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Greetings Friends,

Life has been busy, but exciting.  Since our missions trip and other activities on the road throughout August, we've spent most of our time back home in California, doing the grandparents thing and ministering to people by phone and email, etc.

The exciting announcement, if you haven't heard on Facebook, is that we have connected with Jeff and Kathi Pelton, who are not only super prophetic, etc., but also are publishers and editors of books.  They are actually professionally publishing our most popular book, The Boaz Blessing.  It will be a special HARD COVER GIFT EDITION in time for Christmas giving.  It will be improved in so many ways and you can see the new cover on our Facebook page.

This book carries a very simple, but powerful message.  It's a blessing you can receive and also give away.  In a nutshell, it says that God has recorded every sacrifice you've ever made and He will repay you and also reward you for your efforts.  Then He wants you to ask for more favor, which He wants to give you.  This book has touched many lives and recently has been downloaded far more than all my other books combined.

We are expecting the book launch in a couple of weeks, but don't have an exact date yet.  We are quite pumped, and we are asking for help from everyone who would like to help us get the word out.  We expect a very reasonable price for a hard cover book, but the publisher, INSCRIBE PRESS, will set the price.  They are also wanting to republish all our other books - about 23 or so - if this one is successful.  This could be a game-changer for Kingdom Sending Center and open many doors and provide resources for things we can't afford at this time.  

I've received several prophetic words indicating that God wants to bless this book and bless many people through it.  We're believing for a miraculous response and will so appreciate any help you can give us.  

Stay tuned for more information in the next week or two.  

God bless you all,

Ben and Brenda Peters



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