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In China, atheism is still taught in the schools. Although many Chinese are not real materialists, they hold certain preconceived notions that God does not exist and man evolved from apes. We pray that Christian parents will persist in teaching their children to know God and then never stop praying for their spiritual life and encouraging them to defend their faith and trust in God to be faithful. We also pray that they will be good spiritual examples for their children.
Some people in China believe religion is the antithesis of rationality and science, and is synonymous with ignorance and childishness. They think Christianity is incompatible with science and out of step with modern civilization. The majority of believers in China are not intellectuals. We praise God for urban churches started to have many members who have high education now. We pray for the spirit of unity for churches, so they will not despise believers who are poor, less educated and the lowly of the society.
Some Christians in China believe that in order to achieve further church growth, it is necessary to encourage believers to gain scientific and cultural knowledge. They believe that this will help to eliminate the common notion that Christianity is opposed to science. We pray that believers will boldly proclaim God's Word and not be ashamed of it. May we all be rewarded in being able to witness how the Holy Spirit softens hearts of stone and makes good soil for the gospel.
The greatest challenge Christian parents in China face is that all children are indoctrinated with the propaganda and glorification of the Communist Party. All the students are strongly encouraged to join and pledge allegiance to the Little and Youth Leagues (a branch of the Party). We pray for the divine protection of all the youth from Christian families, so they can be like Daniel and his friends, able to preserve their faith, and not be ashamed of Jesus Christ, in the atheistic environment and among their friends.
Obviously, China is a unique country in that atheism is taught as a default subject by the government in the school curriculum. Hence, generations of children assume that atheism is the "truth". We pray for wisdom and perseverance for Christian parents enabling them to teach their children that God is real and faithful. We also pray that Christian parents will be great examples of faith and dedication to God even when their children become teenagers.
Christians in China encounter a constant anti-religion hostility. In the classrooms, teachers are always attacking different aspects of religions and feeding students all kind of negative information about them. The loss of children of believers from churches is a huge problem in the churches of China. We pray for spiritual leaders to have vision and use strategies to retain the young ones from drifting away from the faith. May the Lord help all Christian parents to teach their children to know God as well as be a living example of the faith themselves.
One challenge churches in China face is the prevailing anti-religion attitude. Although the government no longer suppress religions, Christianity is still singled out as anti-scientific. We praise God for many intellectuals who have become believers in the past two decades. We pray that the Spirit of God continues to soften hearts of many who still see Christianity as Western and anti-science.

基督徒家長面對最大的挑戰,就是自孩子進入學校,需要接受愛國教育、無神論,鼓勵孩子宣誓加入少年先鋒隊和共青團。 求主保守青少年信徒能如同但以理和他的朋友們一樣,在教導無神論的學校、朋友和社交圈裡,能持守信仰,不卑不亢,勇敢為主作見證。
現今中國教育的課程,或許是世界上唯一最徹底的無神論, 導致幾代的孩子認為無神論即是真理。求主賜給信徒家長智慧和耐心,願意按著聖經的原則盡心培育子女,幫助他們建立穩固的信仰根基,以致在青春期成長的衝擊來到時不易被搖動。我們更為信徒家長以身教和信心的生活見證成為子女靈命承傳的楷模。



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