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Those who believe in a great God are those who desire to do great things for God. He delights in taking ordinary people and doing extraordinary things through them. That way, the greatness belongs to Him. There is one holy passion that beats in the heart of every Spirit filled believer. It is an ambition to know God and to do something great for Him. Whether it be a pastor or evangelist toward his ministry, a business person toward his career, or a parent toward his or her child, every Christian wants their life to count for eternity. The key for making one's life strategically count for Jesus is to be gripped with a high view of God! 

Are you a big-Godder? Do you serve a great and awesome God? These are life determining questions. In fact, these are the most important questions that we can ask ourselves. Answer them correctly and great will be our influence for the kingdom of God. The size of our God will determine the impact of our lives. Churches and ministries with a big God conduct extraordinary ministry. Big-Godders shake this world for Christ! Ordinary people do extraordinary things when their eyes are upon a great God!
We serve a big God with an "OPEN DOOR POLICY". He sovereignly opens doors for His people. Only Christ can open doors leading into His will. He alone has the keys. When our circumstances seem to be most impossible, that is when God most delights to open doors for His people. This demands that we pray to Him who alone can open the door to effective ministry.

A great example in the Bible is when Moses led the children of God out of Egypt to the Promise Land. Pharaoh and his army were in hot pursuit. Unexpectedly, the people of God found themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place. So Moses raised the God Rod and God opened a door for them right through the Red Sea! What door are you asking Him to open? A door to witness to someone? A door to serve those who are in need?

God opened doors are seen only through the eyes of faith. Natural eyes see only the impossibilities. Physical eyes see only the obstacles. Only spiritual eyes can see God's doors opening before us. Only faith can see God-given opportunities. "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen' (Hebrews 11:1). An open door requires our step of faith. It's not enough just to see and admire an open door. We must take a step of faith and move forward. God's part is to open the door, but our part is to go through it.
In 2015 the Holy Spirit began to deal with me about translating the Truth for Youth Bible into Cuban Spanish. At that point I had no connection whatsoever to Cuba. I just new what God said to do! I began the long, drawn out, tedious process of translating the 100 graphic novel pages. The process included working closely with 14 different artists that would create new stories applicable to Cuba, sketches, pencil art, ink art, color art, word balloons, etc. We also had to secure the Cuban Spanish New Testament translation. 

In the meantime God supernaturally opened doors for evangelistic crusades and Bible distribution in Cuba. While we were there we were granted permission to give 1.4 million Bibles to the young people of Cuba!!! With the permission of the Cuban Department of Religious Affairs, the Cuban Council of Churches, and the Cuban Bible Council, we received the approval, endorsement and encouragement from Cuban government officials to publicly hand out the Truth for youth Bible to over a million young people that have never had a Bible! This is a huge breakthrough and God has allowed us to be on the ground floor of this incredible effort! The first 60,000 Truth for Youth Bibles will be delivered to Cuba in time for out GIANT OPEN-AIR TRUTH RALLY that will take place August 12-19. God opened the door and we stepped out in faith! What door has God opened for you? Step out by faith and enter it. To help us provide Bibles for young people in Cuba that have never had a Bible, click here.

Unbelief sees the obstacles, but faith sees the opportunities. An open door always implies that there is also a massive wall. Unbelief looks at the barriers, obstacles, and difficulties, while faith is
 focused on the open door. Unbelief says, "The obstacles are too great. It costs too much. It'll never work. People will never buy it. We've never done it that way before." But faith says, "Here's an open door. Let's go through it!"

Caleb and Joshua saw the opportunity, not the obstacles. The other ten spies could only see the giants in the land. But Caleb and Joshua saw what a giant their God was. The Chinese word for crisis is a combination of symbols for "danger' plus "opportunity." That's the way it is in God's kingdom. Opportunity usually comes in the face of crisis and danger. 
Doors now open are quickly closing. When God opens an opportunity, it will not stay open forever. There is a day - an appointed time, a divinely designated season - for that door to be open. But it will eventually be closed. Jeremiah 5:24, "The Lord appoints the weeks of harvest." It's like harvest time. The farmer has worked hard preparing the soil, planting the seed, and growing the crop. When harvest time comes, the crop must be captured today. Harvest time is no time to be painting the barn. No time to be oiling the tractor. No time to be planting flowers around the house. All that must be left for another day. The harvest must be gathered now or never. So it is in God's kingdom. When He opens a door before us, we must act promptly. If not, the door will soon beclosed.

