February/March 2016 Newsletter


Hi Friends, Many blessings to you as we are now well underway into 2016. It has been a time of expectation for me as the Spirit of the Lord has been stirring up my spirit on thoughts of revival. I have begun to pray into it and preach about revival this year with a renewed expectancy. I am also encouraged to hear about a number of prayer movements, like Lionheart Ministries in Knoxville Tennessee who are praying into the "Hub of 8" revival. In addition, two significant prayer events are coming up in April. The United Cry DC16, a gathering of thousands to pray for revival at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. and "The Call" gathering on the same date in California. These and other gatherings are sure to catch the ear of the Lord to move upon our nation. Recent moves in the Middle East by Russia and Western alliances seek to bring together the Islamic factions and return portions of Turkey back to Greece. I cannot help but see the possibility of a revival of the seven churches of Revelation literally and spiritually as Putin is set on returning that area to Christianity. This would be an end time revival right out of the pages of scripture that would affect the entire world. In other news, we are working on our website to bring to you a weekly message on Vimeo and set up our bookstore to now include mp3 downloads and other news things. Until then remember Isaiah 44:3. "For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground; I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, and my blessing on your offspring"

Blessings, Randy



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