Christlikeness Introduction
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The Church and the Harvest
Today, perhaps more than at any other time in history, nations stand at a crossroads. In the midst of terror attacks, blatant rebellion and worldwide conflicts, is there yet one more "great awakening" in God's heart that will sweep multitudes into His kingdom? Or is the future irreversibly clocked, ever ticking toward catastrophic conflicts and doom? I, for one, am convinced that the Lord's heart burns for the nations. I believe that a great harvest season awaits us.

It is easy to see sin and predict doom. Yet the very fact that God gives us the privilege of prayer tells us He desires we participate with Him in the transformation of our world. Indeed, even when a nation seems fully in the grip of evil, the heart of God is searching for one who would "stand in the gap before [Him] for the land." God's heart is to redeem, "not destroy" (Ezek. 22:30).

What a tremendous insight into the nature of God, that if just one person embraces Christlike transformation -- if he or she stands in the gap in unoffendable intercession -- that individual can alter the future of a nation! Before you think I am exaggerating, both the Bible and secular history tell us this is exactly the case. Singular individuals have stood for their families, churches, cities and nations, and throughout time God has used them to alter the course of history (Heb. 11; Eccl. 9:15).

The key to unlocking this great power from God is to live life with one compelling goal: to obtain the likeness of Christ. Everything about our ICIT course is designed to focus our faith upon Jesus Christ. The priorities we present, if properly assimilated, will empower each of us to possess true spiritual transformation.

Our vision at In Christ's Image Training is to train and release hundreds of thousands of Christlike pastors, leaders and intercessors into countries throughout the world. We are entering the season of our greatest transformation; it is accelerating toward us. God wants to use us to reach our families, neighbors and beyond. But first He must renew and transform our hearts. Do not doubt that the Spirit of God can do a deep and thorough work in you. At the end of the age, the Lord has promised His work of raising up people and reaching the nations will be accomplished "thoroughly and quickly" (Rom. 9:28). Take faith! He assures us He will "hasten" our transformation "in its time" (Isa. 60:22).

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The ICIT Basic Training Manuals offered below, focus on the vision of attaining Christlikeness with added tracks on humility, redemptive intercession and commitment to unity in the body of Christ. The student who successfully completes this Level I training will receive much more than just theological knowledge; it is our prayer the disciple will receive transformational revelation of the nature and life of Jesus Christ.

Upon completion of all four Basic Training manuals and CDs, individuals or groups can receive a certificate of completion and enroll in ICIT by submitting a $72.00 USD entrance fee.

Basic Training - 1 set of manuals with 24 CD series
Set of Manuals and CDs $142.80
(Retail $168.00)

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Basic Training Manuals - 1 set of 4 manuals

Set of Manuals $42.00
(Retail $48.00)
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Manual - $10.80
(Retail $12.00)



Manual - $10.80
(Retail $12.00)



Manual - $10.80
(Retail $12.00)



Manual - $10.80
(Retail $12.00)

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CDs - $108.00
(Retail $120.00)

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The full ICIT course is also available online

In Christ's Image Training is a six-month, online course developed by Pastor Frangipane. It is based on 45 years of seeking God, study and revelatory insights. These are proven truths that break chains and lead to power in our Christian walk. Includes tests and credentialing.

ICIT provides focused training in four essential stages of spiritual development:

The vision of attaining Christ's likeness,
Possessing Christ's humility,
Developing a strong prayer life
and becoming one with other Christ believers.

The course comes right to your home via email and audio messages and is designed to lift one's focus toward the actual presence of Jesus Christ. The complete course not only includes 44 lessons and 39 audio messages, but the discerning student will actually find the Lord using the weekly lessons to stage opportunities to deepen the truths found in the training.

No one refused for lack of tuition. Entire text, 48 separate messages, available for free.

Visit and read through the Level I page, FAQ page,
Level I Syllabus page, and Tuition page.

Accepting registrations for the January online class
through December 31, 2015.

Online training also available in Spanish / Español


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