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Young Chinese converts who returned to China find church teaching in China very different than abroad. They are often confused by difference in styles of worship and in theology. Some churches in large cities in China preach prosperity theology and promise followers that God grant material wealth and good health. We pray that believers will know the truth and the cost of following Jesus and carrying the Cross.
The returning Christians from the West have to adjust to church life in China, this include very different style of worship and preaching. Sermons in China tend to be heavy preaching with few illustrations and humor. Baby Christians need spiritual feeding and we pray that there will be deliberate attempt to prepare the young converts before they return to China. The Lord grants all young believers a hunger for His words so they can quickly grow mature and feed themselves.
Many returning Chinese converts find churches in China a bit cold. Years of hostility and watchful scrutiny by Communist government have made Chinese Christians intensely cautious and defensive regarding newcomers and people they do not know well. We pray for warm and intimacy of fellowship for young believers. The Lord raise up churches in China who will intentionally reach out to young believers and especially those believers returned from abroad.
It is a fact that worship style and format in China can be quite different than abroad. These differences make the new converts uncomfortable and feel difficult of being accepted. If they feel unwelcome, they usually stop attend church or fellowship all together. Finding and connecting with other Christians are difficult in China for young converts. We pray that Lord will impress upon return the importance of connecting with fellowship group and believers in China will intentionally welcome these young Christians who were converted abroad.
In China, the ratio of pastor to church members is very low. As of 2012, there are fewer than 25 seminaries and Bible schools in China, each of which graduates classes smaller than 200,. Yet the number of Christian converts has grown by millions. Returnees also find pastors are not friendly or give personal attention to them. We pray that there will be mature believers who will take the initiatives of reaching out to these young believers, building friendship and even taking them under their wings.
When young Christian converts first return to China after graduation, they often feel confused and frustrated- leading them to feel unfulfilled in their spiritual lives. Many churches abroad give special attention on the students, but very few churches in China have the vision or energy to nurture them. We pray for spiritual home for all young believers, not only to worship but also to be involved, to learn, to be mentored and to serve.
There are ministries try to offer student converts a sense of community, with small group gatherings every other week and occasional group events. They dodge censorship by avoid avoid using words such as ¯church¯ or ¯prayer¯ on social media. There are many ways to help believers receive spiritual contents and provide a sense of community. We pray that all these tools can be effectively utilized to keep believers connected and encouraged, whether they are new or mature Christians.

許多在海外信主回國的人,覺得國內教會不及國外教會那樣溫暖。這可能是過去教會在迫害中產生的後遺症,造成對外來人存謹慎和防備的態度。求主幫助新到教會的年輕信徒,都能感受屬靈家庭的溫暖。願主興起各個教會中弟兄姐妹願意熱絡接待新來的年輕人, 幫助他們快快地融入教會,靈命也得到造就。



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