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In the past Chinese believers have been quite faithful to their churches. However, in recent years there has been a lot more church-hopping and even some splits in the urban churches.​ ​The apostle Paul​ admonished. "If it be possible, be at peace with all people." We pray for the humility of Christ for all of the churches in China as well as that church leaders will listen to and consider the ideas of their members and be willing to take their suggestions.
The so-called "disconnected Christians" in China left their churches because of dissatisfaction with the leadership or disagreement with the practices of their church and "hopped" over to another church.​ Many churches in China boast a large attendance, but only a small percentage participate in fellowship groups or are committed to serve. We pray for more dedicated believers for every church, and many who will be both ¯listener​s to​ and doers of the Word¯, rather​ than​ merely attendee​s​ in church services.
Some ¯disconnected¯ Christians are actually in a new city because of work and are searching for a new church. They are not committed to a local church and often do not have a regular church life, until they are settled down. We want to pray specifically for this group of believers. May the ​Lord keep their hearts and minds, so they do not fall prey to temptations and ​be ​able to continue to walk closely with Jesus Christ.
Because of political circumstances, churches in China have always been reserved or suspicious towards newcomers or believers from other churches. They felt the need to ¯observe¯ and ¯be observed​¯, ​so ​this invariably led to fewer believers being accepted or trusted. We pray that God will give the church leaders the wisdom to distinguish between "wheat" and "tares" , and enable them to build up a co-worker team to serve.
¯Disconnected¯ believers often left their church​es​ because of difference in opinions or theological stands. They move​d​ between churches and even started​ new fellowship​s​ or churches. New church​es​ started in such circumstances often face considerable challenges. We pray specifically for them and ask God to give them visions and strategies, so they can overcome the bitterness brought about by separation, and remain true to the Bible and fervent for spreading the Gospel.
There are also believers who have left ​churches due to​ their dissatisfaction with the church system. Young Christians advocate personality and assertiveness. They are not willing to ¯listen¯ and are more willing to be free. Therefore, when the church is managed by the system, it will inevitably create tension. ​The church must do its utmost to preserve the spirit of oneness that comes from the Holy Spirit. We pray for humility for both leaders and the believers under them. We pray that all of us will love the Lord. ​
Christians in China​ are greatly influenced by popular culture and what they see online about churches overseas. The internet allows them to see what other churches are doing so they are no longer content with the traditional style of worship in their churches. We pray that believers will not simply imitate the appearance and style of worship of other churches but will be deeply motivated by the enthusiasm of others and have a willingness to serve the Lord.​




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