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Conflict Healing: Relational Health

by Prince Handley

The content in this book is presented in two parts:

How to Deal with Tension in Relationships; and,

How to Resolve Conflicts the Bible Way.

The first part deals with different “mentalities” and how to strengthen your relationships―and your human psyche―while dealing with tension.

The second part deals with different trespasses and offenses―categories of problems―that must be addressed if we are to progress in our mental and emotional (and sometimes physical) growth … and, especially, in our spiritual growth with the LORD.

Both parts of the book include not only “How To do It” guidelines that work, but also examples―real life and personal examples―some, even embarrassing.

The reason the book is presented in these two formats is first, to help the reader recognize the different personality dynamics involved and the processes for resolving pertinent issues―and, secondly, to discover exact Biblical principles for successful conflict resolution.

It works! Just pray and give it a try. Then, spend the rest of your life in peace, power and production!

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence




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