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The two-child policy of 2016 did not produce the expected results, and rather, it has been steadily declining. Young parents hope to achieve stable income before having children. The cost of education, kindergarten, school, extracurricular classes, has increased dramatically. Many Chinese parents see their children as a financial burden. Our prayer is believers will to see their children as God s blessing, having faith in God and knowing God will provide for them.
In China, most young couples live in very small apartments. The soaring house prices leave few options to upgrade. Young people also worry about job instability. Young couples in church are busy with work and raising children, they cannot participate in worship regularly. In many churches, there are no young families at all. We pray for His grace and believers will not lose their passion for spiritual growth because of work and children.
The number of newborns in China is lower than the official estimate, and that the population has started to decrease in 2018. Since 2006, the official death rate has remained at about 9 million a year. The big worries churches in China face are the large numbers of old people and few children. We pray that God will bring about a revival to His churches, adding young families and shepherds have wisdom to care for the elderly.
According to the last census which was done in 2010, the birth rate in China was 1.18 children per woman, that number is now only 1.05. At present, there are no children ministries allowed because of official policy. We pray that all believer parents will know how to teach their children Bible at home and to know God from an early age, more than just worrying about their children's education.
The pastoral work of young people among churches in China has never been easy. Young people grew up in atheistic education, very few had opportunities to know their faith. The few who grew up in Christian homes could not attend church regularly because of a heavy academic load, It is fair to say that few young people have a good foundation of faith. Churches in China are losing the children of believers and having difficulty reaching the young people given the current restrictive religious policy. We pray that Christian parents will do their very best in teaching their children about God and the Lord will bless His churches with young converts.
When churches in China are not allowed to have Sunday school for children, pastors in China with Christian education training are trying to design a curriculum for parents to help children to grow spiritually. Other pastors are trying to help young believers by answering their questions about Christian faith. We pray that God will give wisdom to all who are applying what they have learned to shepherd believers and to make disciples. We need more content that will present the core message of the gospel in creative ways.
Parents in China are under great pressure to keep their children ahead academically in a highly competitive educational environment. At the same time, churches suddenly have no children and young people because of the new religious policy. Will the whole generation of young people be lost? We pray for parents who have great faith in God, just like Moses parents: By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden three months by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and they were not afraid of the kings command. (Heb 11:23)

根據2010年的人口普查 每個婦女平均生育率是1.18個孩子,現今已降低至1.05個。目前中國的政令規定教會不允許有兒童事工,求主幫助所有信徒家長重視神對父母的神聖託負是培育敬虔的後裔,知道如何在家裡教導孩子從小就認識神,而不是一味的擔心孩子的學習。
信徒家長為要幫助子女在激烈的升學競爭上贏得一席之地,又要顧及他們靈性的成長,以致承受巨大壓力。另外,同時新宗教政策也不許可孩子與青年人參加教會聚會,更令信徒家長少了教會的實質支援。中國教會是否將失去整代的年青人?求主加添我們的信心,賜給信徒家長有摩西父母的心志:「摩西生下來,他的父母見他是個俊美的孩子,就因著信,把他藏了三個月,並不怕王命。」 (來 11:23)



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