Limited Offer:
I am accepting a limited number of book manuscripts to publish through a new system. Your book will be listed and available for purchase on (also available on Kindle if you so choose). As you may know, I published books for many authors a few years back under the name of, and have published ten book titles that I have written personally, so I am no stranger to books.

I have found that one of the biggest obstacles to getting your book published is money! $$$


I just did a simple Google search and here are some of the popular publishing packages I found- Xulon Press- $1,699 - $4,999 Crossbooks Publishing- $1,299 - $6,999 Winepress Publishing- $2,800 - $14,600 Here is a quote from the website "I see authors spending an average of $2300 on each self-publishing project. In his book ¯APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur¯, Guy Kawasaki puts this amount higher, at about $4000."

* Please allow me to be direct...
I offer Interior Book Design Services AND Cover Design for $699 COMPLETE
(Surcharge for books over 250 pages)
If desired, we can format your book for Kindle for $79.

* However, I am Offering a $100 Off Introductory Price!

* That means you can publish your book for $599!
(I will only accept a limited number of book manuscripts at this time at this price.)

* I SAVE you money! ALSO I can MAKE you money!

Earn $50. Referral Bonus! Perhaps you are not a writer...
Refer a friend who is a writer, and upon completion of their book you will receive a $50 Referral Bonus!

The next biggest obstacle after getting your book published is fulfilling orders... when someone buys your book, YOU have to package and ship it to them. When my children were younger, I paid them to do this. They are all older now and have "real jobs." For a while I began to hate it when book orders came in... but not anymore. Here is the best part- when someone orders your book, your book is printed and shipped for you... no hassle!

* You retain all the rights to your book...
* You choose the price for your book...
* You can publish the same work elsewhere at any time...

(the agreement is nonexclusive)

Don't pass up this opportunity to have your vision fulfilled,
with books in hand!

Once again, don't wait, call today for a personal evaluation of your publishing project!

Doug Fortune

$100 Off Introductory Offer!
Publish your book for $599?... Unheard of!

P.S. In case you are waiting to be "discovered" by a major publisher, here is a quote from the website that you might consider-

"These Christian publishing industry facts might surprise you, but will also help you understand why you might be getting rejection after rejection. Take a look at the following facts to learn why it is harder than ever to get a publishing contract with a Christian book publisher:

Unless you are a celebrity or are in ministry with a large following, the possibility of getting a contract with a traditional publisher is incredibly small. Most traditional publishers receive between 500 and 5,000 unsolicited manuscripts per month and only publish between 10 - 120 books per year, mostly from well known authors or those they have asked to write for them. Books now make up only 20-25% of sales in a typical Christian bookstore. T-shirts, CDs, videos, gifts, greeting cards, music and knickknacks take up to 2/3 of the shelf space, leaving little room for the display of books that are not bestsellers.

Most large Christian publishers spend their marketing dollars on big name authors, so even if you do get a contract you are oftentimes just "filler" for their catalog. A leading trade publication for Christian book publishers and bookstore buyers reported the following in 2003: Thomas Nelson Publishers has cut its list by about half. Other publishers report about 10-20% fewer titles.

Most publishers are focusing more on books that have the potential to sell big. Michael Schatz from Multnomah Books says: "We desire not to publish books that sell just 10 or 20,000 units, it takes almost as much effort to sell 10,000 as 200,000." Book Trends 2003, CBA Marketplace, March 2003 In the past, a book that sold 5 or 10,000 copies was thought to be a decent seller, but not anymore as you can see from the quote above."

Once again, don't wait, call today for a personal evaluation of your publishing project!

Doug Fortune

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