Greetings Everyone,

I just want to make some clarification about what this course will be about.

You already know how to prophesy so this course will increase the flow of revelation that you receive.

The true function of the gift of prophecy is revelation knowledge being released so that we may intercede with a clarity that changes lives and nations.

Getting a personal word of prophecy is a good thing but it is only the tip of the iceburge.

Prophecy is that and much more.

We have been receiving such specific words of knowledge during intercession about people, places and things, and we have been able to verify them and then proceed in prayer to the changing of situations.

There is a deeper level of the Spirit of Prophecy that we all must enter into.

So if you are prophetic and an intercessor then this course will accelerate both of those giftings to a brand new level you haven't experienced yet.

And even if you aren't very prophetic or an intercessor yet, you will be after this course.

Registration may be paid at the door by check or cash.

Come and learn how to change lives and nations!


Paula Baker



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