The church must go through an open door together. As God opens doors, it requires harmony, unity, and togetherness. Only as we take action together can we capture the opportunity at hand! We must move forward by faith as one body - undivided!
When I was in high school, I played football. After we had warmed up before the game, we would return to the locker room for final instructions. Then we would come back onto the field together. We would gather together behind the goalposts, and the cheerleaders would put up a big banner across the goalposts. The band would play our school fight song, and we would run and bust through the banner together. That's the way God wants the church to be united. Running through the door of opportunity together into the assignments He has given us!

If God is with us, nothing can stop us. Jesus says, "I have put before you an open door which no one can shut." If God opened it, only God can close it. Satan can't close it! Demons can't close it! Imposing circumstances can't close it! A hostile government can't close it! An unbelieving world can't close it! Nobody can close it!!! God opened it and only God can close it!!!

This world is not friendly to the church of Christ. The spiritual warfare is heating up as never before. But we must be assured that as long as God desires a door of ministry opportunity to remain open, it will. Nothing an no one can close it. Whenever God opens the door of heaven to bless us, Satan will open the gates of hell to blast us. Whenever a believer moves forward by faith, you are sure to meet the Devil head-on.

Jesus said in Revelation 3:13, "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches". Pay special attention to Christ's words. Jesus is the speaker, and the Spirit is calling out to every believer. This message is critically important. To hear and not obey is to not hear at all. What is the Spirit saying? Our faithfulness in small matters opens up greater ministry opportunities in the future. No church or ministry is limited by its size. We are only limited by the size of our God! Faith in a great God opens up great doors for ministry. No matter how small the church or ministry. God often does His greatest work through His weakest and most obscure instruments.
Are you a big-Godder? How big is your God? Do you have faith in a big God? Or is your God too small? If we have faith in a big God, even the smallest task is important. A construction foreman approached one of his workers who was busy laying bricks at the foundation of a new church. The foreman asked, "What are you doing?" The laborer asked, "Can't you see? I'm laying bricks." The foreman then proceeded to another bricklayer and asked, "What are you doing?" The second laborer said, "I'm building a church." The foreman then walked over to a third bricklayer and asked the same question - "What are you doing?" But this man had a totally different perspective. He answered, "I'm building a house of worship for the glory of God." All three were doing the same work. But the first two were occupied only the task. Only the third man saw the big picture. He lived to serve a great God! How about you? Are you just laying bricks? Or do you live to serve a great God? Let me ask you one more time: are you a big-Godder?
In the past 20 years we have given away more than 2.5 million Truth for Youth Bibles to teenagers. We have received more that 25,000 decision cards from young people that have been saved as a result of these efforts. Please pray that we will give away more of these Truth for Youth Bibles in this project than in any previous year! Pray that more young people will be saved this year than in any previous campaign. I'm convinced that Jesus is the solution to the violence in our public school systems. The Truth for Youth Bible is being used mightily to make a tremendous spiritual impact in the lives of every young person that receives a copy.
"I highly commend Tim Todd for designing THE TRUTH FOR YOUTH bible. The spectacular comics within THE TRUTH FOR YOUTH deal with important issues that today's youth are faced with and it is making an eternal impact in our schools and around the country. THE TRUTH FOR YOUTH is the most powerful outreach tool available for use by the Holy Spirit to change the lives of millions of young people today! Without reservation, I highly recommend it to every teenager in America!" Michael Reagan (Son of the late President Ronald Reagan) 
We are in the process of coordinating this historic Youth Crusade TRUTH RALLY where thousands of young people will be in attendance. We will be giving away 60,000 of the 1.4 million Truth for Youth Bibles that have been approved to young people that have never had a Bible. Please pray with us for a massive harvest of souls! 
We are witnessing more people give their hearts to Christ, get filled with the Spirit, healed, delivered, and set on fire for God than ever before! Please pray with us that God will continue to accomplish what He desires to accomplish in our revival services!
If you are not already a monthly FLAME PARTNER with the ministry that God has called us to, prayerfully consider helping us reach millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When you commit to a $30 a month or more partnership you will exclusively receive a GOD'S WORD Translation Pray the Scriptures Bible. This is a powerful new resource that offers Scripture-specific prayers written to be read and prayed alongside the Scriptures that inspired them. 
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