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A ASwitching Gears!
A key to a HAPPY, HAPPY Life! - and to a HAPPY MARRIAGE too! 

Switching Gears: By Kathy Davisson

In life and marriage we all have to learn how to "switch gears." 

Recently, Joel and I were in Paris, France when the war broke out.

We actually arrived the day of the attacks! 

Not only was this an opportunity for us to "switch gears" - but there is a lot more to the story!

The day before we left, Veterans Day, we realized that our passports had expired. We were really bummed at the thought of possibly not being able to go.

We had always wanted to go to Paris;  our son, Josiah had made all of the arrangements - and suddenly, we realize that we may not get to go!

 But, ok. I had "switched gears" in my thinking to accommodate life. 

Well, as it turned out, while I was running my women's call and teaching on "switching Gears" Joel says to me "Kathy, do you think we could be ready to go in one hour?"

What? Yes, Joel explained that if we get to Jacksonville, catch a Southwest Flight to Boston 18 hours earlier than planned - and arrive at the Passport building early in the morning.. then we can be praying that we have favor to get our Passports renewed that same day!

 I said to the ladies on my call, "Ladies, it's time for me to "switch gears." And In one hour, we were out the door to Jacksonville to catch that flight to Boston a day early!

The more efficient we are at "switching gears" in life the smoother life will be. 

Recently, I was driving our stick shift car and was struggling with getting it to run smoothly. Then one day I was wearing a pair of platform shoes and realized I was able to push the clutch all the way to the floor! Suddenly,  switching gears was easier and the car ran smoother. It began to dawn on me, that the more efficiently that I learned to switch gears, the easier the car would run. 

The same with Life. 

Our Passports were expired, We needed to switch nears in our thinking.

Then we had to switch gears that there was a possibility we would not be going to Paris. Then switch gears again that we were MAYBE going - or we might just go to Boston, get disappointed and head back home!

It all worked out in MIRACLE PROPORTIONS - we got our passports renewed the same day! 

So we switched gears! We were on our way to Paris.. so excited! - and then we get there. get settled in, go out to a restaurant - and "Bam", the attacks happened!

 Switched gears again. How were we going to handle the days to come? Were we going to try to leave or stay? Could we even leave? The Boarders were closed. Joel was like "everything is fine.. we are going to have a good time, regardless."

When we lost our Shekinah 7 years ago, 2e had to Switched gears. Our little girl was here and now she's not. (at least in person.) She is in heaven and we are seated with Jesus in heavenly places. So she is here... but you get the point.. we had to shift gears.. in a big way. That was and is HUGE.

Life is going to happen and we need to become proficient in switching gears mentally, emotionally and physically if need be. Easy? Not always, but necessary. Necessary to live life and be all that God has for us to become. 

Recently, friends of ours, Sue and Eric,  lost their son. They have been having  to learn to switch gears. "Ok, this is how life was going to be and now, this is how life is."   They have no choice but to switch gears in their thinking, hearts and life. 

The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust. Successful people learn to adjust or switch gears when it rains. 

You, like me, want to be a person that handles life on a day to day basis.

We want to be depending on our father to walk us through this journey,
called life.

We all can do it. Not one of us are incapable. We are all more than capable. 

The bible says "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us." 

Like right now.

I need to stop typing and finish my house for Christmas.

I can accomplish it!

Blessing to all of you this Christmas. 

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