Aloha, Family:

This has been a great first quarter of the year.  We have been about THE FATHER'S BUSINESS and God has been moving mightily.

So far this year, we have taken a team to Las Vegas in January and then to Auckland, New Zealand.  Those were two powerful visits with a mighty display of God's presence and anointing.  Then in February and March, I went to Atlanta to teach leadership and preach at a local church outside of Atlanta and then flew down to Orlando, Florida where I was certified with the John Maxwell Team as one of 10,000 certified coaches and trainers for the John Maxwell Group.  In early April, we took a large team from Honolulu and Las Vegas and went to Victorville, California where we held our first Regional Transformation Conference in California at the Turning Point Church pastored by Dr. and Mrs. Ron Folkner.  Talk about power and love, truth and presence of God!  Wow, what a conference.

Then on April 18-28, eight of us went from Hawaii to minister in Auckland, New Zealand.  Pastor Lori Siri, Terry Linogon, Nani Akana, Jana Arre, Michael Terry. Gwen Balino, and Pomai Basques joined me in ministering to the precious souls in the LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD.  Michael, Gwen, and Pomai joined us later the first week, but what a joy to have the team serving God and blessing our family in New Zealand.

Here a brief summary:

Wednesday, March 20, 2016-we had our first meeting with the leaders of His Highest Praise New Zealand and with some of Redemption Bible College students in New Zealand.  I am so proud of Dr. Tamiau Kake and his leadership team known as the COUNCIL OF TWELVE NEW ZEALAND.  Great discussions on the vision for the Bible college and reviewing the curriculum for the next two years.

Thursday, March 21, 2016:  Dr. Lori Siri taught the first college class on the book of Revelation, chapters 1-11.  She reported to me how interested the students were and how much they heart-talked about what God was doing in their lives in light of the endtimes.  Hallelujah!

Terry, Nani, Jana, and Tamiau joined me with Sonny and Eva Naera.  I love Sonny and Eva so much. They are Maoris who love the Lord and they took me to CITY GATE CHURCH pastored by Pastor Steven Campbell.  Wow, what a beautiful church ladened with vision.  As I walked into the facility, I saw so much vision in the house.  Pastor Steven is also involved in mental health so we had a lot in common.  There were others in attendance who knew me many years ago when I first came to New Zealand in 1989.  I felt so sentimental to see how much they still served and loved God.  What an awesome church and a great divine connection.  May God bless CITY GATE CHURCH in Auckland.

Friday, March 22, 2016

On Friday night, we joined Dr. Siri at the Bible College and heard a powerful class on the book of Revelation chapters 1-11.  The students and pastors had many questions and insights.  Pastor Lori shared so much depth to the students.  What an awesome night!

Saturday, March 23, 2016

We had an early Saturday morning class.  I taught Revelations 12-22.  We studied the role of the church in the endtimes, the companies of saints, Mystery Babylons, and the satanic trinity:  Antichrist, False Prophet, and Satan himself.  

After our class, we all went to lunch at a wonderful cook-for-yourself restaurant and had a great time of fellowship with many people there.

Saturday evening, we had a power YOUTH RALLY called THE MAZE RUNNERS RALLY sponsored by His Highest Praise Samoan Ministry, ENDTIMES, pastored by Pastor Sope and led by the young people.  There were 250 people at our first rally, many of whom were young people.  I had the opportunity to preach to the young people and saw a great altar ministry with many young people weeping before God.  There were about eight youth groups singing and dancing and God was truly in the House.  I left that night speechless.  The first youth rally of His Highest Praise and 250 people showed up at a beautiful rented church facility.  SO LIKE GOD, MAZE RUNNERS MAN YOUR POSTS!  I was so proud of the Samoan young people from His Highest Praise, Teena and Filoa and Martin and Akelly for putting together such a great evening of worship and ministry,

Sunday, March 24, 2016-  We had an early water baptismal service Sunday morning at a health spa swimming pool across the street from our combined service for His Highest Praise Auckland.  God was showing up noticeably in the early morning and many of us were in tears as we saw how God was moving on Mona, who was being baptized in water. 

