Slavery and Bondage

Dr. Yvette Kanarick Ph.D (ABD); Ph.D; Th.D; FELE; MS; MBA; MA; DipEd; BA (Hons).

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And the LORD said: I have certainly heard all the evidence concerning the shame, poverty, hardship, depression, bondage, and debt that the nations have been brought under by those that have besieged you, and I have heard your cries because of the excessive taxes, charges, liens, and escalating inflationary prices – even for basic necessities as food, clothing, and housing that have been brought heavily upon you by those who oppress you, for I know your anguish; [Exo. 3:7]

Although we live in a society that tells us it is alright to lie. For the majority of us, we live in debt, bondage, high prices, and masked poverty. One of the statutes of God is ‘thou shalt not lie.’  Faking it, but you never seem to make it, is a lie. God needs to have the evidence concerning the shame, poverty, hardship, depression, bondage, and debt that you are experiencing.

My first recommendation to you is to set aside a day of groaning. On that day, you fast from food, turn off the phone, Facebook, and the Internet. Lay on your face with an eye band over your eyes and spend the day groaning about your debt, bondage, poverty, your shame. Do not hesitate to tell him as it is – He knows, but He needs evidence so that he could ‘come down’ [Exo 3:8].  The oppressors and the taskmasters have brought the nations into poverty and God wants to come down on their heads. But we need to stop faking it, we will never make it that way—their system of injustice is all-pervasive—please agree with me to go into a day of groaning so that God could come down on their heads for you.

And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant [Exo 2.24].

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Dr. Yvette Kanarick is trained at the doctoral level in three areas of discipline – clinical neuro psychology, counseling psychology and theology; and three areas at the masters’ graduate level in education, history and business administration. Dr. Kanarick is a published author or several historical volumes and inspirational titles. Dr. Kanarick’s books are available at Barnes & Nobles and on Amazon at

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