Dear Friends and Family!

We are having church Wednesday night 7pm.

We survived the storm! Let's Praise & Worship & Testify - GOD IS GOOD!

I'm asking all our congregation to come together to minister to each other, pray for one another, rejoice with one another!

If you just CAN'T COME or you HAVE DAMAGE or still do not HAVE POWER in your home, PLEASE let us know. We will help if we can. We certainly will pray with you and for you.

You can respond to THIS EMAIL and let us know your situation. I would LOVE to READ your TESTIMONY how God got you through the storm.

ROY FIELDS will be leading worship in our YOUTH DEPARTMENT. Crystal will be leading worship for the adults.

SUNDAY will be electric. Tuesday morning, God gave me a message for Sunday -- THERE IS A GLORY STORM COMING...

WOWOW... I'm so excited... I can SEE it.

Pastor Stephen %%detect_both%%


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