More Lies my teacher told me

Dr. Yvette Kanarick PhD (ABD) PhD, ThD FELE MS, MBA, MA. DipEd, BA (Hons)


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What mean ye, that ye use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying, The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge?

 As I live, saith the Lord GOD, ye shall not have occasion any more to use this proverb in Israel [Eze 18: 2-3]

Genes are not tangible particles

After learning that we do not possess tangible particles call genes, I reverted to the Scriptures that said, we should no longer use this saying that the sins of the father fall on the children. Although we will not address the difference between sin and iniquity in this letter, there is a difference, and this difference impinges on generational principles.

So, although, it is commonly believed that we possess something(s) inside our cells somewhere that we call genes, there is evidence that we possess particles of inheritance that we call genes.  You see, I learned that ‘genes theory’ also originated or rather was continued by Charles Darwin. According to Darwin, the favoured races possess gemmules that made them better than savages and barbarians. Later, this term gemmule became defined as genes.

To support Darwin’s theory, evolutionists have been seeking particles called genes. However, the truth is there are no particles of inheritance within us called genes. Instead, the word genes refer to a hypothetical term used to describe a chemical reaction of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) during protein synthesis. (More of this information will be explained in my new book).

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is Artificially Created

Well, let’s correct that too—DNA is artificially created using viruses such as e-coli. No one has seen DNA in humans or other organisms. However, scientists believe that DNA exists in living organisms. Based on their assumption of the existence of DNA, DNA was artificially created based on hypotheses of atoms and molecules – except theories of atoms and molecules are also based on hypothetical assumptions of things in the atmosphere.

Well, your DNA is really the sequence of atoms generated from a clone between artificially created nuclei and chromosomal cells. Except that chromosomes don’t really exist, but it is also a hypothetical name for DNA. Although now, it is being hypothesized that the Y chromosomes are disappearing and that this is causing an increase in the number of people that are born as homosexual.

I learn that there are many things that are being stated as fact, which are merely hypotheses. Once these things are believed; they are then presented as facts. After this, they are presented as infallible laws. I also learned that once these hypotheses are presented as laws, people become afraid to challenge them.

What is called your DNA is really a clone of your cells and artificially created DNA. When the clone is reproduced, it provides information on the way that you and members of your family synthesize proteins. The way that you synthesize protein provides information on the way that you respond to diseases, produce diseases, or respond to viruses. It provides information on the way that you could be modified based on foods and drugs that you ingest. This information is referred to as your genetic material.

What I did learn, however, was the human genome was mapped, not to find out about your ancestors, but to understand the neural pathways that viruses and bacteria use to cause mutation, or genetic modification. I also learned that hypotheses about atoms and molecules are based on the way they are perceived to exist. This perception is based on consistent behavior of light in repeated studies. Nevertheless, I believe that there has been a consistent agenda to foster disbelief in God. It is very similar to the way people believe in God. But the nations that forget God are cursed. As such, I have made a choice to remove myself from the nation and people who do not believe in God, who seek to discourage belief in God, and who make attempts to discredit the existence of God.

We cannot see God, but we are convinced that God consistently acts in a specific way. We may never have seen an atom, because we really cannot see an atom, but we can see reflections of light. Scientists believe that atoms exist because they see reflections of light.

And God said let there be light and there was light [Gen. 1:1]

We cannot see light, but we have seen the reflections of light. We cannot see God, but we believe that He created light. It is not alright to live in a world that distances itself from God. It is also wrong to stand quietly by and allow the world to fly in the face of God. Therefore, it is wise to study to show ourselves approved so that we will be workmen that shall not be made ashamed.

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Dr. Yvette Kanarick is trained at the doctoral level in three areas of discipline – clinical neuro psychology, counseling psychology and theology; and three areas at the masters’ graduate level in education, history and business administration. Dr. Kanarick is a published author or several historical volumes and inspirational titles. Dr. Kanarick’s books are available at Barnes & Nobles and on Amazon at

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