Dear Saint of the Baltimore Region:

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

I was notified by Bobby Basham that Point of Rocks Assembly pastored by Rev Debbie Giliispie has qualified for a MAKE-OVER.

Personally, I beieve this is one of the GREAT ministries our Network offers.  Under the leadership of Bobby and his team radically

change the appearance of facilities that are long over due for a FACE-LIFE.  I trust most of you have seen the before and after of 

Highnland Community Church.  Say what you will but I believe it was one the factors that was instrumental in birthing new life into

HCC under the leadership of Pastors Brad and Mary Dickey.

For those of you who don't know the Network partners with the Region to fund these project.  The cost of the Point of Rocks project is

$8,000 and Bobby has ask me to raise $4,000.  I know you are being constantly asked to support multiple ministries and I also 

realiize you can't respond to all of them, BUT if each of our churches would give just $100 we can fund this project.  So, please 

prayerfully consider this request for one our OWN.  Make your check out to:  Eastern Section and mail it to Highland Community

Church @ 3920 Fleet Street, Baltimore, Md 21223.


E Don Cox



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