Temple of Baal, Palmyra, Syria before destruction by Isis
Go through the gates...build up the wall!
"The one who breaks open will come up before them; they will break out, pass through the gate, and go out by it; their king will pass before them, with the Lord at their head."  Micah 2:13
On April 19th, a reconstruction of the archway to the Temple of Ba'al will be erected in Times Square, NYC; and Leicester Square, London  Click here for more information.  The display will replicate the ancient ruins that were destroyed in Palmyra, Syria, by ISIS in August, 2015.  What does this mean?  In the prayer room this morning, I had a vision and word:
Vision:  There was an image of an archway, very hard to see in the darkness, but suddenly a very small stream of light, like a laser beam, came up from the ground in the middle of the archway.  The light did not dispell the darkness, it was extremely defined and confined...targeted.  When it reached the center of the archway, the archway cracked and opened.  As it did so a burst of light came through dispelling the darkness.
“Go through, go through the gate!  Do not hold back, for I am with you!  There are certain seasons and times when My purpose will be made manifest in the earth. Now is one of those times!  Oh, you who have felt lost and forgotten, do not hold back for I have hidden you for such a time as this.  The time of revealing has come.  The invite has been sent.  Gates are opening for My will and express purpose to be heard, and understood.  You will not have to force, as the door is open.  The door I open no man can shut, for as you have been diligent in seeking Me, you will find Me often in ways you have not known.  Watch and see.  Walk in the ways I show you for I will go before you to remove the obstacles out of the way.  Trust in Me.  Feed on My faithfulness and watch the gates open.  Pick up the mantles of old and take them with you.  Wear them.  Watch the dust fall off the mantles as new strength arises within you.   Muscles within you will stretch the fibers and new armor will break forth.  This armor will break off the dust and dryness of the past as the seed within you that has died will surely break forth and come to life.  Break off the reproach of your widowhood.  Trust in Me, feed on my faithfulness for it will feed the seed within you and cause the strength of the roots to go deep so fruit will bear upwards.  Do not relent, be strong and of good courage.  For I am with you.  You will make My joy complete as I see My express purpose manifest in and through you…my child…the joy of My life.”
Significance:  At certain times and seasons, the cry of the watchman will be heard and the trumpet will sound to specific issues looming on the horizon.  Such is the case for April 19th.  It is a date when structures of spiritual influence converge. 
Significance of April 19th:
OF NOTE:  April 19th is the New York primaries; April 22nd is the start of Passover in the Jewish tradition. 
What does this convergence mean particularly just before Passover?   What are we to do? 
According to the notes in the Spirit Filled Life Bible, Baal "literally means lord or master; also, possessor owner, obtainer and husband.  The Israelites sometimes became contaminated with the worship of the false deity of the Canaanites named Baal. Ba’al was also the regular word for “husband” or “master” and was used throughout the OT for human husbands or property owning men.  Because of its use for Canaanite deities and because it implied ownership rather than relationship, God disassociated Himself from use of the term ba’al asking rather to be called ‘ishi’, My Husband” in Hosea 2:16,17."  (pg. 1145 New Spirit filled Life Bible, Thomas Nelson)
The spirit of the anti-Christ is antirelational.   It is the spirit driving the manifestation of the placement of these structures.  How are we to respond?  I was drawn back to the story of 2 Kings 11.  The story is about the rule of Athaliah, daughter of Ahab and Jezebel.  She killed all the children of inheritance, those in line for the Kingship of Judah.  The priests Jehosheba, and Jehoiadah took Joash, son of Ahaziah, an heir to the throne, and hid him for 6 years.  At a set time, Jehoiada called for the WATCH to be established.  Being strategic, focused, he set watches at key gates and over the king's house.  In a coordinated effort, they mobilized, and with weapons in hand, by the altar of the house,  they cried "Long live the King!" and blew trumpets.  The people rallied and there was great commotion.  The priest ordered the captains and officers to take Athaliah away from the house of the Lord and to kill her.  "Then all the people of the land went to the temple of Baal and tore it down,"  2 Kings 11:18.  
Application:  A Call for the Watchmen
            The brazen placement of these archways of the temple of Baal in such public display is similar to the times during the reign of Athaliah.  Ba'al, represents a political controlling, dominating, ownership of people.  It is the opposite of Christ's way.  Ruling and cruel, yet seducing, it seeks to control people rather than encourage and build one another up in a most holy faith, Jude 1:20.  It is trying to rule, but God has a different plan.  He set up a watch.  The watch prepared the army and for a "set time" for the true king to be revealed.  These archways are a sign and a warning.  It is a wake up call to the bride.  As she sets up her "watch," she will prepare herself to be alert and ready for the "set time" and revealing of the true King to come. 
              How are we to respond?  What is opening before our eyes is a clarion call to the gates, the ramparts of the watchmen, "Rise and build." We cannot be watchmen isolated.  It is time to build, not just wide, but strong and deep.  The laser light in the vision came from the depths, the ground, it remained focused and strong.  When it hit the target, breakthrough and light came forth.  There are times to be wide, we all love those times of pulling together in a unified way.  It is vital and important, but there are also times to be strategic and focused.  Scriptures warn, "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.  Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it,"  Matthew 7:13. 
                It was the focused laser beam that brought the breakthrough for the broader advance.  Laser lights are distinguised from other light sources by their coherence.  Coherence means all parts fit together well.  The strength of the watch is built through the strength of the relationships and the interworking of the parts.  When watchmen build and seek to connect the ramparts (communities, ministries, HOP, etc.) such "coherence," is not dismissed by God.  It is the energy of breakthrough.  It is what drew God to pour out His Spirit on the Upper Room, Acts 2:1, and in other historic outpourings, such as was experienced in Herrnhut, Germany leading to over a century of fervent 24/7 prayer and continues to feed a well today.  It is the synergy that releases the "Ekklesia."  The gates of hell cannot prevail against it!  
               We are in a significant convergence of time, leading into a new season.  The call is clear.  Gates are opening.  It is time for the remnant, the focused laser beams to rise and build and strike the target for the greater advance of the Kingdom.  To join in building the ramparts of prayer, and strengthening relationships in a growing family of watchmen across our nation, we invite your prayerful participation.  The laser beam is getting stronger, the breakthrough is needed, and the advance will come.
Fred and Sue Rowe
on behalf of the USA and Global Watch
Some thoughts on signs of gates opening:  Sudden favor, new revelation, provision, God intervening in difficult places with supernatural answers, revealing of things hidden, peace, joy, new relationships bringing supply for vision and purpose to be fulfilled.


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