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Almost a fifth of China's population is 60 years or older. The growing elderly population will also push up medical spending. South Korea and Japan face similar problems, but on a much smaller scale. It is a fact that Chinese believers are getting older, and they need more care. We pray that God will raise up more people to help their pastor to care for their physical and spiritual needs.
In 2019, there were 10.5 newborns per 1,000 Chinese, the lowest birth rate since the founding of the country in 1949. China's birth rate has fallen for thirty years. The future growth of the Chinese church cannot depend on the growth of the population, but on the spread of the gospel. We pray that God will help churches to see the importance of fervent evangelism, and believers will be on fire to share the gospel.
In 2019, the number of newborns in China decreased by 4% to 14.65 million, the third consecutive year of decline. China's mortality rate has been maintained at about 9 million people a year.Many people are not optimistic about the growth of the Chinese church because there are so many older people, and few young ones and children. We pray that church leaders will heed and work hard to reverse this trend.
Change in social attitude and rising cost of living in cities, and the increase in the educational level, have reshaped a completely different views on occupations and marriages for Chinese women. Some people choose to postpone child births, others give up all together. We pray for young believer couples that they will seek God's will, not just worrying about the cost of raising a child, but desire to raise godly children for the Lord, and receive His blessing.
China's social security system also lags behind in scale, leading to the responsibility of Chinese parents in raising their children. Discrimination in pay and recruitment in the workplace also inhibited the growth of women.Many Christians have grown up without a Christian spouse. But after they have children, they will ask grandparents to help take care of grandchildren. Our Christian grandparents can help grandchildren to know God from an early age.
Many Chinese women have to settle for lower salaries when they have children and forego future career promotion. Having children in China will definitely hinder women's career development.Christian women are not only busy with family and work, they have to juggle many roles. Let us pray that they can continue to grow spiritually and also to serve in church.
The strict one-child policy implemented in 1980 became a "time bomb" on the population in China. Although, in 2016, each family was allowed to have two children, yet China's labor force has shrunk since eight years ago. Church growth in China has been stagnant for a while, especially among the urban churches. Rural churches have suffered a serious decline. We pray for His grace that churches will grow under the current harsh religious policy.

現有約近五分之一的人口年齡在60歲或以上。 日益擴大的中國老齡人口也將推高醫療支出。韓國和日本也面臨類似問題,但規模要小得多。教會年紀長的信徒越來越多是個事實,相對的,他們也需要更多的關注。我們禱告:求主興起更多有異象和負担的弟兄姐妹,幫助牧者和同工團隊,來關心長者們身心靈的需要。
2019年每1,000個中國人中有10.5個新生兒,是1949年中共建國以來的最低出生率。中國出生率已減少三十年。中國教會未來的增長,不能單單依靠人口的增長,而是需要福音更多的廣傳。求主幫助教會看見火熱傳揚福音,領人歸主靈魂得救的重要性,雖然在現實環境各樣的限制之下,求神賜給兄弟姐妹們常保有傳福音的火熱,願意在人群中把握時機做光做鹽,有好見證為主得人如魚 。
2019年中國新生兒數量減少4%,至1,465萬人,為連續第三年下降。中國的死亡率,一直維持在一年900萬人左右。許多人不看好中國教會的成長,因為年長的信徒非常多,教會中年輕的世代包括孩子很少。我們深信神掌管一切,會引領祂的教會衝破困境。讓我們為這個局勢來祈求神,求主幫助教會領袖們能關注並重視這個發展,有策略和方法來扭轉這種趨勢 。
中國的社會福利保障體系也落後於社會規模,導致父母在養育子女方面要承擔極重的責任。工作單位在薪水和招聘方面對女性的歧視行為也抑制了女性在職場上的發展空間。許多信二代長大以後,沒有基督徒的配偶。 但是他們生育子女後,卻會要求祖父母來幫助照顧孫兒女,我們為基督徒的祖父母能夠跨代幫助孫子女輩從小認識神,扎根信仰真理來禱告。
許多中國女性有了孩子之後,都必須接受公認的同工不同酬薪水,也大大失去進一步升遷的機會。在中國生孩子絕對會阻礙女性的職業發展。基督徒婦女不僅要忙碌於家庭和工作之間,還要身兼許多不同的角色。我們來為今日忙碌的基督徒婦女禱告,求主保守她們有智慧懂得管理自己的精力和時間,安排合宜的生活優先次序,平衡忙碌的家務和工作,還能繼續追求靈命成長,參與教會服事 。
自1980年起實施嚴格的獨生子女政策後,給中國人口增長安上了 定時炸彈。雖然,2016年開放了每個家庭可生兩個孩子。但中國的勞動力數量仍從八年前開始萎縮。中國教會也停止多年的成長,不止城市教會如此,農村教會會衆人數更是嚴重的流失,加上近來國家宗教政策趨於嚴峻,情况更不樂觀。求主恩待中國教會,鼓勵信徒不停止傳播福音,能夠堅持繼續成長。



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