Hello Firestorm:


I receved the following message concerning the violence happening in Israel today.  Please keep Israel in your prayers.  Father Yahweh I thank You that no weapon formed against Israel shall prosper.  I thank You for exposing any plots and/or assignments that have been devised to hurt Israel and I thank You for revealing truth and not fake news about the intentions of the demonstrations happening now.  In the Name of Yahshua. Thank You Father for watching out over Your People.  





Urgent prayer request


Dear Firestorm,

Your prayers are urgently needed for Israel now!

Today, you have been hearing that Israeli soldiers are clashing with Palestinian “protestors” at the Gaza border. 

These are not protests! Hamas has orchestrated these riots and camouflaged them as peaceful demonstrations. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Shots have been fired from Gaza and terrorists have been trying to breach Israel’s border in an effort to provoke Israel to action.

Hamas sent 250 buses, filled with civilian women and children to the border, and intentionally placed them in danger. Once again exploiting the innocents.

This is a prime example of how the PA chooses to spend their aid dollars. Money meant to help Palestinian civilians is instead being used to put them in harm’s way.

We have every reason to believe that this is to last until May 15th, in yet another attempt to delegitimize Israel as it celebrates its 70th year. 

Meanwhile, the U.N. has called an emergency meeting tonight to address the situation as the Arab world is slamming Israel for defending itself and its borders! It is not by accident that this meeting is taking place not only on Shabbat, but also Passover, which means that Israel is unable to be present to defend itself.  Accordingly, as Christians we must stand in the gap.

What can you do? As a defender of Israel you must first pray for the peace and protection of the nation and its people, from both terrorists and the U.N. Security Council. 

Second, now that you are armed with the truth, you are responsible to disseminate the truth! Watch and share the following video message on your Facebook and other social media platforms immediately.


Please Watch This Video


idf 2018




The time has come, the time is now! For Zion’s sake WE WILL NOT KEEP SILENT.

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Pastor John Hagee
Founder & Chairman



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