A few years ago a young boy named Jerry who lived in the housing projects stepped onto our bus and rode to a program.  He came to our daily summer camp for 5 years and is now a camp counselor while he is home for the summer from Clemson University.

This summmer we have CAMP on weekdays for children like Jerry who have promising futures but need mentors.  They participate and have fun while learning about history, sports, nature, fishing, growing food and more.  Most importantly, they are learning Judeo- Christian values and how to follow Jesus.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THE CAMP IF YOU CAN SPARE THE TIME BECAUSE THIS IS SPIRITUAL WARFARE.  Some people pray for the camp every time they say grace over a meal. 

To help moms who often struggle financially as they work Charleston's service industry, we only charge $10 per child per week.  It actually costs $50 per week per child to operate the camp.   Would you consider partnering with us on reaching these kids this summer?  

Thank you for considering helping us reach kids by sponsoring them at $50 per child per week.  With 20 children attending, one week for the entire camp would be $1,000.   

Send tax- deductible contributions to:

Without Walls, PO Box 21090, Charleston, SC 29413.

THANK YOU again for considering teaming with us to reach the children!



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