Super Tuesday:  Whom will we choose?


That we would lay our lives down...

America, at a "Tipping Point"

"Tip it over!"

"Choose you this day whom you will serve"  Joshua 24:15

Today is "Super Tuesday!"  It is also the day before the SCOTUS hearings on the Texas abortion issue.  A "valley" of decision lies before us.  What will we choose?  What is it we are supposed to choose, and what do we have to choose from?  In this momentous week of "Super Tuesday," and the SCOTUS hearing on the Texas abortion issue, we are certainly in the valley of decision. Yes, who we choose from the candidates running are a reflection of our hearts and values, but is there another message coming through?  
     Yesterday, the "Medal of Honor," the highest US military decoration awarded by Congress to a member of the armed forces for gallantry and bravery in combat, at the risk of life and above and beyond the call of duty, was awarded to Navy SEAL, Edward Byer for extraordinary action in saving an American hostage taken by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2012.  Byers' actions of running straight into fire behind a fallen comrade, shooting, finding the hostage, an American doctor, throwing himself on top of him, saved the life of the hostage and many of his team mates.  As he received a Medal of Honor for his extraordinary bravery, Byers will likely step down from the podium, and slip into the crowd in relative and desired obscurity.  The details of the operation will not be known, nor will he seek the accolades of men.  A deeper reward of knowing his service in 11 deployments saved the life of another and many others will be enough. 
      What is the message behind this, there is a lesson in the valor and the training of navy SEALS that is indisputable and well worth a look at in our own lives as Christians.  In the training of new recruits, one of the passages they must go through is "hell" week.  It is one of the most vigorous weeks of military training on earth.  It is a week of action, physical and mental strain...5 days on 3 hours sleep known.  Passing through this week opens the door to a whole new level of acceptance, respect, and commitment to continued SEAL training.  It is a pass or fail test.  Those not fully committed drop out.  Any loner quickly finds he cannot make it.  One of the last "evolutions" is a night journey into the ocean and bay, rowing boats in and out of the area in the middle of the night.  This is exhausting work in and of itself, but on 3 hours of sleep after 5 days, unbelievably difficult.  The men are frequently in hallucinations at this point.  The instructors are in boats watching.  Unbeknown to the SEALS in training, the instructors pay particular attention to the "front" running boat.  The boat that seems to be doing well.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, they will command them "Tip it over!"  Why?  Why would they command the crew and boat who is doing well, out in front, to tip it over, take a dunk in the freezing cold water and go through the rigors of righting it and crawling back in.  The answer is, if they see any pride, the command will be given to "tip it over."  Pride in being in front destroys the team.  Team is everything.  Byers knows that and also knows the power of the team and how it has saved his life and the lives of others even in the darkest and most difficult of battles. 
       Today, the grip of the dicotomy in the headlines is gripping. America, there is a heavier weight and balance being weighed.  It goes beyond the challenges of the Supreme Court, the elections.  It goes to the core of our nation.  What are we choosing?  Will our pride cause us to choose the "easy things,"  the things that "tickle" our ears, make us try to push ourselves forward, our opinions, our knowledge, even our good things, our ministries above and beyond others?  Overtake others through actions and opinions that are "seeing only in part?"  A stronger question today is, who have we served?  Who have we helped to reach their goal, assisted and encouraged in the Lord? 
      Some thoughts in closing:  Today, take a moment and ask God to reveal any hidden secret place where the enemy would like to ensnare and hold us in bondage to pride.  Today let us choose life over strongholds of darkness that easily entangle us:
  • Lord I choose to stop seeking justification in places where I have been unjustly judged or accused
  • Lord I choose to bless those who have cursed or presumptively misunderstood me
  • Lord I choose to release those who have unjustly disqualified me and even disqualifed me in front of others
  • Lord I choose to forgive those who have hurt me
  • Lord I choose to reconcile today with the brothers/sisters who have been hard for me to accept and love
  • Lord I choose to seek you and your ordinances over actions and choices driven by the fear of man
  • Lord I choose today to lay my own ministry down to see how it could build another's up
  • Lord I choose today to believe in your Word above my circumstances
  • Lord I choose today to love those who are unlovable
  • Lord choose today to commit my actions and activities to you
  • Lord I choose today to replace my thoughts with your thoughts
  • Lord I choose today to love others more than my own opinion and personal frustrations and willingly allow that love to drive my actions
  • Lord today I choose all that I am, I do, and think. 
      There is necessary leadership, necessary vision, necessary purpose, but how we go forward is everything.  Leadership is influence...period.  Vision is purpose...period.  Team is everything.  May the boats out front be mindful and careful.  May those struggling behind be encouraged through the actions of others.  America...we are in a valley of decision.  What is behind our decisions, and driving our boats has everything to do with the outcome.   May our boats not be called to "tip over" but willing to build the ramparts and see the team advance.

Seeking to choose life...and not always the easy way,
Sue Rowe
"For thus says the High and Lofty One who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy:
"I dwell in thei high and holy place, with him who has a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble,
and to revive the heart of the contrite ones."   Is 57:15





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