Prophetic Word spoken by Pastor Melinda Bauman on June 2, 2013

Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship 
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God is Cleaning Up the Church in America
And God says, this will happen as my people continue to pray and seek me and believe that I can cause change. The Lord says, change needs to happen in America on many levels. Before change happens in the White House, it must happen in the church house.

And the Lord is speaking to the church this morning in America. The Lord is saying to the church, why have you fallen away from me? Why have you fallen away from my word and compromised and allowed immorality and sin in their church doors in the church. Why have you allowed clergy that are not living in holiness and righteousness? Why have you allowed sin, immorality, corruption in the church, says the Lord? Why have you allowed this? The Lord says, even those churches that are apostate and reprobate, those who have lost their light and salt, those who have compromised and gone the way of the world. Those who have not stood for the word of God, but now do not even preach or believe the word of God. Those churches will be removed. Those churches will be closed. Even churches that you see today, says the Lord, that a big churches, mega churches, all over this nation, but they're not preaching my gospel, says God. They're preaching another Jesus. They're preaching another gospel. They're preaching another doctrine.

The Lord says, those churches and those pastors that you admire so much, that you look up to as some great example of godliness and success because they have a big church, watch and see, says the Lord, what will happen, because they are not living and obeying me, says God. They've built their own empire and kingdom. And the Lord says that, unless I build the house, they labor in vain that build it.

And so the Lord is saying, watch and see, my people. Those churches that you esteem and look up to so highly and the pastors who tickle ears and please people and tell them what they want to hear. Watch and see what I will do, because judgment begins in the house of God, says the Lord. And just as I will search and seek out and remove what is ungodly in the government, the Lord says, I will do the same in the church. The Lord says that I will restore order in my church, because the church is my bride. And I must have a bride that is pure and spotless and without blemish. And much of the things that are going on in the church world are not of me, says the Lord, so I must go in and correct. I must go in and make changes and reform the church, says God. These churches who have fallen away from me must be corrected, or they will be shut down, says God, because I must protect my people. The Lord says, I must protect my sheep. The Lord says, I will remove false shepherds. I will remove those who are not feeding my flock. I will remove the ravenous wolves, the false teachers, those who are preaching for material gain—those who are not obeying me, says the Lord—those who do not hear my voice. And I don't even know them, says God. Those who are out there for selfish reasons and not to serve me, says the Lord. Because the Lord says, I am a judge and a discerner of the heart, and I see what is in the heart of man. Just as I knew that David was a man after my own heart, and Saul was not, the Lord says. I can discern that with people. So the Lord says, I will search and I will seek. And some will be corrected, and some will receive it and be restored. Others will not and must be replaced, says God. Because my church must be restored. My church, my bride, that must be pure and spotless and prepared for my coming. A pure church. A church undefiled, uncorrected by the real. And so the Lord is bringing correction. The Lord is bringing reformation. The Lord is bringing an awakening to this nation. And it shall impact the world. And the world is impacting America, and America is impacting the world. And revival is going forth all over the world. Nations are receiving the fire of revival. And that fire will return to America once again, back and forth. Let the fires spread. I thank you for it, Lord God.

I thank you for resurrecting that which is dead—that seems to be dead in America. Some people are bold enough to say that Christianity is dead in this nation. The Lord says, I am the Lord your God, and I can raise the dead. I can speak light into the darkness. I can cause rivers to flow in a desert in a dry place. And so even if people say that God is dead, or the church is dead, or that Christianity is dead in America, the Lord says, get ready. Thank you, Lord. The Lord says, get ready, because I'm about to do a new thing. You're about to see a river, water, spring forth in a desert. You're about to see the dead come back to life. You're about to see new life. Where there was nothing but great darkness, you're about to see a light shine forth. And the Lord is encouraging his people, his faithful servants to encourage you and to encourage and exhort you to continue to pray and believe and see the glory of the Lord released. Because it's through his faithful servants that revival will break forth.

And so we stir that up—the true church. The one true church, today, in this nation, that has not compromised, that has not fallen away and allowed sin and immorality in their churches. They have stood strong. They have stood fast. They have been faithful and true. Those are the people that God will use to restore revival unto this great nation in America.

From the East Coast to the West Coast even to California, where an element has stood up and has stood strong in the church. We speak to the church out there in California. Continue to stand strong. Continue to go forward. Because the Lord says, you see, Azuza Street was birthed in California in Los Angeles. And that is a well. That is a spiritual well of revival. Even California. Even the birthplace of Azuza Street—the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the 1900s—in the early 1900s when the people began speaking in tongues and the Pentecostal movement broke forth. From Azuza Street from California. The Lord says I am revisiting California again in spite of the—just like the East Coast—in spite of the sin and the immorality. There are things that go on in California. The Lord says, I can restore. I can change things around. I can renew, I can refresh, I can pour out my Holy Spirit again, says the Lord. And so we speak that forth.

We speak that over California. Just as the East Coast, we speak revival, restoration, all over this nation, from the East Coast to the West Coast to the Midwest to the South. All over America, we speak it forth. We speak restoration of corrupt governments and those who are in public positions that the ungodly the criminals and the thieves will be rooted out and replaced with God-fearing men and women. I hear the Lord say, even the next election, the next presidential election. You see things will get to a bad spot in this nation, but then there is going to be a turn-around, says the Lord. The Lord says, you will see a turn-around in America because a low point will be reached, and then people will get fed up. And they will say we don't want this type of ungodliness and immorality in our nation, because they will see that it is causing harm and much hurt. And the people will rise up and say, we want something better. We want to return back to the Lord our God.

Melinda Bauman was filled with the Holy Spirit in a Pentecostal church in 1990. At that time she felt the call of God on her life. In 2003 she began holding weekly Bible studies out of a coffeehouse in Euclid, then in Wickliffe. In 2005 she obtained a Pentecostal minister's license, and began holding monthly revival church services. The purpose of the services was to demonstrate the spiritual gifts and power of God to the church. Different speakers who operated in the prophetic, healing and deliverance ministered at these services.

Melinda began to pray about obtaining a building and starting a church, which would be called "Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship". God provided a building in Eastlake, and the first church service was held in April 2007. The goal of the church is to fulfill the Great Commission (Mark 16:15) by spreading the Gospel message of salvation, healing and deliverance through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ



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