Robin Shipman: God Delivered Me from Homosexuality

God started to reveal Himself to me in 1998. During that time I was actively living a homosexual lifestyle.The change started to happen for me when I went to Deliverance Christian Church in Canton, Ohio. The Word of God began to pierce my heart and triggered a longing to know more about Jesus. I began attending Bible study and afternoon services regularly. One day while I was praying, the fear of the Lord fell upon me, and all my hidden secrets were painfully revealed. I cried out to God realizing that my life was empty and that I wanted to be free from Homosexuality. I had spent many years looking for love from people and turning my back on the one true source of love which is God, but when the Holy Spirit began tugging at my heart, I began to pray faithfully and desperately for God to deliver me from Homosexuality.

I boldly began to seek Jesus—simply as I was—with a pure heart longing to be free. I was very unhappy with the lifestyle I had led with both men and women. These relationships satisfied my flesh for the moment, but spiritually and emotionally, I was dying inside. I felt very empty and alone because the void within me was not being filled.

I walked away from Homosexuality and started clinging to Jesus. I knew that He was the only one who could deliver me from the heavy bondage that I was trapped in. Every night I was down on my knees crying out to God. My prayer was “Lord, please help me! I want to be saved.” Suddenly scriptures began flashing across my mind, along with the words deceiving spirits. God began to show me that the lifestyle I was living was a deception, although I had accepted it as a part of my life.
During my lowest point, God revealed His unfailing love by showing me that he loved me and had a greater plan for my life. My personal relationship with God grew and so did my faith after being in homosexuality for over ten years I was now walking in deliverance and living my life for God. God began to train me on the bondage of Homosexuality and put a desire in my heart to share my struggles and defeats with others to help them gain understanding on who they are in Christ, the different stages of deliverance they will go through, the power of the word of God and to bring awareness to the churches on how to handle people who are struggling with homosexuality in their churches.


FRIDAY MAY 1 at 7:00 pm Session 1

SATURDAY MAY 2 at 1:00 pm Session 2


Are people really born gay?
What is God's stand on homosexuality?
Does God love the homosexual and accept the lifestyle?
Come and learn the answers to these questions!
Ramada Plaza Hotel
28600 Ridgehills Drive
Wickliffe, OH 44092
Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship
Pastor Melinda Bauman
Church Website:
Are you or do you know someone who's struggling with homosexuality? Are you tired of reading testimonial books that don't provide you enough information to help you overcome your struggles? Would you love to read a book that caters to your situation and provided Biblical solutions to help you? Are you tired of feeling defeated by homosexuality and want to walk in victory? If so this book is a must!




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