-by Andrew Strom.

For many years we have been warning of a coming economic crash in America.
And since 2006 we have been warning specifically of the HOUSING crisis - and
the recession and depression that would follow. You will notice that
everything we have been predicting is now coming true. In fact, a number of
the most respected economists now state that the USA is already in Recession
- beginning in December 2007. Sadly it is going to get much much worse.

I remember one place that I preached in 2006, predicting that there would be
a housing crash followed by an economic depression. There was a man smirking
and laughing down the back of the room. I guess that smirk may be missing

I want to get into "How to Survive" the coming Depression in a moment, but
firstly I need to paint a picture of some of what is ahead. My strong belief
is that, particularly in America, this crisis is going to be WORSE than the
And it is going to last for YEARS. Other developed nations such as England,
Ireland, Spain, Canada, Germany and even Australasia - are going to be very
hard-hit also. China, India and much of Asia will be pounded at first, but I
believe will recover faster. All of this is already underway.

How bad is it going to get? I believe that Christians in America need to
face the fact that they are about to live through one of the WORST 5 - 7
year periods that this country has ever seen.
-By far. And they need to be preparing NOW. We have not even seen the
beginning of the worst of this crisis yet.

I know that there are people on this List who have heavy mortgages - who did
not listen to me months ago when I started warning about the Housing crisis.
Sadly some of these people are already staring down the barrel of losing
everything they own.
In fact, millions of American Christians are about to become utterly
destitute. A lot of "innocent" and not-so-innocent people are going to get
caught out by this. And many ministries that rely on "big money" are going
to get crushed.

At the end of the day, this entire thing is a judgment on the great idol of
Mammon in this country. God is going to bring that idol down. He is going to
smash it to pieces, and separate His true gospel from that of the Mammonites
in the church. And woe unto those who get caught under that avalanche when
it falls.

Sadly, many poor and underprivileged people in this country are already
being affected. We need to have a heart of compassion and be reaching out to
these ones as things grow worse.

(By the way, speaking of avalanches, you may remember my warnings about
"Derivatives" and the need to watch the "Insurers"
of the markets. Already these areas are extremely shaky, and the danger of
an "economic tsunami" is high).


There is only one type of Christian that I believe will survive - and maybe
even thrive - during the coming Depression - and that is the Christian who
is ministering actively to the POOR. It does not matter how much gold or US
T-bills you store up. It is only "heavenly treasure" that will do. Do not
expect to do well if you only selfishly consider yourself and your own
family. Those who are ministering to the poor and needy I believe have a
chance to literally THRIVE in this situation, while those who "hoard to
themselves" can expect God's great displeasure. He is simply not going to
put up with it any more.

The other thing that will make all the difference is a strong linking of
arms with several others of LIKE MIND. This too is very important.
If you are part of a home group, then this may be fairly easy to do.
Talk to them about it. Come together in a strong bond of unity between, say,
4 families or individuals. But watch carefully how you choose. These
relationships need to be able to survive a prolonged crisis. You may end up
LIVING with these people (-very likely). And they need to be a good fit
ministry-wise also.

These two things - (1) Linking arms with a small close-knit group of
Christian believers, and (2) Ministering actively amongst the poor and needy
- these two things will make all the difference.
And we need to start doing this NOW. Don't wait until the crisis suddenly
worsens. That may be too late. Start a "free meal" in your town. Do
something! The hour is late.

I believe this is an opportunity for the true Church to come forth and
display the Glory of Jesus in this nation - like a beacon set upon a hill.
This crisis could be the Church's finest hour - if only we will heed His
call. Let the true Church be the one to shine - not the Red Cross, not FEMA.
May God's true remnant come forth in this hour to display His compassion and
glory to all the earth. It could be the making of the American church - it
really could.

Everything I am telling you in this email is so critical, I literally do not
know how to stress it enough - it is that vital. There are going to be
people who ignore what I am saying here who will literally regret it for the
rest of their lives. No joke. You can mark it down.

Some ignored my warnings about the Housing market to their great cost.
Others are going to ignore the two things that I am stressing most strongly
here - (1) Banding together in small close-knit groups, and (2) Ministering
to the poor. And it is going to cost them almost everything.

But this is all I can do - cry aloud and hope that some will listen.

Please pass this on to other Christians who hope to survive the coming
crisis, my friends.

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God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.

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