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Spiritual Warfare or Yahweh Test
Tonight - April 17
FS Friday Night Prophetic Training Class
7:30 Praise CST
8:00 Activations & Training
Class Reminder
Hey Everyone:  
Tonight we will be meeting in the FS Zoom Video Stream room for some Prophetic Training and Equipping, where we will look at how to discern if the issues we are dealing with are coming from a spiritual attack, a life issue, bad choices, or maybe some refining from Yahweh's PropheticTraining & Equipping Boot Camp. It is dangerous to assume everything coming against us is from the enemy of our souls, as that mindset can prevent us from moving into our calling and becoming the overcomer's you and I are called to be "In Christ."
Weapons of Warfare 
Number one on my list of the most valuable weapon for Spiritual Warfare is the written,"Logo's" Word of God. We are told in Ephesians 6:17 "Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." Rick Renner talks about this "razor sharp sword." It was a dagger designed for up close combat, razor sharp on both sides and sometimes having a twisted end on its tip, similar to a cork screw designed to cause internal damage. This weapon was described as the most deadly and the most frightening weapon the soldiers carried.
The word sword in this verse comes from the Greek word "machaira" and the term "word" in this verse is taken from the Greek word "rhema," describing something that is spoken clearly and vividly, in unmistakable terms and in undeniable language. 
In the New Testament, the word rhema carries the idea of a quickened (living) word. Here is an example of the rhema or a quickened word: You are praying about a situation when suddenly, a Bible verse rises up from within your heart. In that moment, Yahweh has supernaturally given you a verse you can stand on regarding your situation. Don't miss this, because when this happens, He has put "the machaira, the spiritual dagger, in your hand, enabling you to not just defend yourself, but inflict mortal wounds to defeat your enemy.
In Luke 4, Jesus is being tempted by the devil in the wilderness. Over and over again, the devil tempted "and tested" Jesus. Notice with each temptation/test a scripture rose up in Jesus and He would speak forth that scripture against the devil. Can you imagine, each time the word went forth, it buffeted the devil, until he had to flee from this onslaught.  
So, the next time you know you are in close combat with the enemy, stop, quiet your heart and "listen." The Spirit of God will rise within you and bring forth, "quicken," you to a scripture and it will contain the exact power you need for the situation you are in for that moment.  The "machaira and rhema worked together for Jesus and they will work for us too. 
A thought to ponder: Would we be better prepared if we have more of the Word in us?
The prophetic is a living word weapon in our mouths—a powerful sword to cut down the enemy’s strategies. Jesus turned to Scripture for His weapons in His confrontation with Satan and provided us an example of the power of God’s Word in combating the lies and temptation of the enemy. (Luke 4) Notice however, in verse 13 it reads: “And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season.”
So, head's up, until Jesus returns, we will need to be awake and ready to use the machaira, the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, whenever the enemy rises up against us. Hallelujah! You and I were born for this.
Hope to see you tonight. Blessings, bon
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Activation's for class below
Hello Everyone:
This coming Friday will be the first of two FS Prophetic Training & Equipping Classes in April. I hope you will be able to join in with us, especially now, as we are spending so much time in quarantine. Tempers can flare and thoughts can come forth during times of stress, which can effect our lives, not just on a physical level, but on a spiritual/emotional level as well. The enemy is primed to stir up trouble and steal our blessings.  Will you let him?
So, are you experiencing spiritual warfare or is it God testing you. Are you being tortured or are you being refined?
How do we discern what we are dealing with in the situations we are facing today and what about those coming tomorrow. Are you ready? 
This week we are going to dive into the different aspects of spiritual warfare and how to use various prophetic weapons Jesus has given us to get our breakthroughs and our victories.
(See information below on how to access the prophetic classes)

Here are 3 Activation's for You to Ponder
Activation 1
Quiet yourself and as you look at this picture what are you sensing and/or what are hearing.
Activation 2: Does this prophetic word speak to you?
Many say they know Me, but they only know about Me. As you draw near I will reveal Myself to you and we shall begin to set things in place, which are needed for My Return. Draw near to Me during these times, for there is more for those who seek Me. I shall fill and refill you as never before with knowledge and understanding about Me and My Kingdom
Your eyes will now see the deeper things, your ears will hear the deeper things and you will suddenly understand spiritual things, which have eluded you in the past.
In these times know, I do not send plagues to chasten those who are Mine? Speak to those things which are happening which are sent from your earthly realm to destroy and I will raise up a standard with you against them.
For this is what you were created to do. To be one who stands in the gap for others and use My Authority to rise up against the evil seeking to bring bondage and death to the Nations.
When will all Hell stop? When My People who are called by My Name rise and lift up their voices to Me with a shout into the heavens and lift their hearts to Me. THEN, together we will heal the Nations and the land from all which seeks to ravage and destroy. Know who you are - Know Me. I AM Good and in Me, there is NO Evil. 
7 days you will fast and separate yourself to honor Me. I AM that I AM and you are what you are IN and OF Me.
Draw near and be in reverence before Me. This is a NOW time for stepping into your place. You cannot walk in fear and draw near to Me. You draw near through reverence and being in obedience to My Word.
I AM for you. Trust in Me and lift your voice to Me.  Let Me fill you with My Words of life. Proclaim who I AM and declare healing and deliverance over the Nations of this world and your land.
Activation 3:
What Do You See In This Picture? Is This You?
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