Our combined service began at 11 a.m. and ended about 2 p.m.  The Tongan Ministry led the praise and worship and we were so blessed.  Siliasi Vea has a great team of worshippers and we were led into the very Presence of God.  I preached on the Song of Songs and then we had a wonderful lunch.  Yummy food by all of the churches.   Great decorum in the building, what a time of loving one another.  

That evening, we went to South Auckland Community Church pastored by Roni Kiria.  Roni and her husband, Pastor Kiri Kiri are family to Tamiau Kake.  When we entered the church building at 6 p.m., there was a noticeable anointing.  Many people were there desiring God.  The praise and worship were anointed releasing me to preach under a greater anointing.  What was precious that I knew the Kirias from 1989 when I first came to New Zealand and preached in Rotorua.  I felt like I had met my family again.  As I observed the worship, I felt such a closeness to the congregation.  I was even blessed when the church began to sing a few songs that I had written in 1983 and brought to New Zealand in 1989.  COME MY PEOPLE ENTER INTO THY CHAMBERS, MOSES, MOSES, TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES, AND HALLOWED WALLS.  As we all sang those songs that night, my heart was rejoicing to be with people of like spirit.  His Highest Praise New Zealand was also in attendance and there was such a unity with all of us.  Wow, that's all I can say is WOW!

Monday, March 25, 2016-  We had our last class on Monday evening.  I was so proud of the eager hearts and hunger spirits of the people.  These students are sharp and analytical.   They want the details to the Word of God and they ask detailed questions. a teacher's delight!

Tuesday, March 26, 2016-  We had our aloha service at the Pigeon Hall.  Saying goodbye is the hardest thing for me to do in ministry.  Loving people is easy, telling them the truth is important.  I find it important to speak the truth and easy to love the people!  We all said our goodbyes and tears were flowing down our faces.  The people are hungry for the truth and desire the move of the Holy Spirit.  Great praise and worship led by Gaylene Akelly and the Samoan youths and so much sharing from the people as we bid them aloha.

Wednesday, March 27, 2016-  We had our last evening with the Tongan Church and other leaders of the Council.  Wow, you all know what a Tongan meal looks like?  We had so much to eat and so much to share and to simply love on one another.  Even as I am typing this, I am hungry.  Haha!

Thursday, March 28, 2016-  So many people came to the airport to bid us farewell.  We were leaving our hearts behind, because we were sharing our hearts to the people.  We live by Romans 1:11ff. . .  we long to see them so we can impart a spiritual gift and together we can mutually encouraged and made strong.  And that's exactly what happened.

From eating at Sky Tower with the Samoan Ministry to going around at different shopping malls driven by Ministry Penny Tokelau, a graduate of a Pentecostal Bible college when he was a young man, now on the Council of Twelve, cousin to Pastor William Tokelau of His Highest Praise Tongan Ministry, KINDGOM BREAKTHROUGH!

Special mahalo to the Council of Twelve:  Dr. Tamiau Kake and Vai; Pastor Amisai and his wife, and all of the precious pastors and leaders of the ministry of New Zealand.  You are all so special, you know your names and you are in our hearts!  Special mahalo to Samuel Stephens, our Bible College and Council administrator, for all that he does to support the vision.

I love you all, New Zealand. 

We will be back, Lord willing, July 18-28 and we hope to minister to our churches, reach out to other churches, and have another MAZE RUNNERS RALLY and Bible College intensives.  THY WILL BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!

And while we are reaching out to New Zealand, prayer revival is going on in Hawaii and Las Vegas.  I will report to what God is doing in Hawaii and Las Vegas.  There is a prayer movement going on,  MOVE MOUNTAINS, DECLARE WHO GOD IS AND WATCH WHAT GOD DOES!

Aloha to all!

Adrian Yuen, Ph,D,

International Apostolic Facilitator

P.O. Box 170, Honolulu, Hawaii 96810





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