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New Beginnings and Fresh Breakthroughs – Part Too

We pray that you experience a wonderful Resurrection Weekend! He is Risen (Luke 24:6)!

In this encouraging Pneuma Network Kevin brings an uplifting and edifying audio message concerning a season of New Breakthroughs. As we learned from the last Pneuma News; God moves and honors seasons in our lives. Ecclesiastes 3: 1; To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: 7 A time to tear, And a time to sew; A time to keep silence, And a time to speak; 8 A time to love, And a time to hate; A time of war, And a time of peace.

The Lord has continued dropping revelation into my heart for you (members of the Pneuma Network). As the Jewish prophet Robert Zimmerman sang in his song (55 years ago) “The Times They Are a Changin’”. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Many folks in the Body of Christ (and the whole earth) are now stepping into new seasons of breakthroughs.

We have also once again included a prophetic harp and bowl song from Julie Meyers - "Change is coming Your Way"  in this mailing that mirrors this dynamic...listen to it! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

In other words, many of our friends who are reading this Pneuma News will start to experience supernatural breakthroughs and a continued advancement in their lives and ministries.

Look for these supernatural engagements of the Lord to break forth into your life and ministry!

The Lord continues to do a new thing upon the face of the earth and in the spiritual dimensions (Isaiah 42:9, 19)! You will find a new article concerning this current movement of the Spirit in this Pneuma News. The new Article is titled; "A Fresh Season of Breakthroughs".

In fact, this article is a companion word or follow up article from March’s article that was titled Seasons of Faith and Seasons of Grace. TO READ THIS ARTICLE CLICK HERE.

to read the Full Article "Seasons of Breakthroughs" CLICK HERE.

Have you been going through a season of difficulty or trials?

Look for a supernatural breakthrough!

This new article will surely encourage you to trust the Lord and to know that He will never forsake you or leave you no matter what it looks or feels like?

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We've Grown again!

The School of Higher Learning continues to grow and expand and we now have over 31,500 subscribers and reach an estimated 57 nations with each mailing!  We are always encouraged from your responses and testimonies; We have received a lot of input from the members of the Pneuma Network!

We give unto the Lord all of the glory for amazing testimonies from subscribers of the Pneuma Network; keep those supernatural testimonies coming!

Thanks for listening, watching, and reading the Christ Centered material that we are blessed to send out to you digitally to the very ends of the earth from the very heart of Moravian Falls, North Carolina.

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Again, Kathy and I want to welcome the hundreds of new members to the Pneuma Network who have joined the digital mailing since our last Pneuma News was released! Look for details on our upcoming meetings in this Pneuma News and also look for a special discounted offer to attend our next Prophetic Glory Explosion with Prophet Charlie Shamp and Gary Beaton!

In this month’s Pneuma News we are sharing a new message from Kevin Basconi. We are also sharing worship from Julie Meyers once more, messages from Kevin Basconi, Dr. James Maloney, James Goll, and a powerful message from Christine Pruitt.

For FREE Video Links (Watch with just a click or two) featuring messages and articles from Kevin & Kathy Basconi and friends of King of Glory Ministries International use the links below.

1. To watch the video with Kevin Basconi sharing a prophetic message and important word for you. This video is an introduction to our Prophetic Tract Course. Look for the Prophetic Tract in our Moravian Falls School of Higher Learning 401 Courses.Supernatural Lasagna” – CLICK HERE.

2. To read the article by Kevin Basconi; “A Fresh Season of Breakthroughs CLICK HERE.

3. To Listen To Kevin Basconi - “A Fresh Season of BreakthroughsCLICK HERE.

To listen to FREE MP3 audios, just use the Links below; (Listen with just a click or two) featuring messages from Kevin & Kathy Basconi and friends of King of Glory Ministries International.

1. To listen to the audio feed of a timely harp and bowl worship and prophetic word featuring Julie Meyers and her sons- “A Change is ComingCLICK HERE.

2. To Listen To a powerful message from Dr. James Maloney –“The Seer anointing and Operating in ExcellenceCLICK HERE.

3. To Listen To Kevin Basconi –“7 Functions of the Seer AnointingCLICK HERE.

4. To Listen To Dr. James Goll –“Rendering your Heart to the Holy SpiritCLICK HERE.

5. To Listen To Alan Koch –“7 Ways that the Blood Speaks CLICK HERE.

6. To Listen To the 8 lessons from the School of Higher Learning’s Prophetic Tract with Kevin Basconi, Pastor Tony Kemp, Christine Pruitt, John Macgirvin, and Apostle Shane wall teach about how to rightly minister in the prophetic anointing of the Holy Spirit and how to rightly receive prophetic ministry. CLICK HERE.

7. To Listen to Christine Pruitt- “A deep Place with JesusCLICK HERE.

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May the LORD bless you and keep you; may the LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; and may the LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.

Have a glory filled Spring season!

Kevin & Kathy Basconi

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