Dear Ones,

In these days that we are living in, we need to know the victory that the Lord has for us His people. The enemy desires to instill fear into our hearts so that we would be unable to step out into all of the wonderful blessings that the Lord has for us. Our God desires to infuse 'FAITH' into our hearts that we might walk in His victory and in His power.

Our God is releasing 'New Wells of Hope' to His people. The 'Greater One' lives within you!! All things are possible for our God!!  We have enclosed a word of encouragement for you today.  We pray that this word will richly bless you!!

There are now over 3,000 Healing Rooms that the Lord has raised up all over the world. Healing Rooms are now located in 80 nations. There are now over 25,000 'Healing Rooms Ministry Team Members' praying for the sick worldwide. This means that nearly 1.2 million people are receiving prayer ministry every year through the Healing Rooms.

  Two Charisma Articles on Healing Rooms in Israel:

Miracles, Signs and Wonders: Redigging Healing Wells in Israel ...


We will be going back to Israel to raise up other Healing Rooms.  Your seed planted in faith will enable us to accomplish this.  You may sow a seed of blessing to the Healing Rooms Ministries with your credit card by using our secure Pay Pal site:

* PROPHETIC WORD - Dutch Sheets: "The foundation has now been laid and you watch and see. I decree to you that in the Healing Rooms of America incredible, supernatural, dramatic, extraordinary signs and wonders are going to take place...."

You may contact us at:

PO Box 4681, Dowling Park, FL 32064

Phone # (954) 75 JESUS (755-3787)


Please know that we are here for you, it is our joy to serve you in prayer!!

Abundant blessings,
Rich & Dottie Kane,
Israel National Advisors

  By Dottie Kane


I hear the Lord saying: "Tell My people that I am a God who is for them.  And if your God be for you who can be against you?  NO ONE!!  He who did not spare even His own Son but gave Him up for you, will He not give unto you His people all that you have need of?  The Lord desires to give to you His people all that you have need of to live a victorious life, an overcoming life, a life that is filled with all of the goodness of your God."

"For the Lord declares to you this day that the thoughts and the plans that your God has for you are thoughts and plans for your good.  He desires to bring you forth into all that He has planned for you.  For He watches over His Word to perform it in your life."

"The Lord declares to you this day to ask largely of your God for He will give unto you the 'Keys of His Kingdom'.  These will be keys that will unlock the hidden treasures that the Lord has stored up for you. He desires to restore health to His people.  He desires to provide for His people all that they have need of.  The enemy has come to rob, to kill and to destroy My people, but I (Your God) have come to give to you My people - an abundant life.  A life that is filled with all of the goodness of your God."

There are over 7,487 promises in the 'Word of God' and they have ALL been given unto you!!  So, the Lord declares to you this day to ask largely of your God for it is His good pleasure to give unto you all that you have need of.  For He will never leave you, nor forsake you, nor relax HIs hold upon you.  For He is a God who is for His people!!"

Rich & Dottie Kane are the National Advisors for Israel  They are raising up Healing Rooms in the nation of Israel. They are affiliated with the International Association of Healing Rooms – IAHR.  They have ministered in Churches, conferences, Bible Schools, Women’s Aglow, and Jesus Festivals.   They have appeared on TBN, The Healing Today Show, Healing Hearts & It’s Supernatural TV programs.  There is an anointing of God upon them whereby others are encouraged and strengthened to become all that the Lord Jesus has called them to be.  They may be contacted at:



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