A Breakout at Heritage

An extraordinary move of God has broken out at our facilities at Heritage. We have experienced many great visitations of God in the past, but in some ways this one is more powerful and seems to be more enduring than anything we have known before.

This breakout began when something like a whirlwind came into the Bible class of our K-12 school. Hearing the noise, students came running from other classes. Then students from our School of Ministry and our staff joined in. Hours later, when parents came to pick up their children, they ended up on the floor, with nearly two hundred people remaining until after 1:00 a.m.

The next night the number more than doubled, and the following night it doubled again. We had purposefully not promoted this, simply because we did not know how long it would last, but news of it is beginning to draw people from all over, and it does seem that what is happening will continue and even increase in intensity. Significant miracles and genuine deliverances are taking place. People are being radically impacted and changed. Some of our students who were of the most concern to us are leaders of the breakout. Their fellow students, teachers, and parents are in awe at the transformations, knowing that years of preaching and teaching did not accomplish what seems to have been done with one touch from God.

Though people of all ages are being touched, this breakout began with high school students, and the youth seem to have the primary anointing. We have therefore resolved to give oversight and direction as needed, but let the youth lead. When they do, the Holy Spirit seems to come in waves which have been so strong that even our leadership team has been gripped by fear at times. People who have been in some of the most powerful recent revivals have all said this is as strong or stronger than anything they have ever experienced.

We are not calling this a revival yet, and we do not know how long it will last. For over fifty years it has been prophesied that a revival will come to Charlotte that will touch the ends of the earth. Over the last twelve years we have experienced what we believe to be a pattern of spiritual birth pangs or contractions that will eventually give birth to a major revival. As we get closer to a birth, the more intense and frequent the contractions become, and what we have experienced has followed that pattern. If what we are experiencing now is not the beginning of the expected revival, then it is the most intense spiritual contraction we have yet had by far and certainly indicates that the revival itself is very close. If this turns out to be just a contraction, the revival is obviously going to be something far beyond our previous expectations.

At the very least, we are experiencing a significant breakthrough, and we intend to continue with nightly meetings for as long as the Spirit is moving. We will be giving regular updates as Special Bulletins on our website. If you are planning to come, we suggest you come early because the facilities are starting to fill up. To reserve rooms at Heritage, just call 800-542-0278.   

Rick Joyner
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