Do you need a Miracle in your Marriage?
LAST CALL for the Five Day Weekend Marriage Intensive April 22-26, 2015 
Call to Register now! 386-206-3128
April 22-26, 2015 in Beautiful Palm Coast, Florida
Your Miracle Destination!

Our Weekend Marriage Intensives first began in January of 2007.
That is over 8 years of Marriage Intensives!
In these 8 years, hundreds of couples have come from all over the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK
South Korea and a number of Islands. 

Who comes to 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensives?
Couples who need a MIRACLE!
Couples who need GOD to show up in THEIR home!

Many couples get a miracle by reading our books!
"The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!"
"Volume 2: Livin' it and Lovin' it!"
We just received a call from Pastor Peter.
We are going to be doing a seminar in PORTLAND, Oregon in October of 2015.
Pastor Peter has read the books 3 times!

Some couples get their miracle by watching the 12 Hour DVD set!

Some couples need the 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive!

We can't fail to mention that there are follow up marriage mentoring phone calls five nights each week!

Ed and Tammy came without even reading the books! 
They visited their pastor in a crisis. Dr. Lee called us and asked if we had space in the Intensive that 
was beginning the VERY NEXT DAY!   Yes, we had space! And Ed and Tammy came!
And they GOT IT!!!!!   A miracle in a moment of time. A twinkling of the eye!
Ed and Tammy sometimes conduct our Marriage Mentoring Phone calls.
They are a living testimony of fruit that grew QUICKLY and REMAINS!

Brian and Charlotte knew about the 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensives for years. They read the books.
Brian did not want to come to Florida. 
Finally, the marriage came to a CRISIS point. 
Charlotte said that they would live as if they were not married.
Brian realized that life was over as he had known it - and he finally said "yes" to an Intensive!
Brian and Charlotte got their MIRACLE!  
They started slow - but Fruit that remains?
Yes! Brian and Charlotte have now been conducting marriage mentoring calls
on Sunday nights for a couple years.

John and Susan came to their 5 Day Weekend Marriage Intensive many years ago.
Six years? Seven? John and Susan have been
conducting marriage mentoring calls with us for five years? Six years?
I don't even remember..
John and Susan are, fruit that remains!

We have a book filled with over 500 testimonies from couples who have been to "their" weekend. 
These couples were struggling with every problem that any marriage could possibly have.
And there has been miracle after miracle after miracle.

Why are the 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensives so powerful and effective? 
We don't have an answer to that.
Maybe it is 26 hours of POWERFUL teaching.
Maybe it is the transparency of remarkable life issues that we share from our life
and the lives of others we have helped.
Maybe it is experiencing "Joel and Kathy" - how we interact.
Maybe it is the anointing. Maybe it is just that God shows up!

What about YOU?
Are YOU going to show up!
If you don't show up, you can't get your miracle!

Maybe God will be waiting here to help you get your miracle,
to get the answer to the prayers that you have been praying. 
If He is waiting here for you, will you be here?
We wouldn't be so bold if we did not confidently believe that 
a miracle is waiting here for you. 

How much is a 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive?
It is less expensive than 3 days at Disney to mask your pain.
It is less expensive than a cruise that ends up being a most miserable week because
your marriage just does not "have it" and you are tired of "trying"
It is not much.
It is transportation to Palm Coast, Florida.
It is $375 for the Hotel.
It is $790 for the Intensive.
It is a little bit of food.. the hotel feeds you breakfast free
and Saturday night is on us. Eat as frugally as you want the other times.
If you fly, it is a low cost rental car.
How much does a 5-Day Weekend Marriage Intensive cost?
Not much.
How much does a miserable marriage cost? Everything.
There is no price that is worth the misery you have been living.

Hundreds of couples have come to Palm Coast Florida to experience THIS.

How about you?
What about you?
Will you be here?
We look forward to meeting you!
To register, go to

Put the two books in the cart, then continue shopping to put the deposit in 
the shopping cart. The deposit is only $395. The second $395 is paid when you get here.
Or call us to talk it over and register. 386-206-3128
Do it for yourself. 
Do it for your spouse.
Do it for your children.
Do it for your grandchildren.
Whatever YOUR reason in, just do it!
Let's see YOU get YOUR miracle!


Speaking of getting MARRIED! Our son Chris and his fiance, Jennifer Jane Lehman, are getting married!

On May 23, 2015, in Fayetteville, Georgia. If you have been part of our ministry by attending an Intensive
or have been in touch with us over the years, and if you would like to attend, please call Kathy and let her know!  386-334-7873.


We simply had to repeat this. How beautiful when Christy put her 1st Place Medal in a picture

on Facebook with the poem, dedicating the medal to Shekinah. So we repeat this from a recent newsletter:  

When our 13 year old Shekinah Glory went to be with the Lord in September of 2008, one of our very close friends of many years walked with us. Well, many friends walked with us through it. The author of this poem is that friend who we first mentioned. We married she and her husband many years ago, 1995, if I recall the year correct. 

Eight months after Shekinah went to heaven, our friend had a vivid and beautiful dream of heaven, Shekinah and the Lord. She wrote this poem about her visit to heaven and seeing Shekinah. The poem just won first place in the Western Mountains Reading Council Poem/Essay contest. Over six years later, Shekinah's life is still reaching, still touching. We believe that our friend's writing will win first place in your heart! Our friend didn't want additional recognition at this time, so we will just call her Christy.


Once You Left

Who around felt the grief emanating from within me, it saturated and seeped out to the point that it lingered on, on and on. 

One thing known; it felt like an eternity. 

In the eighth month I saw you again.  The eighth month I was renewed.  It was the eighth month of the dream, the vision and the return of joy. 

 Awakened from a deep slumber;

The lingering question captivated every thought. No answers were found.  I left.  I left and ascended high to find you sitting next to Him. 

No longer asleep but alive.  Alive.  Aware.  Not a vision, not a dream? Reality.

A voice spoke “Stay?”  Clearly, clearly in that moment, more clearly than my own voice the reply came. You spoke. You spoke with certainty.

You chose to stay, and it was then that I was awakened again but to the choice of eternity.

It was more powerful than a choice given by an earthly vessel.

I watched you dance.  Sing. Then wave, wave goodbye one last time.

I left.  I left to return even though the sight was persuading. 

The sight was peaceful.  The sight was a dream.  The dream was real. 




You can read about Shekinah's passing in the front of both of our books, in the most recent additions. Find the books at the top of the shopping list at The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!  

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We appreciate you and send our love to you!

Joel and Kathy Davisson
244 Pine Grove Drive
Palm Coast, Florida 32164



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